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Name: Jered (named after the King of Edenia, Real Father of Kitana and Husband of Sindel)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Jered is a half god with the power to control light which gives him unique powers over other fighters and was formally allied with Rain to secretly watch over Edenia as vigilantes before Shao Kahn took over. After Shao Kahn had killed King Jered (father of Kitana, not character i am speaking of), and claimed Edenia for himself, Light had disappeared, leaving Rain alone and filled with anger against him (Rain betrayed the realm of Edenia by killing his own people). Light had stayed hidden for years training until he can become powerful enough to stop Shao Kahn. Years later he decided he was ready, but Lord Raiden had beaten him to it. So he decided to go after Raiden himself and destroy anyone in his way and anyone that also wishes to kill Raiden. Good or Evil.

Fighting Style: Jered was trained to be as stealthy Ninja as a boy. But he studied the fighting style of the shaolin monks in earth realm and become one of the deadliest warriors ever to be in a mortal kombat tournament later on in the future.

Primary Costume: The characters appearance is just like one of the classic MK ninjas (Scorpion, Sub Zero, Rain, Reptile, etc) but is white and black, wears a hood , fully white eyes, carries a 1 foot blade on the side of his right thigh , with a metal plated outfit (such as an earlier smoke render i found >here) <----- example to what seems like a metal plated ninja outfit, not my full picture/ idea
Alternate Costume: Same Metal plated Ninja lower body structure with blade. Shirtles and NO hood. Plus short Black spiky hair with ninja mask covering only the face. And Metal Plated fingerless gloves.

Special Moves
I CANT SEE: Jered makes a fist that turns to a light so bright that the opponent cannot see and is stunned for a second
Teleport: Turning into Light going through the opponent and appearing behind him/her
Heat Wave: waves of light that are so warm it damages and stuns the enemy player for 2 seconds but with a very limited distance
Light Blast: a projectile ball of light that damages the opponent
Light Bash: A charging shoulder attack so fast and painful

X-Ray: A karate chop to the throat (revealing his throat bones to crack) followed by a kick to the chest (revealing his ribcage to break) ....all done within touching distance
Fatality 1: Sunny Explosion: He takes the blade he has and slices the opponents throat. Followed by sticking his fingers in the throat (as his fingers begin to glow) and the opponents neck and head explode.
Fatality 2: Human Microwave: as he holds the back of the opponents head and chest, his hands start glowing and his opponent starts yelling as his/her eyes pop out followed by their chest and head exploding.

Entrance: as he goes into his fighting stance he says "You cannot handle the power of light"
Match Taunt: Yells at opponent "For Edenia"
Victory Pose: as he floats in the air with a light under his feet and his eyes glowing and hands forming a ball of light.

Ending: As his journey went on, he had learned that Shao Kahn hadn't been Killed by Lord raiden, but imprisoned by the elder gods. Therefor he decided to spare Raidens life and sneak in with his stealth like abilities to where the Elder Gods kept Shao Kahn to release him so that they can have one last fight. Jered proved himself to be powerful and bring down Shao Kahn. As he went for his last strike with his blade he was then pushed aside by one of Shao Kahn's men who had followed Jered. He then learned who the man that followed him was. Just as strong as ever Rain stood there following the orders of Shao Kahn. Devastated and knowing he could not take on both his former ally Rain and Shao Kahn alone, Jered vanished in hopes to have his chance to kill Shoa Kahn later on, in Mortal Kombat.

Submitted by: closs447

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