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Name: Kain
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Alignment: Evil
Height: 6'5
Weight: 140lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: The newest addition to the Black Dragon, Kain is as loyal as he is deadly. Spending many months training with fellow kombatants and many weapons, Kain was finally ready to prove his allegiance to the Black Dragon, and hopefully Shao Kahn. The leader of the Black Dragon, Kano, gave Kain the equipment, men and teachings to help open the portal from Outworld to Earthrealm. The success with this attack rests on his hands....

Fighting Style: Training for many months with the Black Dragon, Kain is adept in many fighting styles. But he is most lethal in the style of Dragon. Each blow reduces his opponent to more of a bloody wreck, many are afraid of the Dragon for Kain holds the four rules of this style very close to his heart:

1. Focus to train and condition the body.
2. Be righteous and uphold your honour.
3. Respect your parents, honour your teacher.
4. Treat others with honesty; treat your friends with loyalty.

Primary Costume:
Alternate Costume:

Special Moves
Impalement: Kain grabs hold of his opponent and stabs them multiple times in the chest before throwing them to the ground. (Enhanced- After throwing the opponent to the floor, Kain stamps on their face.)
Gun Blast: Kain pulls out a gun and shoots the opponent once. (Enhanced- Instead of a pistol, Kain uses a small Semi-Automatic gun and fires two blasts.)
Drop-Kick: From a distance, Kain charges towards the opponent and dropkicks them in the face. (Enhanced- After dropkicking them, Kain delivers a brutal kick to the face.)
Charging Headbutt: Kain swiftly moves to the opponent and brutally headbuts them. (Enhanced- Jumps on them after they fall on the floor and headbuts them twice.)

X-Ray [Bad For Your Health]: Kain headbuts the opponent cracking the front of their skull, while on the floor, Kain stamps on the back of the head this time cracking the back of the opponent’s skull. He then finishes by shoving a lit cigarette into the right eye socket.
Fatality 1 [The Black Dragon Law]: Pulls out two knives and forces it into the opponent’s eyes. They begin to freak-out and try to remove the knives while Kain walks forward and pushes the knives further in to the eyes until both come through the back of the head. Kain looks at the screen and laughs while the opponent drops to the floor.
Fatality 2 [Not So Fast]: Kain pulls out three knives and throws them at the opponent; Two in both kneecaps and the other in the chest. They fall to the floor and try to crawl away but Kain pulls out a pistol and shoots the head off the opponent. Kain crosses his arms with the gun in one hand and glares at the screen.

Entrance: Kain walks into the arena with a packet a cigarettes in his hand; he puts the packet in his pocket and shouts “Let’s finish this quickly!”
Match Taunt: Pulls out a gun, checks the ammo left in it and then puts it away.
Victory Pose: Pulls out the packet of cigarettes, takes one, lights it and inhales then exhales smoke in the form of a Dragon.

Ending: Shortly after opening the portal, Kain was caught by a patrol of US Army soldiers. Just then all the demons and evil that was contained in Outworld burst into Earthrealm. Within minutes New York City was reduced to piles of rubble and flame, Kain was handcuffed and put into a helicopter with the same squad that found him. Not long after, rouge Tarkatan warriors fired a missile at the helicopter shooting it down. Kain woke up in the wreckage of the helicopter which landed on a Rooftop. The only survivor, Kain looked at the burning ruins of Earthrealm and laughed like he never laughed before.

Submitted by: Rubex75

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