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Name: Karma
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 142lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: arma was made as a result of armeggedon. Her soul is based from other things that everyone had ever done. Once every body has died, their souls formed her as a ball of light. While raidens amulet broke and while he used it to send pictures to past raiden, she was sent with the mental visions.

Fighting Style: has basic attacks but her upper cut she doesn't use her fist, she uses the power to make a never before seen plant strike thought the ground and then like mist it fades away. One of her kombos is a triple punch then a kick to the face and the opponent goes flying back across the screen and she stretches her arm across the screen and punches them in the stomach.

Powers: Manipulation of light and teleportation.

Primary Costume: and orange female ninja with long blonde hair has jades alternate top except karmas top has gold chains on it hanging down past her hips.
Alternate Costume: she has black hair in pig tails, and it's a mixture of milennas deception alt kostume and sareenas costume.

Special Moves
Smooth Portal: makes a portal has a vine wrap around the opponents torso take them trough the portal taking life away and karma does a backflip when the opponent comes through the portal behind karma and when she does the backflip she kicks them in the face and does a back hand spring to het away from them.
Bad Luck Wave: her fist turns orange and throws a wave of bad luck. (she has the power during the story to throw her wave at an object like a tower and badluck will happen like the tower will fall over) but the wave knocks them over and disorients them.
Poison Ivy Throw: throws a ball of poison ivy and poisons them for 3 seconds
Uprising Luck: makes a orange rays come from under her, she is sent flying in the air and she fades away and comes from behind them and drop kicks them.(2 hits available 1 while going up hits them with her knee and the drop kick)
Up With Luck: the same thing as kitanas fan lift but a karma modified version.

X-Ray: Not Your Lucky Day makes an Orange ball of her bad lucking shoots it at them , it makes them turn around in a daze, she holds the back of their necks and turns her fist orange, that makes their neck bone explode (sorta). Then they turn around (facing her) she makes a flower in the shape of a ball hit their head and their head also hits her knee at the same time making the skull crushed.
Fatality 1: Cross Pollination a circle of portals open up around the opponent then these vines that have thorns shoot through the opponent then moves up and slices them in a bunch of random directions
Fatality 2: Good Luck! uses rays of her bad luck to make the opponent float then she shoots her bad luck rays into the sky and then while their floating a meteor shower happens ripping hole through the opponent.

Entrance: she skips in laughs and says "I'm feelin lucky, let's go"
Match Taunt: a flower comes out of the ground she picks it and it dies and when it dies she laughs all evil like. And if she's to close to the opponent vines come from behind her and carry her back
Victory Pose: does a backhand spring and before she lands orange rays come from the ground and make her float in her stomach she has her hands on her chin and she say "told you" then winks.

Ending: after defeating shao Kahn her soul became corrupted. His past was fused with her powers . Her powers were beyond her control. She decided to turn good and had Bo raicho teach her to control her new power. She now became part of the fight to save earthrealm.

Submitted by:marcel413

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