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Name: Karundi (and Kazol)
Gender: Male
Age: 168 (and +1,000)
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 174lbs
Origin: Chaosrealm

Bio: Karundi was a vicious and well known warrior through out all of Chaosrealm, and a Champion in Chaosrealms most popular sport (Baby eating). He lived a life of fame and glory, until one of his battles caused the destruction of an ancient wizards burial grounds. The Sorcerers angry spirit attacked Karundi, and ultimately joined itself with Karundi's very own spirit. It increased his power, but made his almost unbendable mind become unstable. This instability was favored by Chaos cleric Havik, and he quickly became a high ranking member of his chaotic army. The sorcerers spirit(Kazol) is kept in a diamond around Karundi's neck, and his power is amplified through out his body through a diamond on Karundi's forehead and stomach.

During the events of MK3, Havik sends Karundi to outworld, as a sort of scout. he is now tasked with finding ways for the Chaos army to sneak in without alerting Shao Kahn, and causing as much chaos as possible of course.

Fighting Style: A mixture various Chaosrealm martial arts and a style that resembles professional wrestling. And certain attacks provided by Kazol. He has a weapons(called Taer blade), It' is like a short spear with a long blade, it is usually used in a stabbing attack instead of slicing.

Primary Costume: Very dark grey pants and Armor, with Blue & Gold accents. Same goes for his weapon and other accessories. His Eyes and jewels glow a burning Scarlet.
Alternate Costume: He's wearing a pink dress, a blonde wig, and the Diamonds are replaced with pink Hearts.

Special Moves
Dark Teleport: Teleports in a burst of red energy.
Killer Backhand: He grabs you and delivers a series of smacks, the more you tap the button the more he smacks the opponent. It sort of looks like what Shao Kahn does to Raiden in the Opening of story mode, except on a 2D plane. The last smack makes the opponent fly a quarter of the screen away, Karundi laughs.
Forehead Beam: a weak-ish beam that makes up for lack of damage with speed. As the title implies, he fires it out of his forehead Diamond. It doesn't knock you down, but causes a flinch.
Dark Magic: Kazol appears behind Karundi and quickly does cast a spell (using over exaggerated arm movements, kind of like the 3D MK special moves) boost damage until Karundi gets hit.
Dark Elevation: Kazol appears behind Karundi and quickly cast a spell (this time simply snapping his finger to trigger it) the floor gets covered in red energy that pops the opponent up in the air. It's unblockable but is slow enough to jump over but fast enough to catch some one slipping.
Kazol Summon: He summons Kazol from his diamond pendent and sends him at you. It follows you if you jump, but can be dodged if you crouch. he hits you 3 times before vanishing in a poof of smoke. Kazol is in spiriti form, ghost-tail and all and can fly.
Chaotic Fist: He runs foward quickly (about 3/10 of the screen) with his fist covered in red pulsating energy, punches you with an impact that makes the camera shake (but only a little, enough for you not to notice unless you pay attention closely). The opponent flies about halfscreen in a spiraling fashion.
Air Grab: He grabs you by one of your legs, slams you face first into the ground then tosses you to the other side of the screen, then laughs.

Throw (front): he gives the opponent a hug in a friendly manner, then starts to squeeze hard until you hear a snapping noise, he then releases his grip and lets out a small "Ha"
Throw (back): He grabs the opponents face, does a turning throw and launches the opponent face first into the floor. their face slides a little on the ground as the land, leaving bloody skid marks

X-Ray: He summons Kazol, who has the same properties as the projectile form except its faster and unblockable, Kazol wraps himself around the opponent and Karundi runs to them, Kazol vanishes into a puff of smoke. Karundi then starts to give the opponent a bear hug. the camera shows the victims spine and ribs crack. He then lets go of them, the X-ray vision stops (like the end of Noob and Raiden's x-rays) and he laughs arrogantly before punching the victim in the face (Left hook style) making them do a slow spin then falling flat onto their face as if knocked out.
Fatality 1: Babality?: The Opponent turns into a Baby, the Babality sign pops up, Karundi then does a running punt and kicks the baby off the screen, putting his left hand over his brow (like one would do to block out sunlight to see how far something is going in the air, for example a golfer) he then looks at the camera and Shrugs in a "what did you expect" sort of way.
Fatality 2: Crunch Time: He aggressively rips one of the opponents legs off, then shoves it through their chest. Then he kicks them in the Crotch, then he punches them in the face. They fall, he walks off screen, you can then here him running, he runs back on screen, jumps and lands on the victims head, crushing their skull beneath his feat.

Entrance: Karundi Falls flat on his front from an unknown hieght and location, he then picks himself up, looks in the opponents direction and says "What the Fu-" getting cut off.
Match Taunt: he gives Kazol a high five if far away, skips away if to close.
Victory Pose: he walks to where ever the opponent is and starts peeing on them while whistling.

Ending: He succeeds in finding a way to open a secret portal to outworld for his comrades, as a reward he gets to keep reptile as a pet, and he makes Mileena his new wife. They have 27 kids together.

Submitted by: iHeartXenomorphs

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