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Name: Kayatsu Arashi
Gender: Male
Age: 382 (appears 26)
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 600lbs
Origin: Earthrealm (had spent past few centuries in Outworld)

Bio: Shang Tsung was a cruel man. He had hundreds of experiments in his Flesh Pits, some abominations of his creation, some victims he had turned into monsters. Khameleon, the last living pureblooded female Raptor, had been tracking him for years, with intent of killing him and hopefully finding a way to break his control over Reptile. When Shao Kahn began to invade Earthrealm, she knew Shang Tsung's attention would be elsewhere. She took advantage of this chaos to sneak into the Flesh Pits and free his creations. She knew that many of his creations would be harmless Meats, killed easily by Kahn's loyalists, but some were like Mileena. Skilled. Deadly.

Powerful enough to cause trouble for anyone loyal to the emperor.

Kayatsu Arashi was one of these. Bride of a prominent sumo wrestler during the Edo period who was defeated in a previous Mortal Kombat, she was taken by Shang Tsung and subjected to genetic experimentation. She was genetically spliced with Raptor DNA, Shang Tsung initially planning to use her as a way of controlling Reptile. During the experimental phase, however, he noted her savagery in battle, how she adapted her knew Raptor instincts to her husband's sumo style. Many prisoners used as test subjects were consumed by her, Shang Tsung deciding to keep her as an executioner, using magic to force her to give into her instincts and keep her under his control.

When Khameleon released her, she found herself without a master for the first time, without any kind of guidance. It was then that she encountered Raiden, who was still struggling with the visions he was receiving. Sensing nothing from his visions involving Kayatsu, he decided to try making use of her. Raiden could sense her nature, could sense the barely controlled savage instincts bubbling beneath the surface. He knew that it might be dangerous having her work with his warriors, but he was clever enough to realise that her feral nature could be turned against the Outworld forces invading the Earth. Raiden gave Kayatsu the ability to summon and use portals, guiding her to places that Shang Tsung might be, keeping an eye on her in case she needed help. Kayatsu eagerly threw herself into battle, wanting a measure of vengeance for what she had done while Shang Tsung's slave.

Fighting Style: Kayatsu uses a very brutal form of sumo wrestling, modified to be more suited to a mixed martial arts tournament. In addition to the slams and throws of normal sumo, she also uses powerful striking techniques and holds. There are some elements of savagery to it, a sign of the Saurian DNA spliced into her system.

Primary Costume: A heavily obese, but otherwise muscular Japanese woman. She wears a sumo mawashi, but also wears long boots (no heels), a black loincloth with Shao Kahn's symbol on it, and a lightly armored top over her breasts, arms, and shoulders, a sign of her enslavement as an executioner. Her belly and face have a tattoos on them, the kanji for 'Heaven.' The tattoo is an enchanted rune, Shang Tsung's way of controlling her and forcing her to give into her feral instincts. (It will glow during her fatalities to show her feral instincts taking over.)
Alternate Costume: A traditional sumo mawashi and hand/foot wraps with a flower kimono that is open to reveal her gut, which has no tattoo on it or on her face

Special Moves
Salt Throw: throws a cloud of salt which can temporarily stun the opponent. Useless on Kenshi.
Enhanced: creates is larger, creating a longer stun and can work on Kenshi
Sumo Tremor: does a sumo stomp which shakes the battlefield, popping the opponent into the air.
Enhanced: creates a shockwave that goes along the ground, hitting multiple times before launching
Crushing Palm: does a massive double palm strike that bounces the opponent off the wall and back to Kayatsu. She grabs the opponent out of the air as they come back and slams him/her down underneath her gut
Enhanced: does multiple palm strikes before the wall-bounce
Massive Grip: lunges forward, arms outstretched. If she hits, she grabs the opponent in a headlock, crushing their windpipe for a moment before tripping them and falling forward, crushing him/her under her gut
Falling Flower: Kayatsu leaps into the air and goes into a lotus position, coming down hard, creating a small tremor. (Only staggers if near the opponent.)
Enhanced: creates a tremor that shakes the whole arena.
Saurian Slam: grabs the opponent and spits acid in his/her face staggering them and then does a shoulder throw

X-Ray: Flower Crusher: Kayatsu lunges at the opponent with a low grab. If she hits, she lifts the opponent by the legs and slams them down. She then does a sumo stomp on their chest, breaking ribs and damaging the lungs. She then kneels and does a massive palm strike to the opponent's head, cracking the skull.
Fatality 1: Kayatsu hisses, her face and a good chunk of her skin turning reptillian briefly as she grabs the opponent and swallows them whole. She then turns to the camera and bows, the opponent's struggling visible in her stomach
Fatality 2: Kayatsu's face turns reptillian, a long, acid-laden tongue lashing out and eviscerating the opponent. The opponent screams in agony, holding their guts in as she stomps forward and rubs a large handful of salt in the open gash, the opponent screaming in agony and collapsing, dead from the trauma.
Babality: Kayatsu looks around in confusion, shrugs, and pulls out a baby bottle, drinking from it contentedly and looking curiously at the opponent.

Entrance: throws salt and bows to the opponent
Match Taunt: hisses, her face turning partially reptillian
Victory Pose: shouts "DOSUKOI!" and stomps, creating a powerful ground tremor that knockes over the camera

Ending: (Kayatsu convulses, clutching her head in agony as her features become almost fully reptillian.) As Kayatsu defeated the Emperor Shao Kahn, she began to be wracked with pain. The changes Shang Tsung wrought upon her so many years ago began to take permanent hold, and she turned completely into a Raptor. Free of the pain and in control of herself for the first time, she knew what to do. She sought out the sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, threatening to devour them if they did not bring her husband back to life. As her husband had already ascended to the heavens, however, he was beyond their reach. She mourned, but didn't want to deny her love paradise. She wasn't about to let two wizards off so easily, however. In gratitude to Khameleon for freeing her, she commanded the two of them to ressurect the Raptor race and free Zaterra from Outworld's control. Fearful for his life, he did so, although the sheer effort of such an act cost the two sorcerers their magic, leaving them too weak to defend themselves when Reptile and Khameleon turned on them. The Raptor people praised Kayastu for freeing their realm and bringing them back to life, making her their new High Matriarch, with Khameleon and Reptile serving as her bodyguards...

Submitted by: KnightMysterio

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