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Name: Keilenaten
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Origin: Mystical Realm: Asdrubal

Bio: Keilenaten Asdrubal comes from the exiled world, Mysticalrealm. More than a millennia of years ago the Mysticalrealm has been locked to be forsaken. Unbeknownst by all, this realm was a world like the ancient Egyptians, but much more powerful. Sidings with dark magic and mystical illusions the Elder Gods feared the people from Mysticalrealm would become a huge threat, and closed any passage way that was able to lead in or out of this world.

At a young age, Keilenaten thirst for power and in order to take over her realm she annihilated her parents. Being still too young, her godmother Isis took the throne, and became Keilenaten's legal guardian. Isis knew the evil that lurked inside her goddaughter's heart, and tried to raise her to be pure.

Keilenaten hid her true agenda and pretended to be a loyal princess, and learned the powers of magic, mystics, and time control. Becoming of age, she has mastered everything, but her specialty is controlling time itself. She can reverse time, or move time forward. She offed her godmother Isis, and finally became queen of the entire Mysticalrealm she has called Asdrubal.

Keilenaten is beauty on the outside, but pure beast on the inside. Now in control, she urges power and is willing to go at any strength to get her realm out of the abyss, and take over the other realms.

She has traveled the future, and foreseen her coming is at the rebirth of the Dragon King, where all the realms would be unlocked, but that her fall would eventually come during Armageddon. Not even all of her powers proved to be a flawless match against the Emperor Shao Khan, as he ripped her in half and observed her powers.

Determined to destroy her rival, she has acted sooner, and plans to attack when everyone is caught off guard and weakened. Using her power of Astral Projection, she has traveled to the Netherealms to summon the help of the fallen Elder God Shinnok, and they have merged an alliance. With help of the fallen Elder God, she has implanted visions to manipulate Lord Raiden of upcoming events, so he can alter time. Upon altering with time, unknowingly Raiden opened an energy portal that lasted for less than a second in Asdrubal. Shinnok has used this alterations to sneak Keilenaten out of Asdrubal without being sensed by the Elder Gods.

Now Keilenaten has joined along Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat to fight alongside Shao Khan, and destroy the warriors, and right after finish the Emperor. After Shao Khan's demise, they would release Shinnok from the Netherrealm, and go after the Elder Gods. Keilenaten's true intentions are hidden again, as her real obsession is to be the one and only in power.

Fighting Style: Keilenaten is an aggressive fighter, and though she is a sneaky person she loves to show her opponent, she's the one bringing the pain. She was taught the arts of Hark Fu Moon, a style which was modeled after the demeanor and fighting strategy of an attacking tiger. The striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful. Her unique techniques are ripping, tearing, clawing and grasping applications. This is what she does best. It has made her agile, and quick in her battles.

Primary Costume: Keilenaten is fond of gold, so everything is gold, and white gold. She is also a sexy beast and loves to show it. She wears small golden skirt that looks more like a towel held together by a gold buckle. Her top is only a golden plated piece that mainly covers her nips, but lets everything else show. She wears long golden stilettos with braces wrapped around her legs up to her thick thighs. She also loves to wear golden bracelets on her hands as attire. Her hair is dark black, and short.
Alternate Costume: On her head she has a beautiful golden crown with white gold diamonds across. Her top is made of golden braces put together, and covers more than her regular appearance. This top has long tight golden sleeves that hang long like a monk's wardrobe where the hands stick out. A long golden cape is connected to only her left shoulder, but long enough to hang low. Her bottom piece is a long skirt that has huge openings on the left and right side, showing off from her thigh to her legs. She wears long golden boots.

Special Moves
Energy Blast: She observes enough energy with her hands to blast opponent. Can be done in air.
Enhanced: She throws two big energy balls.
Flashforward:She shoots a beam of light through her palm, causing opponent to transform old, making them slow and weak to attack, and gives her good advantage.
Time Freeze: She throws a huge energy ball to the ground causing a chain reaction. Upon hitting opponent she stops time 3 seconds, and everything around her, including opponent, freezes. She has the advantage to attack and do more damage on enemy.
Enhanced: Lasts 5 seconds.
Levitate: She can levitate herself and either do Energy Blasts, or dash to grab opponent and lift them off the ground, and slam them back down.
Time Travel: It's her teleport move. She simply dashes like a speeding bullet, from one side to the other.
Channeling: Upon meditation, she shoots a beam of light from her eyes and mouth. They go crazy and as they hit their head thrice, they scream, "Stay out of my head!"
Enhanced: They still scream but fall to their knees and slam face on ground six times
Astral Projection: She puts herself in a trance to astral project behind opponent and attack. As soon as her astral projection hits opponent she teleports to take over the hit.
Time Rip: She blasts and Aura blast causing an aurora borealis behind or in front of opponent. She can throw, kick, punch, or combo opponent into the aurora borealis. Opponent flies through the time rip. That rip disappears, and another time rip appears near Keilenten, where she can do more damage as opponent flies out of the aurora.

X-Ray: To start off she Astral Projects behind opponent, and pushes them. This causes opponent to turn around and attack her Astral Projection. As her Astral Projection disappears the Real Keilenaten pushes them to the floor, causing them to fall on all fours. They break their wrists, and knee caps, but she immediately kicks their tailbone hard shattering it, and causes a chain reaction to dislocate the spinal cord. As opponent lands face down on the ground, she finishes her X-ray by stomping their head against the ground breaking the jaw off, and shattering half of their skull.
Fatality 1: Age of No Return: Keilenaten meditates and creates white energy around her hand. She shoots it at opponent flipping them over and land on all fours. They are left in only under clothing. As opponent glows a white Aura around them they scream in pain, and in matter of seconds they start aging. Opponent can only see themselves get older. Then the screams stop as they turn to corpses, then their skins start to mold, then millions of maggots are born, then maggots begin to die away leaving opponent bones, and then the bones turn to dust. As the white Aura disappears the dust is still forming the bones. Keilenaten walks up to opponent, caresses the head, and the dust just falls to the ground. She licks off the dust left in her hand and smiles.
Fatality 2: All In Your Head: Keilenaten French kisses opponent (if they wear a mask it won't protect them) She shoots an energy beam from her mouth into theirs. Then, if it's female opponent they move away disgusted, and if it's male opponent they walk away smiling. Then the chaos starts. They start having illusions. At first opponent acts tough, but seconds in they can't handle it. They start seeing a lot of Astral Projections of Keilenaten's trying to attack them. Keilenaten's voice echoes, "It's in your head". Opponent drops to their knees screaming, and saying "GET OUT!" They slap their head around, and as their mind is out of control they start peeling off the skin off their face piece by piece. Faceless, they still yell "GET OUT!", and screaming they break off their jaw. Still living, and tongue just hanging, they mumble, "GET OUT!". They end it by cracking their skull open with their bare hands. As opponent falls already dead, Keilenaten simply walks up to them laughing and stomps on their brain.

Entrance: A Ghost image of Keilenaten walks in echoing "I will be your queen!". As that image is disappearing, another ghostly image is walking and echoes, lapsing on the last image's phrase, "BOW DOWN TO ME!". As that image is also disappearing the real Keilenaten walks in, and stands up strong saying, "I will be your queen... BOW DOWN TO ME!"
Match Taunt: She looks down at opponent and says, "You are no good to me", and as she Astral Projects away she echoes, "You must die."
Victory Pose: CAM ZOOMS on her as she sits Indian style, putting herself in a meditation state. As she is levitating off the ground, opponent has gotten up, and tries to grab her to slam her to the ground, but to their surprise it's just an Astral Projection. Keilenanten taps their shoulders, and as they turn she shakes her head and finger no, and straight kicks them out of view. She poses sexy biting her finger.

Ending: Though Keilenaten's plan was to betray the Emperor Shao Khan and destroy him in the tournament, she found herself preventing a fight against him. With the time alterations Lord Raiden had let the Emperor merge the realms causing the Elder Gods to annihilate him.

Quan Chi should never had let Shinnok form an alliance with Keilenaten, and snuck her out of her Mystical Realm. Keilenaten had broken her agreement, and cornered the sorcerer. His powers of sorcery weren't a match to the Queen of Asdrubal as she beat him in their very own Mortal Kombat. As she struck her last blow to finish him, she herself was surprised. Shinnok had already risen from the Netherrealm, and snapped Keilenaten's neck.

Thinking they had defeated another foe, Quan Chi wanted to use her soul to serve him in the Netherrealms as a trophy, and for the use of her powers. As he tried to trance her soul, she disappeared in oblivion, leaving them in confusion.

Keilenaten awoke from her deep trance inside Asdrubal, her Mystical Realm that has been locked away in oblivion. It was all clear now. It was her mere Astral Projection she had sent to fool the fallen Elder God. He didn't sneak her out of Asdrubal since the Elder God's powers were too strong. The gateway could only be opened if Shinnok broke himself out sooner from the Netherrealms. Now that he did, her world is free from seclusion.

Shinnok, Quan Chi, the Earth Warriors, and even the Elder Gods must now be prepared to fight a new menace, as Keilenaten prepares her warriors for an invasion to grasp all of the realms as her own.

Submitted by: cyberelmo

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