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Name: Kevshi
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'10
Weight: 200lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: long ago kevshi trained with his brother kenshi when they were very young. unlike kenshi he wanted to learn the dark arts besides only learning the light side to fighting. he questioned his brother and started to fight other fighters outside his town, without kenshi knowing. he started to kill without mercy and eventually lost his sense of pain. losing his mind and feeling overshadowed by his brother kenshi he swore an oath to kill his own flesh and blood. his quest will begin at the next tournament of mortal kombat.

Fighting Style: a hybrid of tae kwan doe and a new style called centipede. moving and squirming like a centipede with the agileness of tae kwan doe.

Primary Costume: spikey green hair. scars all over his body. black sandals. a chain overlapping his left arm. a black shirt with a green pentagram on the back. a piercing over his right eye. black baggy pants.
Alternate Costume: white spikey hair. scars all over his body. black sandals. a chain overlapping his right arm. a black shirt with a white pentagram on the back. a piercing over his right eye. white baggy pants.

Special Moves
Double Bladed Katana Spin: using tk kevshi spins his double bladed katana at his opponet.
Acidic Pentagram: using his blood he summons a a pentagram underneath his opponet burning him or her.
Bone Prison: calls forth a prison of bone to entangle him or her.
Snake Projectile: chants out a snake to bite his opponet.
Skull Bite/Grab and Slam: summons a skull to grab the opponet with it's teeth and then slams him or her down to the ground.

X-Ray: kevshi ropes his chain around the opponets chest and squeezes crushing there rib cage. he then kicks them away with an purple mist effect.
Fatality 1: kevshi stabs his opponet through the chest causing the opponet to snap out of place by focusing the tk through the katana.
Fatality 2: kevshi hurls his chain trough the opponets head and burns the chain with flames melting the fighter into a pile of guts and bones.

Entrance: shakes his way onto the battle then cracks his neck.
Match Taunt: lifts up his double bladed katana with his tk ability.
Victory Pose: takes out his chain and cracks the camera.

Ending: after defeating the boss kevshi turns his attention to his brother and slays him by conjuring a demon to rip him apart. all hail kevshi.

Submitted by: acidslayer

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