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Name: Khibok ["key-bok"]
Gender: Male
Age: 650
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'10
Weight: 300lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: The Tejiu are a race of Ape like creature that have existed along-side the human race for thousands of years. They served as the basis for human myths such the Yeti and Sasquatch. The Tejiu and humans lived in relative peace for many centuries, but that was all broken when a myth arose that any human warrior who could kill and skin a Tejiu would become invincible. As a result the Tejiu were hunted to near extinction.

Then one day in a chance encounter, the leader of the Tejiu was saved from a group of hunters by a wandering monk named the Great Kung Lao. He offered to train the Tejiu to protect themselves from hunters. He helped to relocate the Tejiu deep in the jungles in order to avoid human contact. In addition the Great Kung Lao began training a select few Tejiu warriorsso that they may learn to protect themselves from humans. Khibok was one of those chosen.

A mere boy at 100 years old Khibok trained hard under the Great Kung Lao. He was determined to become a great fighter so that he could protect his people from the threat of human hunters. It soon became clear to everyone that Khibok was the strongest of the chosen warriors and soon became the favorite student of the Great Kung Lao.

After years of training the Great Kung Lao informed the Tejiu that he had to leave. He told them that he was the champion of Mortal Kombat and must participate in the next tournament, and that the fate of the world hung in the balance. The Great Kung Lao never returned from the tournament, leaving the Tejiu to fend for themselves.

For centuries Khibok and the other trained Tejiu defended their people. But soon the humans proved to be too much. As time went on, human encroachment into the jungles increased, and the hunters who pursued the Tejiu began to carry firearms instead of spears. Once again the Tejiu were hunted down and left near the brink of extinction leaving only a little over a dozen alive. When the leader of the tribe was killed Khibok was unanimously elected the leader. He was the only living Tejiu trained by the Great Kung Lao and was the only one with the strength to defend his people.

One day two young Tejiu boys went missing in the jungle, and Khibok set out to find them. He soon discovered the boys dead at the hands of poachers. This sent Khibok into a frenzy. He easily dispatched of the humans leaving none alive. It was then Khibok found an invitation to the Mortal Kombat tournament on one of the hunter’s bodies.

Remembering Kung Lao’s involvement in the tournament Khibok thought that he might be able to find an ally willing to help the Tejiu.
After months of trekking through the Chinese countryside Khibok arrived at the dock where the contestants in the tournament are supposed to meet. Once there Khibok learned that the tournament had finished long ago and that he had missed his one shot at finding an ally to help his people.

Discouraged Khibok began his long trek back home, but before he could return Shao Khan began his invasion of Earthrelam. Khibok found himself caught in the middle of the conflict when he came across a village being raided by a group of Tarkatan warriors. Seeing innocents being slaughtered outraged Khibok and he attacked the vicious mutants and single handedly saved the village.

One of the human survivors asked if Khibok was sent by Lord Raiden. Khibok was then inforemed that Raiden was a noble God designated with protecting Earthrealm. Seeing a potential ally in the thunder god Khibok made it his goal to find him and ask that his race be restored and protected.

Fighting Style: Hou Quan Kung Fu- This style is referred to as “Monkey Fist” style as its movements mimic the movements of monkeys and apes. The style includes many acrobatic feats such as flips, handsprings, and even walking on one’s hands.

Primary Costume: Khibok is a large ape-like creature with silver grey fur. He has scars across his body and face from the many years he has spent as guardian of his people. Khibok also has a bamboo staff, which he prefers to use as a walking stick rather than a weapon, although he is very skilled with it has the latter.
Alternate Costume: Khibok has a long red jacket that covers all of his arms. He also has a large Chinese straw hat he can use to hide his face. This was the outfit he wore while traveling to the tournament in order to conceal his identity.

Special Moves
Beatdown: Khibok leaps at his opponent. If he connects then he takes his opponent down and sits on their chest. He then delivers several punches to their face.
Locked Fist Uppercut: Khibok grasps his hands together and takes a step forward swinging his arms upward. If it lands then it sends his opponent flying up in the air.
Air Throw: Khibok can grab his opponent in the air and throw them to the ground.
Ankle Grab: Khibok grabs his opponent by the ankles. He then does a backflip and slams his opponent into the ground.
Choke Slam: Khibok reaches forward and grabs his opponent by the neck and slams them on the ground. Then, with his hand still on their neck he twirls around and throws his opponent towards the other end of the screen.
Spike: Khibok jumps at his opponent swinging his arm. He brings down his fist on his opponent’s head causing them to fall face first on the ground.

X-Ray: Khibok gets his opponent into a bear hug and squeezes. We then see the opponent’s ribs cracking and organs rupturing. Khibok then lets his opponent go and slams both of his fists on either side of his opponent’s head, showing the skull beginning to shatter on both sides. His opponent then staggers backwards and the x-ray is complete.
Fatality 1: Skull Breaker: Khibok grabs his opponent by the back of the head and throws them face first on the ground. Khibok then delivers several kicks to the opponent’s head before landing a devastating punch to the back of their skull causing their head to explode.
Fatality 2: Like a Twig: Khibok grabs his opponent and holds them out horizontally. He has one hand on their chest and one on their leg. Khibok then begins to bend the opponent upward until they break into two pieces at the waist.

Entrance: Khibok jumps into frame and rises into his full height. He throws his arms out lets out an intimidating roar.
Match Taunt: Khibok does a back hand spring and lands on his feet then he lets out a roar. [Close] Khibok pounds his chest twice with one arm while grunting. [Far]
Victory Pose: Khibok plants his bamboo staff into the ground and jumps on top of it balancing with one foot. Khibok then assumes a cross legged position and begins to meditate.

Ending: Khibok fought and defeated many strange and powerful foes before finally meeting with Lord Raiden. Khibok explained to Raiden the story of his people and his struggle to find him. Moved by Khibok’s story and impressed by his fighting skills Raiden agreed to help the Tejiu.

Raiden transported the Tejiu to Shang Tsung’s abandoned island and appointed two gods to oversee the island and protect it fromany human intruders. In return Khibok pledged his allegiance to Lord Raiden and promised to help him stop any new threat that Earthrealm may face in the future.

Submitted by: McHotcakes

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