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Name: Kimya (Swahili for silent)
Gender: Male
Age: 303
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'6
Weight: 285lbs
Origin: Orderrealm [Originally Africa]

Bio: Kimya resides in the order realm. He was originally from africa,but the elder gods put him in the order realm do to his great power and long life. He has become friends with Hotaru while being there. He has no mouth due to a ancient spell Quan Chi cast on him and his family for betraying Quan Chi ages ago. He has the power to summon any animals spirit. Kimya also can converse with animals and understand them. He can't speak but he uses sign language to talk. The reason he is joining the tournament is to put an end to Quan Chi ( his main enemy) . Killing Quan Chi is all his life is about now, and he will stop at nothing to succeed.

Fighting Style: Kimya's fighting style is mainly Capoeira a brazilian fighting style created by African slaves it mainly focuses on aerial acrobatics, quick kicks, and take downs, its a very fast fighting style. Kimya's leg kicks are his signature thing he has the quickest and powerful legs out of any Mortal Kombat combatant. The weapon he uses is a very sharp wooden stake.

Primary Costume: Kimya is shirtless and has no mouth. He wears long dark brown jeans and black combat boots. He has long dreadlocks for hair. He carries a wooden stake with a strap on his back. His body is covered with ancient tattoos and scars.
Alternate Costume: Kimya has a ripped up white tank-top on with fingerless gloves on each hand. His dreads are tied back now. He is wearing long animal skinned pants.

Special Moves
Silent Kick: Kimya dissapears then reapears beside u with a brutal head kick.
Teleport: Kimya bows real quick and appears on the other side of you.
Dive Kick: Kimya jumps in the air and comes down with a head kick sending you to the ground.
Rabid Throw: Kimya summons a spirit animal and it chases and tackles you. (Projectile)
Snake Trap: Kimya throws a spirit snake out and it wraps around the opponent keeping them stunned for a second.

X-Ray: Silent But Deadly: Kimya dissapears and reappears behind you with a very hard head kick breaking ur skull. He then takes his wooden stake and stabs it through your spine breaking it.
Fatality 1: Zoo Keeper: Kimya turns himself into a lion and mauls the opponent eating and scrathing them to death.
Fatality 2: Kichwa Mawingu: (Swahili for Head in the Clouds) Kimya dissapears behind you and the opponents looks around for a second and when they turn around he shoots a super speedy kick to the opponents head and it goes flying in the air. the opponent falls and Kimya catches the head when it comes back down

Entrance: He teleports in and bows to the opponent
Match Taunt: He teleports from his opponent to keep some distance
Victory Pose: He summons a lion in front of him and as the lion growls Kimya gives a mean look at the camera.

Ending: Kimya leaves order realm only to lose to Quan Chi in Mortal Kombat because of a cheap blow. So Kimya heads back to The realm of Order and meets up with his life long friend Hotaru and forms an alliance with him. Together they go to the Nether Realm and Kimya beats scorpion and. Then he and Hotaru have one last battle and Kimya finally kills Quan Chi and takes his head. Kimya then has a weird feeling in his body and passes out when he awakens days later he now has a mouth and he goes back to the realm of order to stay.

Submitted by: XxLoK3xX

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