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Name: Komodo
Gender: "Intersex"
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'7 [Male] 5'11 [Female]
Weight: 242lbs [Male] 192lbs [Female]
Origin: Zaterra

Bio: "We all know the fall of Zaterra here right? Good. Many different sociologist and historians have already wrote hundreds of books about the subject. It is much like the Earth Realmer's Atlantis. I am not here to bore you with more history but I do want to paint the picture of what the realm was like in its final hours, if my memory still serves me right after all these years.
Shao Kahn began the violent merge and there was looting, fighting and scurrying everywhere. As the collector of rare species that I am, I could not let this opportunity pass without saving at least one of the poor, defenseless creatures there.
Now, I am not a scientist. I have never claimed to be one and never will. However, I do know rare species when I see them. You'd be surprised at how many are born from eggs. Usually larger eggs too. Maybe one of you scientists can write a paper on why that is.
Regardless, the world was ripping out right in front of my eyes. Dark portals swirled on the horizon. I ran through a forest where trees were literally flying out from the ground. It of course was there that I tripped over a large, green, mucousy egg. It may not have been the most graceful way to find a species but hell if it didn't work.
Lucky that egg was as hard as a rock stuck in a mountain because it would've cracked easy cause of my portly physique. Good, glad to see you gentlemen still have some humour to you. Some of these other scientists can be so dreadfully boring.
I won't bore you with the details of my miraculous and heroic escape but I will bore you with the details of that egg. I brought it back to my Zoological Research Centre here and I studied it thoroughly. I put it in a nest, I put it in hot temperatures, cold temperatures, hot and cold temperatures but nadda. I plum forgot about it until one day I was looking for an early snack and there it was.
It must've sensed that it was about be served with some bacon on the side cause it hatched then and there. And this thing was quite the specimen. Bipedal, two arms, thumbs just like you and I gentlemen. It was quite shy at first; I kept it in a glassed room right behind these doors. I kept the environment all forestlike with a lot of free range like the plains of Zaterra.
It grew, it played, I watched. I could sense that the poor bugger was lonely. I've got lots of 'last of its kind' here but none like this one. One day, suddenly it became extremely hostile. It charged at the glass, chipping it, make a big ole mess. I had to gas it. I put it on my operating table in the back and poked around.
Now, gentlemen, I know anatomy. I've seen a lot of that in my time, and not just from the opposite sex, and this creature, which I've nicknamed Komodo for all of you who are tired of hearing me referring to it as 'it', had pieces I had never seen before. And it looked like Komodo had changed. And that is precisely why I call Komodo 'it'.
I can read just fine and I can do research like the best of you and I think that I've got a species here that can, at will, decide if it wants to wear pants or a pretty ole dress. I also believe that this creature is able to, now what was that called. One second gentlemen.
Here's that book, let me see here. Yes, I underlined it right here. It can asexually reproduce. I believe that my Komodo can get the stuff that's needed for the egg from the male and then lay the egg as the female. I have no proof yet but I've watched it, and I can feel that it's up to something big. Is this evolution my dear scientists? Is this because it is the last of its kind and this is the only way it can survive? Why hasn't it done so yet? Does it need to be around its own kind to figure out how to do this asexual reproduction.
Now, I'm going to ask any that are here that don't know why they're here to leave now. Sir, I was just joking. You do not have to leave but you might want to check your head. I want you distinguished scientists to take a look at my Komodo and tell me what marvel I have in my collection. Now, you need not be worried, right now it is in its calm phase and I've replaced the glass in there with strongest gemstones from the fires of the Netherrealm. So I think the only thing left to do is meet it.
Hmm, what's happened here? That's not right. Where has it gone? Gentlemen, I think we might want to run. Run NOW..."

Fighting Style: Is slithery like a snake and fluidly links attacks. The female is more aggressive, with sharps claws that can sometimes poison her enemy. The male is more defensive with turtling like attacks. The male also uses his tale from time to time to ward of enemies.

Primary Costume: Both the male and female version looks like lizardfolk and wear no clothing. Their genitals are inside the body and the female, while slender on her upper section, has no breasts. They both have legs like Kintaro's and their scales are a mix of greens and yellows. Both have a short tails and the male's is a bit longer. The head is shaped much like Reptile's but the female's is more ferocious looking (more teeth). The male has accents like fins coming out of his shoulders, forehead and back much like a male peacock has the beautiful spread of feathers to attract females.
Alternate Costume: The male and female both have skin that changes colour much like Chameleon and Khameleon.

Special Moves
Water-Walk: Like the wire jumps from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Liu Kang's bicycle kick. ENH ends the combo with her gracefully stomping on the enemy.
Forked Tongue: She sticks her tongue out at her enemy, stabbing them in the eyes. The screen flashes black like the enemy is blinking. The heat outline of the enemy is still visible during this. ENH She curls her tongue around her enemy's neck, stabs them in the eye again and head-butts them down. Screen still flashes black.
Aggression: She becomes enraged and the more damage she takes, the more she can do. The more hits she lands, the more damage she does. ENH can only be done as a combo breaker. The amount of hits she takes from the combo she's in impacts the amount of hits that she does back in his counter combo.
Skin-Shed: She rips off her own skin to reveal a bloody mess underneath. Her agility increases and she gets health regeneration for a short period. She takes extra damage until her skin grows back. ENH (is used by the male) he turns his skin to stone which gives him a defensive boost and she cannot be knocked down for a short period.
Genderfication: She changes into her male form or the other way around. The female is stronger and faster and the male has more defense and has more abilities (longer combos, throws, air throw)
Mating Dance: He makes a large fin appear on his back like a peacock opening its feathers. If not stopped, the enemy becomes intimidated for a short period and cannot perform combos. ENH The enemy is more intimidated and becomes confused.
Poison Bite: He jumps forward and bites his enemy's chest who then is poisoned for a short period. ENH after he bites, he slithers down the enemy's back and trips them. Still poisons them.
Play Dead: He falls to the floor and can avoid attacks. He pops back up with either a kick or a roll that takes him to safety. When done in the air, he becomes dead weight and falls to the floor and then can do the same moves. If he lands on the enemy, they struggle to get him off and they take damage. ENH The move is faster and the kick can launch into a juggle and the roll goes farther.

X-Ray: Lickety-Split: She takes her forked tongue and sticks it into one of the enemy's eyes. You can see the tongue move up to the brain and then skewer the top of the lobe. She quickly retracts her tongue and moves out of the way. The enemy has an immediate reaction and punches themself in the head cracking their skull.
Fatality 1: Skinny Jeans: She performs her skin-shed move and then becomes self conscious that she's not wearing any pants. She takes her nails and runs them along the enemy's torso and then completely skins their lower half. She wears the skin like pants but she has trouble keeping it up. She then rips off both of the enemy's arms, and makes a belt by clamping the hands together with a bite. She admires her new pants while still having no skin herself.
Fatality 2: Dead Weight: He jumps up and combines his Play Dead move with the ENH Skin-Shed. He falls down limp on the enemy and because of all the weight from his stone skin, the enemy's shins explode. Walking on their stumps, the enemy struggles to get Komodo off. He reverts to his normal skin and the enemy is able to throw him off upwards. He gracefully twists and then turns again to stone skin which plummets him feet first into the enemy's head. The head explodes and he stands victorious in the enemy's chest.

Entrance: The female runs in, claws ready, hungrily looking around for the enemy. The male cautiously enters the level, his back to the enemy as he looks for potential danger.
Match Taunt: A button can be held that will do the Genderfication move after the first round. If it's the male turning to the female, it curls up into a ball and then jumps upward after changing. The female angrily jumps into the air and then suddenly falls down flat. It is the male who gets up.
Victory Pose: The male turns around suddenly and growls. His fins pop out like they do for the Mating Dance move and have a design similar to the peacocks fanned tailfeathers. The female smells her downed foe and begins to lick them maternally.

Ending: Komodo continued to push forward, through any that decided to stand in its way guided only by instinct. There was one that still remained who knew how to keep it from being the very last of its kind. Komodo could sense in within the fowl stench of Outworld that its prey knew that he was being tracked. When finally found, the prey hid behind its Master's power. Komodo was even more enraged that the creature that could ensure its survival had become a mere pet. Even the strongest warrior in the realm could not stop the sheer force that is survival and the Master fell by to the feminine side of Komodo. Now, there was nowhere left for the prey to run. The two animals stared at each other in silence, their reptilian eyes unwavering. Reptile did not know what was in store, but his instincts told him that it would not be pleasant.

Submitted by: RealMeenaMileena

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