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Name: Kortika
Gender: Male
Age: 450
Alignment: Neutral (He is only aligned to his own people, and allies himself to any cause that will help the Krusracia).
Height: 7'0""
Weight: 220lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: The race of the Krustacia once lived freely in Earthrealm but were driven into the oceans by the human race. They have lived in peace for many a millennia from their secret home hidden deep under the sea ever since. However, when word reached them that Shao Kahn was close to securing Earthrealm by means of the Mortal Kombat tournament, the Krustacian General, Kortika, decided to take matters into his own hands. Kortika will stop at nothing to protect his people.

Fighting Style: Kortika is quite a slow character but has very damaging moves. Unsurprisingly for somebody made almost entirely of a rock-like shell, Kortika is incredibly strong, though not particularly agile. He can use his enormous pincers to grab or stab his opponent, and his large, powerful forehead makes for an extremely effective weapon. He has power over rock, minerals, lava and, to some extent, earth. He is also able to briefly transform parts of his own body, for example, turning his pincers into gigantic sledgehammers during a punch, or growing rocky spikes onto his forehead. Kortika is a mostly grappling character, due to his lack of a teleport or safe projectile.

Primary Costume: Kortika is a Krustacian, a species with hard, rocky skin, clawed feet, enormous pincers for hands and a large, powerful head. He wears simple, brown robes most of the time. He also has four huge spikes, as well as many other smaller ones, sticking out from either side of his heavily protected head.
Alternate Costume: Kortika often wears this much more royal-looking, armoured outfit to represent that he is the General of the Krustacia. The outfit is mostly red and gold, is lined with spikes and provides even more protection to him, along with his rock-like skin.

Special Moves
Lava (Medium): Kortika pounds the ground, causing a crack in the ground, and lava emits from it, causing the opponent to slide towards Kortika. The move is unblockable.
Enhanced: Volcano (Medium): Kortika pounds the ground, creating a crack in the ground and causing a vertical streak of molten lava erupts from it, thrusting the opponent high into the air. This move is a great way of opening juggles, and is unblockable.
Lava (Near): The same as Lava (Medium) but at a short distance.
Enhanced: Volcano (Near): The same as Volcano (Medium) but at a short distance.
Lava (Far): The same as Lava (Medium) but at a long distance.
Enhanced:Volcano (Far): The same as Volcano (Medium) but at a long distance.
Head Cannon: Kortika dives forward like a rocket, head-first, and smashes into his opponent at chest-level with his head.
Enhanced:Head Rocket: Kortika dives forward like a rocket, head-first, and smashes into his opponent at chest-level with his head. With this enhanced version, he is followed by a trail of lava, travels much further across the screen, and uses both of his pincers (transformed into blunt sledgehammers), both above and below his body, as well as his head, striking the opponent high and low and overhead.
Statue: Kortika transforms his entire body, including his clothes, into stone. Should the opponent strike Kortika with any part of their body (projectiles not included) whilst in this state, they and not him are hurt, with the same damage and effect as that move would normally produce.
Enhanced:Explosive Statue Kortika transforms his entire body, including his clothes, into stone. With this enhanced version, any attack the opponent tries using a part of their body (projectiles not included) causes Kortika to burst out of his stone-state, pieces of rock exploding from around him and popping up the opponent.
Rock Wall: Kortika raises a rocky wall in front of him. The wall reflects any projectiles back at the opponent and prevents the opponent from passing, but can be jumped over.
Enhanced:Rock Shield: Again, Kortika raises a rocky wall, but this one is much higher and cannot be jumped over.
Stone Trap: Kortika dives forward like a rocket, head-first, and smashes into his opponent at chest-level with his head.
Enhanced:Stone Disabler: Kortika reaches toward his opponent and grabs them by the shoulders, causing rock to slowly consume the opponent’s entire body from the neck down, completely disabling them.

X-Ray: Kurstacian Krush: Kortika begins the move with a punch to the stomach, and if successful the x-ray attack takes place. As the opponent moves clutches their stomach, Kortika uses one pincer to raise the opponent by their head. He then slowly squeezes their head with his pincer until their skull is crushed. Finally, still holding the opponent in the air, he transforms his other pincer into a razor-sharp edge and uses it to stab the opponent through their chest, piercing their heart and continuing through their back. As he pulls his pincer back through the body the opponent is pushed away.
Fatality 1: Rock Crush: Kortika lifts the opponent by their head with his pincer and kicks them onto the ground on their backs. He then stamps on one of their knees, crushing it and severing the lower leg. Then, he does it again to the other knee. Whilst the now legless opponent cries out in pain, unable to move, Kortika makes his whole body turn to rock and falls on top of the opponent, completely crushing them.
Fatality 2: Rock'n'Roll: He uses his pincers to lift the opponent at the shoulders. Then, he head-butts them in the face twice, making the opponent’s face a bloody pulp. Finally, he head-butts them one more time whilst at the same squeezing hard with his pincers. The opponent’s head and arms are both dismembered from their body. The torso stays standing for a short moment before falling.

Entrance: Lava emits from the ground, some of which trickles to the sides but most of which instantly solidifies as it rises, turning into rock and eventually taking the shape of a stone-Kortika. He then breaks out of his stone-state (as in his explosive statue move) and, with his fist clenches, says: “You will not harm my people.”
Match Taunt: Kortika turns his pincers into sledgehammers, and pounds them against each other.
Victory Pose: Kortika transforms his pincers into sledgehammers. He then pounds the ground with one fist, causing lava to erupt from it. He then does the same with his other fist. Finally, with lava erupting from either side of him, his hands become pincers again.

Ending: With Shao Kahn dead, Earthrealm was safe once more. The Thunder God and Protector of Earthrealm, Raiden, thanked Kortika for his assistance, and, as payment, offered him and his race the chance to live alongside mankind on land. Kortika accepted: no longer would his people have to live in hiding under the ocean. However, Kotika’s success in the Mortal Kombat tournament had made him realize the true power of the Krustacia. His people did not need to live alongside mankind; they deserved Earthrealm for themselves. Once Raiden had brought the entire Krustacian race to the mainland, Kortika killed him in a savage attack. With Raiden dead, nothing would stop the Krutacia from destroying all in their wake.

Submitted by:jagro

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