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Name: Krimson
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, possibly late 20s-mid 30s
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 145lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: As a child Krimson was wary of the underworld element her father, a leader of a secretive criminal organization, had served. But as she matured, Krimson fell under the influence of the criminal world, soon becoming a notorious mercenary.

Her actions had brought forth much death and suffering upon others. Such as the demises of many Special Forces agents, several Black Dragon thugs in a warehouse explosion, and Kano's subsequent eye injury.

Krimson's name is widespread throughout several realms, even being once contracted to kill Seidan guards in a long-lasting rebellion. To now being serviced to kill Raiden's warriors as Shao Kahn makes his claim towards Earthrealm.

Fighting Style: Krimson fights with a more customized fighting style similar to the others in MK9, and wields two weapons with a function similar to Mavado’s Hooks, and Scorpion’s Spear combined. (They a held on a wire in a device on her gauntlets.) Because of their great range, she is limited to only using them in combos. She does lower damage than most characters, but makes up for it in her above average speed and combo potential.

Special Moves
*Special moves have a dark red trail following her limbs, hands, or feet.
Spark Bombs: (Close, Medium, Far) Krimson throws a bomb that emits a bright light upon hitting the ground, disabling her opponent for a free it.
Enhanced: Light Bomb: Faster Start-Up, and disables opponent longer.
Air Throw: Krimson sticks her weapons in the opponent’s shoulders and spins around in air, throwing them.
Flip Kick: Krimson sticks her weapons in the ground and flips feet first, hitting her opponent.
Enhanced: Deadly Kicks: Adds an extra hit, and knocks down.
Yank: Krimson shots both of her weapons at the opponent, and if they connect, she pulls on them causing her opponent to spin in place.
Enhanced: Pull: Instead of spinning in place, the opponent comes towards her, and spins longer.
Tornado Spin: Krimson jumps in the air at an arc and spins with her weapons towards the opponent. If they connect, she hits the opponent two times. Second hit is a knockdown.
Enhanced: Twister: Same effect, but with four hits and cancellable after the second and third hits.
Krimson Teleport: She spins her weapons and appears behind her opponent.
Enhanced: Krimson Bangport: Teleport pops her opponent up.
Charge Up: Krimson circles her hands in the air and shows her palm at her opponent (Think similar to Liu Kang’s intro) and her hands glow a dark red color, giving her a damage boost.
Enhanced: Boost: Same effect, faster startup.

X-Ray: Krimson Viper: (Start-up)Does her Flip Kick and knocks opponent down.(X-ray) Instead of back flipping away, she lands on the back of her opponents skull, breaking it. She throws a bomb which pops the opponent up, and forcefully kicks him or her in the ribs, one foot at a time, breaking a majority of them.(End animation) Opponent flies far back, and she does a pose similar to Frost's after her MKDA fatality and does a near-full spin to face the opponent.
Fatality 1: Assassin's Creed: Grabbing her weapons, Krimson spins around cutting off her opponent’s legs, then his or arms. She impales them in the head and flips them over positioning her foot, to decapitate her opponent.
Fatality 2: Light Burst: Krimson cuts a whole in her opponents stomach, and shoves one of her Spark bombs in. And sticks another in his or her mouth. She slowly backs away. The bomb in the stomach goes off and the opponent falls to the ground and as they land, the one in the mouth goes off.

Entrance: Throws both of her weapons to the ground in front of her and flips on-screen with her arms pulled back and her left leg in front. Draws weapons and stands up, saying, "At last, I have found you!"
Match Taunt: Says, "Pathetic" and throws one of her Spark bombs.
Victory Pose: Laughs, then spins around swinging her weapons cracking the screen. And does a sexy pose while holding her weapons.

Ending: Shao Kahn was dead. Krimson defeated the Earth warriors, and after receiving compensation for her work, she destroyed the dark emperor in a fit a bravado.

As Shao Kahn’s minions raced to destroy her, Krimson easily subdued them. In mere moments, all that remained of Outworld’s empire and Kahn’s greatest warriors was a gory mess of bodies.

Unknown to the late emperor, however, Krimson had secretly secured a deal with the sorcerer Quan Chi to insure his master’s plans are successful. With Outworld and Earthrealm severely weakened, they will pose no threat to Shinnok’s plan of domination.

Submitted by: daryui

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