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Name: Kruor [Latin for "blood that flows from a wound"]
Gender: Male
Age: Came into being sometime during Shao Kahn's reign
Alignment: Neutral [Vengeful]
Height: 7'9 [upright] 6'4 [hunched]
Weight: 425lbs
Origin: Netherrealm [River Styx]

Bio: In the deepest reaches of the Netherrealm there is a river that no demon, god, or sorcerer would ever dare to touch: the river Styx, which flows with the blood of warriors slain in kombat throughout the realms. The Stygian blood carries the anguish of fallen warriors into the Netherrealm, twisting it into a dark and horrible place where pain and madness have stained the very fabric of the realm. Devoid of mind or soul, the river knows only thirst: it yearns to live, and it will drain the living blood out of any being -- mortal or divine -- that touches its crimson waters.

As Shao Kahn embarks on his conquest of the universe, the river Styx swells with the blood of entire realms. Overflowing with the suffering of the vanquished and gaining immeasurable power, the river has spawned the being known as Kruor -- God of Blood, and avenger of the unjustly slain.

The brutality of the Mortal Kombat tournament has lured Kruor to Shao Kahn's arena like a hound to a kill, and the smell of innocent blood on the Emperor's hands has unleashed his bottomless rage. The newfound soul of the Styx cries out for vengeance. Shao Kahn will suffer for the pain he has caused.

Fighting Style: Kruor lashes at opponents with claw swipes, stomps, and arching kicks; his attacks have a fluid, snake-like motion, and each hit he lands comes with a small splash of acid blood. Since his body is semi-fluid, his combos make use of his ability to stretch his limbs and shape his arms into blood whips, iron blades or clubs. His Uppercut is a club-arm swing reminiscent of Drahmin. His Throw has him shooting the fingers of one hand like vines, entangling and squeezing the opponent, lifting them up and smashing them to the ground.

Primary Costume: Kruor's body is made of the cursed blood of fallen warriors who died in pain. He looks like a cross between Meat and the Incredible Hulk, with a hunched and animalistic stance similar to Moloch. He has large clawed hands and feet. His face is Viking-like, heavy and gruff and thickly bearded (though of course, any "hair" he has is made of tendrils of blood). He has a degree of shapeshifting ability due to having a fluid body, but he only uses it to form his hands into weapons or to teleport -- his basic form generally stays the same. As his body takes damage, gaps and holes and long gashes can be seen where he has lost blood and cannot fill in his entire form.
Alternate Costume: By extracting the iron from blood, Kruor can create a suit of plate armor. The individual plates are unconnected and seem to float on the surface of his body. The metal is rusty and dull, and streaked with faintly glowing red veins. As he takes damage, the plates become dented and some fall off completely, while the standard gashes and holes appear where the "skin" is exposed.

Special Moves
Cursed Blood: Hurls a glob of boiling, acidic blood that sizzles and smokes on impact. Upgrades to "Bloodbath," in which he shoots a steady stream from both his hands.
Bloodletter: A "gotcha grab" in which he seizes the opponent with both hands and squeezes them until blood seeps out of their pores and orifices. Blood weeps from their body and pools on the ground. Upgrades to "Blood Drinker", in which he performs the same move holding the opponent over his head, drinking in blood and receiving a temporary damage boost.
Leaping Smash: Kruor leaps forward with both hands fused into a giant hammer ball over his head, and splashes the opponent into the ground. Upgrades to "Leaping Crush," which pops the opponent into the air.
Backlash: Kruor extends a snakelike blood tentacle from his back that smartly whips anyone who happens to be behind him. This is effective against opponents who are jumping or teleporting behind him. Upgrades to "Extreme Backlash," in which he whips them twice, wraps them, and throws them down in front of him.
Powerless: A short-range projectile in which he telekinetically pulls blood from the opponent's body and spills it on the floor; inflicts minor damage and temporarily disables specials on impact. Upgrades to "Nonkombatant" which disables all attacks.
Pain Tolerance: A standing Taunt; Kruor does a Shokan-esque roar, and if he is hit he absorbs the incoming attack to restore a small portion of health. Upgrades to "Bloody Vengeance", which restores health and also damages the opponent with an explosion of acid blood.
Transfusion: Teleports by quickly melting into a puddle of blood, then pouring down from above to reform behind the opponent. Upgrades to "Blood Rain," in which he pours down directly on top of the opponent and scalds them with acid blood before slipping away and reforming (like Sheeva's Shokan stomp, Blood Rain is only avoidable by moving away).

X-Ray [Stygian Rage]: Grapple-based X-Ray initiated by plunging both hands into the opponent's chest. His fingers become liquid and extend into the opponent's bloodstream, cracking ribs as they expand into the body. He pumps the liver full of blood until it ruptures, then pumps the skull full of blood until it cracks and blood spurts from the ears, eyes and nose. When he lets go, the opponent staggers backward with ears and eyes still bleeding.
Fatality 1 [Stygian Fountain]: Kruor seizes the opponent's head in his hands. He pries their mouth open, jerking and wrenching and until the top of the skull turns inside out with a gruesome crackling sound. The head peels open like an orange, revealing the brain inside. He lets go and the body stumbles around while he performs a blood-control ritual with his hands, making the brain swell and expand until it bursts into a crimson fountain. The body jerks spastically as the fountain flows, and when it is spent the victim falls over dead. FATALITY!
Fatality 2 [Shove It!]: Kruor grabs the opponent's left arm and shoves it into their body. In X-Ray view you see the arm plunge through the chest and smash through the heart before punching through the other side, where it blows the right arm off the body. As the opponent screams, Kruor grabs their leg and shoves it upward through the body. X-Ray view shows it plowing through the internal organs before it plunges through the shoulders and blows off the opponent's head. The opponent now has a thigh bone for a head. FATALITY!
Babality: Baby Kruor tries to walk, then falls on his face and splash-melts into a small puddle of blood. The puddle starts to tremble and boil, and as the blood bubbles you can hear the crying of a thousand babies' souls. BABALITY!

Entrance: A random NPC is staggering around and moaning, then screams as their body splits open in front and Kruor rips his way out from inside them. His semi-fluid body takes a moment to stabilize before he is ready to fight. He bellows, "Soon you will know the true meaning of pain."
Match Taunt: Kruor bellows and extends a number of bloody tentacles from his body. They wave angrily in the air like a gorgon's snakes before sinking back into his body. He bellows, "Your suffering has only begun." [Standing] Kruor melts into a bloody "blob" and oozes to the start position for the next round, then reforms there. [Moving]
Victory Pose: Kruor turns and walks away from the battle scene, while blood droplets from around the arena stream into his body. He bellows, "Your suffering will not be in vain."

Ending: Shao Kahn was defeated, and his blood now coursed through the eternal torment of Kruor's veins. The war between Outworld and the other realms was now over. The cursed blood of the river Styx was appeased, and the river's flow slowed to a mere trickle. Now that his purpose had been served, Kruor returned to the Netherrealm to rest.

His rest was short-lived. When peace spread through the realms and Styx lost the source of its power, Shinnok seized the opportunity to bind the river to his own magic. With Styx finally under his control, Shinnok used its waters to enhance his demonic army. This unstoppable force swept through the realms slaughtering everyone in its path, feeding the river Styx and increasing Shinnok's power with every kill.

As the waters rise, only Kruor can stem the tide of Armageddon.Character Name: Kruor (Latin for "blood that flows from a wound")

Submitted by: umbrascitor

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