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Name: Krustacean
Gender: Male
Age: 200,000,000 deca-years
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 450 lbs($3150.00 wholesale)
Origin: Moonlantis(It's like Atlantis. On the moon)

Bio: The king of Moonlantis, Krustacean, Chose to represent his realm in the tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament. This was to prove the superiority of the moon-dwelling Krab-men, of the moon, long-exiled from Earthrealm during the Dawn War. He is also on Earthrealm to broker a deal with the Outworlders for ALL the moon cheese. Refused entrance as a horrible krab monster, he used is Moon-Sea Sorcery to kraft for himself the guise of a mortal man. But he is no mortal. Als

Fighting Style: Krab-Maga(It focuses primarily on scuttling about the opponent and lightning quick, single strikes with his shapeshifting hands/klaws. There are many takedown throws)

Primary Costume: Appearing entirely human, Krustacean wears a dark blue, open vest with krab-motif pauldrons. His arms are wrapped in green sea weed. He continually appears moist and bleeds water(a clear-blue, not bright blue). Has a black hood with a krab motifed facemask. Wears a kama made of fishing nets. Has a larg hook and chain weapon at his waist. Plain black pants with krab-themed greaves. Barefoot.
Alternate Costume: Unmasked(KRAB FACE) in full royal MoonKrab combat attire. Hands are Klaws and he's clearly got an exoskeleton.

Special Moves
Moon-Walk: Turns into a bunch of tyiny krabs and skuttles to the other side of the opponent. Works as a teleport.
Enhanced: causes damage as the krabs skuttle OVER the opponent
Buster-Klaw: His hand turns into a giant Klaw and he shoots it off at the opponent. It regrows instantly.
Enhanced: fired both Klaw-hands
Moon Sigil: Either a Gull or Crescent Moon appears in the backround. Full gives him temporary armor (like bosses), Crescent increases damage temporarily.
Enhanced: a blood red eclipsed moon) does both.
Seaweed Grab: like Scorpions Hellfire, except it summons seaweed and holds them in place for a free hit.
Enhanced: has larger area and longer freeze.
Peench: He, he peench.
Enhanced: Enhanced also throws the opponent for more damage and a knockdown

X-Ray: His hands turn into pincer and he grabs the opponent, cutting them in half at the waist. Each pincer slams a half into the ground, first showing the shins breaking, then the skull. He then puts them back together like nothing happened.
Fatality 1: Nice To Eat You: Nice to Eat You: Pulls a massive black cauldron from nowhere, dons a chef's hat and puts the opponent into the boiling water, feet first. He looks at the camera as they scream and says, mischeiveously, "Dinner's ready!"
Fatality 2: Deadliest Katch: He pulls off his ninja mask, revealing his Krab face. He then walks over to the opponent and belches salty brine down their throat. This gives birth to hundreds of baby krabs within their chest that crawl out of their nose, mouth, and eyes, before erupting from their chest.

Entrance: He krabwalks on screen and does a spinning handstand. "Time to get SALTY"
Match Taunt: "Don't get KRABBY with me!"
Victory Pose: Krustacean looks at the camera as it zooms on his face. "It's good to be the king...OF THE MOON!"

Ending: With the defeat of Shao Khan, his power flowed through Krustacean's body. Using his newly gained abilities, he draws the moon back into the earth, drowing the pathetic mammals that had so long ago banished them. Earthrealm once again belongs to the Krab-Men.

Submitted by: Sanguinius

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