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Name: Kuwinda
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129lbs
Origin: Jangwa (a minor realm which is now merged with Outworld)

Bio: Kuwinda was once renowned throught the fallen realm of Jangwa for her exceptional hunting and combat skills. Ambitious, motivated and extremely determined, there is no target known to man that has escaped her grasp. In a realm where the thrill of war and battle were honoured, she was an infamous hero, capable of slaughtering numerous of the best and finest of Jangwan males. Her people were a proud race who were one with the desert and the earth, her realm a small and isolated world within the vast Nexus. This however, was of no consequence to Shao Khan after the Emporer had claimed Outworld for his own with the death of the Dragon King. No realm, no matter how large or small, would be safe from the Emporer's clutches.

As the realm of Jangwa was invaded by Shao Khan and his warriors, Kuwinda and her people defended her realm on the frontlines in a last minute effort to protect her home. Alone, she slaughtered many of Outworld's best effortlessly. In the midst of battle however, Kuwinda was appauled at the weakness her people displayed on the battlefield as they were slaughtered by Khan's warriors. Embarassed to be associated with their failures, she drew her own blade on her people and sided with the Emporer out of admiration for his power and bloodlust. Noticing her brutal and ferocious lust for combat, Shao Khan welcomed her into his militia as the realm of Jangwa merged with Outworld.

Kuwinda has spent many years as one of Shao Khan's most efficient assassins, seeing his conspirators and enemies as nothing more than game to be hunted. Her role in the current tournament is simple: She is to hunt and eliminate the warriors which pose the largest threat to Outworld's victory before they are capable of entering the tournament. With her prey in sight, the Huntress has begun the chase.

Fighting Style: Kuwinda, like most Jangwan, utilises many knockdown attacks in combat. Her style and stance is similar to Jade's Kuo Sho stance from Mortal Kombat Deception, however Kuwinda's attack lack as much poise and discipline. Renowned for her combat skills she is by no means a slow fighter, using quick axe slashes to juggle her opponents. Her attacks are much more wilder by nature, and are sometimes quite eratic and unpredictable towards her opponent. She is also known to utilise two golden Jangwan Battle Axe's in her fighting style and weilds them with admirable speed. Like all Jangwan, Kuwinda's natural affinity towards the desert is reflected in her supernatural abilities involving sand and dust.

Primary Costume: This is the tribal gear Kuwinda wears when hunting her prey. To keep in with the motif of her powers, she wears many shades of brown, ochre and gold with the various leathers, pelts and armour she wears. She is marked with the tattoo's of a Jangwan soldier, and her outfit is that of a Jangwan female warrior: freyed from the rough weather and conditions she lives in, but not heavy and ideal for hot climates.
Alternate Costume: Designed to be feral and wild but with Tribal African influences, this is her "ninja" outfit, but I mainly see her wearing this when fighting in sandy weather conditions or when she just needs to keep incognito. Her eyes are and legs painted with the white war paint and of the traditional Jangwan soldiers, and her head scarf also doubles up as a mask which covers her hair and face. She wears a freyed, worn skirt to offer some degree of protection on her legs.

Special Moves
Deadly Dust: Kuwinda's body bursts into a cloud of earthy dust, as she re-appears behind her opponent.
Enhanced: follows through with a rising axe slash.
Sandy Palms: Kuwinda channel's the strength of the earth as she releases a forcefull, glowing golden palm thrust. If it connects a blast of sand knocks the opponent backwards as a knockdown attack
Enhanced: hits twice
Geo Kick: Kuwinda embues her feet with a golden sand-like energy and performs a jumping clockwise carthwheel kick, which knocks the opponent into the air.
Enhanced: follows through with two extra anticlockwise kicks but has lesser juggle time
Hunters Blade: Kuwinda throws glowing ki versions of her axe as projectiles
Enhanced: functions similar to Kitana's enhanced fan and allows the player to prolonge the second axe toss
Sinking Feeling: Kuwinda causes a sandy portal to quickly suck the opponent through the floor. They fall from a dusty portal in the sky above and land on their head. Functions similar to Noob's portal.
Enhanced: causes the opponent to be sucked into the sand and spat back out for a pop up attack.
Clouded Vision: Kuwinda waves her hand, causing a cloud of dust to form at a sweep's distance which blinds and stuns the opponent if it connects.

X-Ray: Jangwan Fury: Kuwinda forcefully impales her axes into the opponents shoulders, causing the collar bones and shoulder blades to break. She then grabs the axe's handles, removing them as she somersaults over the enemy, and proceeds to impale the axes into the opponent's calves, causing major internal damage to the shin bone.
Fatality 1: Call of Battle: As the opponent is dazed, Kuwinda roars as she draws her axes and plunges them into the opponent's perineum. As the opponent screams and twitches, she twists the axes and pulls them out suddenly, causing their innards and some bone to seep out from between their legs. They fall to the floor dead within seconds, as she flicks her axes, spins them, and impales them into the floor.
Fatality 2: Hourglass: Kuwinda twirls with her axes, slashing the naval and throat open. She plunges her fingers into the opponent's throat, and gold energy leaks from their eyes. Sand begins to pour from the slashed naval, with chunks of guts and bone flowing with it.

Entrance: Bursts of brown dust spontaneously erupt, before Kuwinda emerges spining from the dust with her Axes in hand. She arches an eyebrow with intrigue as she casts a cocky grin before taking her fighting stance.
Match Taunt: If the opponent is defeated at a distance, Kuwinda draws her axes, spins them, then sheates them away. If the opponent is close when defeated, she lets out a battle cry as she transforms into a brown dust cloud and teleports backwards to create some space.
Victory Pose: Kuwinda begins to walk away from the battle, but turns around quickly and hurls an axe at the camera, causing the screen to go dark.

Ending: Having slaughtered Earthrealm's strongest warriors with ease, Kuwinda's insatiable lust for combat drove her to seek a new challenge, as she turned on the forces of Outworld intent on destroying the Emporer. With Khan and his strongest allies defeated, Kuwinda's mind became delerious with power as she took the throne of Outworld for herself.

In her insanity, however, she became deeply plagued by the memories of her betrayal against her fallen people. With the faces of those she betrayed haunting her every moment, Kuwinda attempted to purge the memories from her mind as she violently impaled herself with her blades.

As she would soon discover, the salvation she sought was far from reach. The Netherealm has need for warrior's such as herself.

Submitted by: NoobSaibot5

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