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Name: Limbo
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 76KG
Origin: Chaosrealm

Bio: A resident of the Chaos Realm, Limbo watched alongside his master "Havik" Earthrealm suffered from endless torment. For his final test Limbo was ordered to side with either the forces of light or darkness, but this decision was almost unbearable. Both sides weeped chaos and torment, tearing in two and his soul became two different people. His sorcery specialises in manipulating gravity, but all it is unclear whether he will levitate through Raiden's heart or cause Shao Kahn to implode. What is clear is that he will fight for them both.

Fighting Style: Mimicry - Limbo mimics his opponent's fighting style completely, ranging from deadly combo's to their annoying pop-ups. Although he is unable to copy their abilities and special moves, his own make fighting so much easier.

Primary Costume: Limbo has soulless white eyes, and has pale cracked skin. He wears a black robe with a dark blue trim nd its hood is down. Limbo's mouth is stitched up and he can still talk, but each word makes him spurt blood. He bald dome s protected with a metal cap from when his head was cut open by Havik. He has an aura that changes from black to white and vice versa. His speech is also quite dry and vicious, even though he holds great knowledge in his half eaten brain. As he fights, Limbo's obe flutters behind him and if a character uses weapons, Limbo creates carbon copies of them that are black.
Alternate Costume: This outfit takes the initial traits of Limbo, but his naked flesh is completely exposed. He is wrapped p in rusty chains and hooks, one going through his metal dome. This was due to an experiment that was believed to turn imbo into an elder god. This experiment was unsuccessful. His pasty white cracked skin is a big part of this outfit. He also still has his shifting aura.If a character uses weapons, Limbo creates carbon copies of them that are white.

Special Moves
Newton's Hammer: This move sends an airborne opponent straight to the ground, also dealing minimal damage.
Black Gravity Ball: This move slows down the opponent for a short duration if the projectile hits. It also does a tiny amount of damage.
White Gravity Ball: This move causes the opponent to move with haste for a short duration if the projectile hits. It also does a tiny amount of damage.
Levitate: Limbo hovers in the air and removes all gravity while he hovers for a short duration. He can also shoot gravity balls.
Chaos Choke: If the opponent is near Limbo, He attempts to shrivel their lungs before kicking them across the screen.

X-Ray: With one hand Limbo slams the opponent to the ground and continues crushing them against the earth as their bones start to shatter. He then stomps on their skull and levitates backwards.
Fatality 1: Limbo grabs the opponent and tosses him/her into the air. Their body stops moving and is trapped from the lack of gravity. As they kick and flail about like a fish out of water, their body is compacted until it is nothing. Their bones snap and blood spurts from the sphere of gore, slowly getting smaller and smaller.
Fatality 2: Limbo lifts the enemy's body by pressing the tip of his finger under their chin. With the other hand Limbo makes gravity crush their lungs as they spit blood on his face. He uses his sorcery to finish off his opponent by destroying their heart. Finaly he walks away wiping the blood from his eyes, leaving their corpse to drift peacefully to the ground.

Entrance: "Time to crush your heart!" Limbo solidifies from the gravity.
Match Taunt: "You are no match for Chaos!" Limbo cackles.
Victory Pose: "Drift away into nothing." Limbo fades away as he says this.

Ending: s one person, Limbo fought countless beings of light and as another he fought an infinite amount of darkness. But in the end Limbo's personalities proved to much for him and grew out of control. They ended up literally tearing him apart and caused him to tragically die, ending his final test. Fortunately the elder gods restored the tainted creature and give him the title of a God. His actions were of a true god, defeating champions regardless of their alignment. imbo has now become guardian of the Chaos Realm, and God of Gravity.

Submitted by: tiger00432

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