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Name: Lonin Regon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'
Weight: 210lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Lonin was always known as a brawler. He participated in various fight clubs around Earthrealm, testing his brawling skills against even more various fighters. He used anything he could get his hands on. If there weren't any, he relied on his technical illusion skill from his watch. his watch is the only thing that keeps Lonin from being a "normal" brawler. He never had a family, nor wanted one because of it may weigh him down. One day, Shao Kahn made his invasion of Earthrealm. He found himself fighting against a force that was not of this world. He didn't care though, he just found another test to use his brawling skills at.

Fighting Style: Lonin always hunches over at the beginning of a fight, looking like he's ready to pounce. He fights sloppily and never truly thinks as he's fighting, thinking that it is a waste of time and seizes every opportunity. He lets his arms do the "talking" whether they're squeezing the life out of his opponent around the neck, or crushing one's torso. His watch would help him create multiple illusions, and this is where he becomes the most reckless and powerful. The watch can also fire a blinding laser, and make him invisible (although he is restricted from using it more than 5 times a fight). With his illusions, Lonin doesn't fear anything because he knows that his opponent always guesses wrong. He grunts heavily whenever he makes a hit.

Primary Costume: Lonin wears a blood-stained white tank-top, depicting his muscles and scars he received from past brawls and fights. He has jet black short hair, a little shaggy as well. He wears baggy tan cargo pants with a lot of pockets. He wears brown boots, suitable for fights and brawls.
Alternate Costume: Lonin is shirtless, but wearing a black bandana and sunglasses. He also wears brown cargo shorts with multiple pockets

Special Moves
Illusion: Lonin's creates several images of himself and charges towards the opponent. Taking advantage of multiple safeguards, Lonin charges extremely strongly into his opponent onto the ground.
Blinding Laser: Lonin's watch fires a laser beam towards opponent's eyes. This blinds him/her and gives Lonin enough time to brawl it out.
Invisibility: Lonin's watch grants him invisibility for a short time.
Brawler Mode: This special move grants Lonin to withstand one hit and a chance to interrupt a combo with one of his own.

X-Ray: Lonin runs around to tackle his opponent to the ground, breaking his/her spine. He then punches sloppily and while screaming the back of the opponent's head.
Fatality 1: Choke-Out: Lonin chokes his opponent out with both hands. After a couple of seconds, he completely crushes the throat, the head falling off and he kicks the rest of the body away.
Fatality 2: Laser Tag: Lonin sets his watch's laser to gamma rays, and lasers through the opponent's joints at both arms and both legs. He then rushes through screaming tackling the torso as the limbs fall apart separately. He then punches straight into the chest to pull out the heart.

Entrance: Lonin checks his watch to see if it works and then gets ready in his hunched over stance saying "You want a brawl? Well come get it!"
Match Taunt: "This is better than my last fight." He says after he straightens his posture a bit just to go hunch back over again.
Victory Pose: He straightens up and walks over to the fallen body. "You have no worth." And crushes his opponent's skull.

Ending: "Lonin was disappointed with the outcome of his matches. Even though he proved brawling is a formidable fighting style, he still didn't find any worth in utilizing it against any of the fighters he met. Soon he saw the sky darken and the thunder roaring unlike ever before. Raiden soon appeared right before his eyes. 'Lonin, you have proved yourself in this tournament. You have earned the title of the Protector of Earthrealm.' He was surprised by the offer, but he knew he would be able to fight against hopefully more challenging opponents. He simple nodded in his reply. Now, Lonin can prove his brawling against any threat of Earthrealm."

Submitted by: AlphonZeus

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