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Name: Lorsid
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown, probably Neutral
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Unknown
Origin: Unknown, possibly Netherrealm or Chaosrealm. No other known beings similar to her

Bio: Lorsid is an enigma. No one knows exactly what she is or where she came from. Her presence at the tournament casts an uneasy feeling among the Earthrealm and Outworld forces alike. Her intentions are a mystery to all, as she communicates with no one. Her appearance is both alluring and foreboding. Only time will reveal the mystery surrounding this silent combatant…

Fighting Style: Lorsid relies on quick, almost lightning-fast movements to catch her opponent off-guard. It appears as though her suit (or flesh?) can take on certain forms, and she often manipulates it to produce a whip to use to inflict pain on her opponent. Occasionally Lorsid will cause sharp spikes to protrude from her body and whip, creating both a defensive shield and an offensive weapon with her own body.

Special Moves
Spike Roll: Lorsid rolls into a ball and generates spikes all over her body and then rolls into her opponent’s legs (similar to Mileena)
Enhanced: Tenderizer: Lorsid quickly rolls backward after her first roll, catching her opponent again and dealing double damage
Spiked Armor: Lorsid generates spikes all over her body and remains stationary, harming her opponent if they physically attack her (parry)
Enhanced: Spiked Golem: Lorsid is able to move (properties of normal “Spiked Armor” still in effect)
Lash: Lorsid pulls out a whip and lassos her opponent by the feet, throwing them to the other side of the arena
Enhanced: Spiked Lash: Whip is spiked, dealing more damage, and Lorsid slams opponent on the ground once before throwing them to the other side of the arena
Ethereal Ball: Lorsid fires a misty black projectile at her opponent (works like a typical power-ball projectile)
Enhanced: Ethereal Barrage: Lorsid fires three rapid projectiles
Blindness: Lorsid causes her opponent to go blind temporarily, rendering them unable to react in any way
Enhanced: Madness: Opponent is stunned for a longer time and takes double the damage of any combo done on them while stunned
Teleport: Lorsid teleports behind her opponent
Enhanced: Dark Warp: Lorsid teleports behind her opponent, grabs them, takes them into a black hole and drops them from the sky, landing with a knee to their back

X-Ray: Domination: Lorsid lassos her opponent by the neck and yanks them toward her, snapping their neck and bringing them to their knees. She then lands a flying arc kick to their head, cracking their skull. As Lorsid bounces off their head and lands on the ground, she blasts them with an Ethereal Blast – 34% damage
Fatality 1: Whiplash: Lorsid generates her spiked whip. She slashes the right side of her opponent’s chest first, the spikes digging in and ripping off the skin as she yanks it back. Then she does this to the left side. As the opponent screams in agony, Lorsid lassos them around the neck and tugs until their head flies off. As Lorsid looks at the camera (full body shot), she sticks out her hand to her side and catches the head in a cupped palm
Fatality 2: Death's Embrace: Lorsid seductively walks over to her opponent and embraces them. Then spikes protrude from her body, impaling her victim in various places. Lorsid brings in her spikes and looks at the camera as her opponent falls to the ground dead

Entrance: Lorsid materializes out of a black puddle
Match Taunt: Lorsid cracks her whip up in the air
Victory Pose: Lorsid lassos the “camera” and pulls it toward her giving it an eerie blank stare

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn, Lorsid felt an immense power surge through her. As the other warriors looked on in apprehension, darkness began emanating from Lorsid, covering the entire realm. Once Outworld was immersed in complete chaos, Lorsid began focusing on the other realms. The Elder Gods’ creation had been successful in her mission to thwart Raiden’s last ditch effort to save the realms. Their plan would be carried out in this timeline as well; Armageddon would not be averted.

Submitted by: bbfreak328

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