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Name: Mahou
Gender: Male
Age: Over 5000
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'11" (Not including hat.)
Weight: 185 lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Mahou, a very powerful sorcerer and the last keeper of the Temple Gaia, where he and his brethren brought Earthrealm souls into the afterlife. Purifying them before they go to the heavens, Mahou came with the idea of taking energy from the soul into themselves of removing the anger part of the soul, so it could find piece in the afterlife giving them immortality, he told his fellow elder sorcerer, Shang Tsung, where Shang Tsung took the knowledge given to him for his own self goals of immortality killing his fellow Gaian brothers taking their whole soul. Mahou filled with rages felt the energy his brethren death came and challenged Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, after a long battle Mahou was proven to be the stronger sorcerer and demanded Shang Tsung release the souls of his brethren to him, Shang Tsung complied with Mahou demands, but in the process gets stabed thru the chest by Shang Tsung left to die with the angered souls that Shang Tsung to kill Mahou in rage, but with Mahou last bit of strength purified all the souls at the cost of destroying his own. Much to Mahou surprised lived thru the spell and was in the presence of Raiden, informing him he was capable of purifying his fellow brother's souls and in the process created a new body from their anger that he shared with Shang Tsung, Mahou had become immortal. Mahou demanded Shang Tsung, but Raiden informed him that Shang Tsung fled to Outworld and that since his body was created from his Gaian brethren making him connected to Earthrealm and if he would try to leave Earthrealm he would die. With Shang Tsung judgment out of reach, Raiden gave Mahou the chance to recruit new fellows to Gaia, but Mahou rejected and said he alone will watch over the Temple Gaia for redemption of his part of their death.

Raiden gone to another Mortal Kombat held by Shang Tsung, as Mahou stays at the Temple Gaia protecting the souls of the Mortal Kombat kombatants, following his Gaian duties despite Shang Tsung being in Earthrealm, but Mahou cannot participate in the tournament unless directly challenged by a kombatant, therefore making his presence there useless. Once hearing of Shang Tsung's defeat by Liu Kang, Mahou went to the Wu Shi academy for celebration of prevent Earthrealm merging with Outworld. Only to be attacked by Baraka and his Tarkatan horde, Mahou killed various Tarkatan before they retreated back to Outworld, Raiden informs them that Shang Tsung is reopening the tournament in Outworld, Mahou enraged ask why Raiden was okay with the concept with it, and Mahou demanded the Elder Gods allow him to leave Earthrealm to defeat Shang Tsung, but was denied and was sent back to the Temple Gaia to protect Earthrealm warriors souls. Mahou went back to the Temple Gaia to do his duties, while their he felt the death of Kung Lao and with his death he felt Raiden's guilt, Mahou disgusted by the thought of a such a weak emotion in an Elder God baffled Mahou, Mahou decided to mediate on the idea. When he woke in his trance he found that Outworld merging with Earthrealm Mahou angered by the idea of the Elder Gods allowing Shao Kahn to enter Earthrealm and decided to find Shang Tsung and Shao Kahn. Mahou runs into Baraka and his Tarakatan horde beating them with ease, as the surrounding started to look not like Earthrealm was attacked by the warrior Reptile. After Mahou defeated Reptile, Mahou sensed a large presence of unpurified believing it to be Shang Tsung, Mahou entered a strange building just to be attacked by Ermac claiming this to be his castle; Mahou defeated Ermac and demanded for his master. Ermac informed Mahou that Shao Kahn killed him and that Mahou decided to take Shang Tsung palace. Mahou then realized he was not in Earthrealm anymore, but Outworld.

Fighting Style: I'd wanted something that was unique and a 180 from Shang Tsung fighting styles used in previous games, but in the new Mortal Kombat, I don't feel there is one out there that can do it. Therefore, personally thinking how Mahou should fight would look like how Frost from Deadly Alliance and Kira from Armageddon fighting styles used called "Yuan Yang." I know, I know, but it's the best I can come up with that fits him.

Primary Costume: Mahou is a Caucasian male who appears to look in his late 20's that has short black, under his armored metallic, cone shaped Buddhist hat with white flaps hanging down on the sides and back. He's wearing loose white robe like clothes, like looser and baggier then the young Kung Lao pants in DA and A and same belt, but blue not red like Kung Lao's. Mahou's foot wear looks like Liu Kang's Shaolin Footwear from DA to A generation, but with a brown color. As I said before Mahou cloths are based on a white loose robe, so just imagine Li Mei DA pants as loose as they are on his arms for sleeves just white with blue cuff on the end going to the center of the body, Mahou has two rounded armored shoulder pads with another blue cuff around his neck attire of with his white clothes and two blue ribbon cuffs on his clothes going down from the armor pads to his blue belt.
Alternate Costume: Mahou alternate costume is base off a Buddhist monk wearing a white robe with an addition blue sash with scandals on his feet and a Buddhist hat, but this time just a white cloth.

Special Moves
Flame Talisman: Mahou throws a talisman at the opponent causing it to explode
Control Talisman: Mahou throws a talisman at the opponent's face causing the opponent to move towards you
Immobilization: Mahou throws a talisman at the opponent causing the opponent to freeze
Talisman Storm: Mahou throws various talismans across the arena
Spirit Assist: Mahou calls forth several spirits to attack the opponent from the ground
Spirit Morph: Mahou stands in place and changing himself into a spirit, and if a projectile touches him, Mahou will counter attack.

X-Ray: Mahou summons two spirits that will break both your opponents legs at the knees forcing you to go down on your knees, then Mahou comes at the opponent and kicks his opponent in the face back
Fatality 1: Purify the Enemy: Mahou throws talismans at the opponent an absence amount covering most of the opponent up, and then Mahou starts doing a spell causing the talismans to light up hearing the opponent scream until they explode.
Fatality 2: Into the Soulnado: Mahou starts to Spirt Morph, but runs at the opponent only to be split up into five spirits creating a seal on the ground then turn into a Soulnado with the opponent inside being ripped apart by the spirits then the Soulnado shrinks into the form of Mahou

Entrance: Mahou takes out a talisman and says, "I will purify your soul."
Match Taunt: Mahou says "I will save your soul."
Victory Pose: Mahou does a spell with his talisman and says "Your soul is now purified."

Ending: After centuries of purifying souls for the Elder Gods, Mahou felt discussed by their actions allowing Shao Kahn to merge realms and lying to him saying he couldn't go to Outworld to give judgment onto Shang Tsung. Decided to leave the Temple Gaia to find a new deity to believe in only to run into Liu Kang, how had defeated Raiden and forced the Elder Gods to turn him into the new God to protect Earthrealm. Mahou then knew he found what he was looking for and pledged himself to Liu Kang. Saying with his help Liu Kang would become a force to reckon; with that even the Elder Gods will fear him.

Submitted by: fire_fatality

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