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Name: Unknown she now calls herself Malice
Gender: Female
Age: 19,000
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Unknown due to metal running through her body
Origin: Edenia (mother is Edenian farther is from Outworld

Bio: Malice was once the trusted advisor to King Jarrod and Queen Sindel but unknown to them, she was also Shao Khan's spy as well as his lover and key to the invasion of Edenia. While incontact with her true master a young Princess Kitana disscoverd this treachery and immediately reported to her parents. Malice was sentenced to solitary confinment deep within the Edenian prison.

When Shao Khan's evasion was complete he found Malice in her cell and informed her that he had taken Sindel as his queen and that he no longer had any use for his former lover and simply left her to rot , since that time she has gone mad with jelousy and solitude and went on to developed multiple personalities and was by now far too insane to ever be released....that was until Quan Chi offerd her freedom and revenge to those who had wronged her in exchange for her services in his secret plans

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned...and completly deranged!

Fighting Style: Malice has two styles of figting depending on which personalitie is in charge (these can be switched at any point with a button combination) she will also have access to different special moves. In his Calmed Mind state he is very intelligent, fast and almost spider like in style, she has a very unsettling way of moving.

In Tourtured mind mode she looses all senses, her outfit turns into a farstend straight jacket which leaves her only able to attack with his head and legs. In this stance she is a lot slower and clumsy but her attacks are more vicious stronger, she is also unable to use psychic attacks.

Special Moves
Finger Lance: (Calmed Mind stance) holds out hand and five iron lances protrude from each of her fingers to hit her oppenant
Enhanced: Double Finger Lance: this time holds out both hands and double the amount of lances protrude to do extra damage
Night Terror: (Calmed Mind stance) projects an image of sheer terror into the mind of her oponents mind causing then to run in fear
Nightmare Memory: (Calmed Mind stance) projects an image into the mind of her opponent which causes them to scream and repeatedly hit themself in the head
Enhanced: Naightmare Insainity: projects an image into the mind of her opponent which causes them to scream and repeatedly smash their head onto the floor
Head Ram: (Tortured Mind stance) runs head first towards opponent, impales them on her head brace then flings them to the other side
Enhanced: Head Thrust: runs head first towards opponent, impales them on her head brace then flings them to the other side then thrusts out her back lances for and extra hit
Iron Spider: (Tortured Mind stance) leaps into the air out of view then pounces onto her opponent with iron lances from his back spread out like a spider
Enhanced: Iron Spider Grab: leaps into the air out of view then pounces onto her opponent with iron lances from his back spread out like a spider then pulls them up and drops them causing extra damage
Savage Mind: (Tortured Mind stance) Leaps onto her opponents shoulders and savagly head butts them
Enhanced: same as above but this time has a lock on effect

X-Ray: Finger lances lash out and impale forcing opponent to the other end of the screen, you then see their back break. Malice then bows her head and retracts her lances along with opponent towards him, we then see an X-ray of their head colliding with her lanced crown. Malice proceeds to kick them off
Fatality 1: Acupunture: Malice knock's her oppentent to the ground and then removes iron pins from her head and places them into pressure points of the body so the oppenent is paralised, Malice then grabs their had and repeatedly slams it into the ground into a bloody pulp
Fatality 2: Gothic Crucifixtion: Malice knocks her opponent high into the air, the iron laces from her back then lace out impailing their victim through the base of the spine out through the mouth, then two more rip through their wrist, the rest rip through their back creating an ornate gothic pattern.

Entrance: Malice enters the areana doing an an unsettling backwards spider walk, her back lanes extend pushing her up, she then makes an evil smile and says "Such an exquisite mind for me to corrupt and destroy"
Match Taunt: Malice throws her head back and laughs insainly
Victory Pose: Malice leans over her opponent laughs "I win" only to switch to her tourtured mind personalitie who insanly proclaims "NO I WIN" he then proceeds to keep switching arguing with herself

Ending: After defeating Shao Khan Malice enterd his mind twisting and dirstorting every shred of Shao Khan's sanity, leaving him as a dribberling terrified wreck. With the former emperor now at her compleate command, Matthius took full controll of outworld for himself with her obidiant "lover" by her side
She now plans to infest his madness upon all the realms, fearfull of his former minion, Quan Chi now serves Malice in fear that he will end up the same as the former great Shao Khan.

Submitted by: longlivequeensindel

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