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Name: Merrick
Gender: Male
Age: In excess of 12,000 Years
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: A born pacifist, Merrick chose to live his life as a healer. His natural command over vitality lent itself well to this purpose. He was young, for an Ednian, when Shao Kahn came, and the horrors he witnessed acting as a medic to those of his people who resisted were enough to drive most men mad. Instead they simply drove Merrick to flee. Merrick aimlessly wandered for days with no destination in mind, at last running afoul of a small group of Tarkatan, guarding one of Kahn's portals. Never having before engaged anyone in kombat, Merrick did the only thing he could, he called upon the full measure of his powers for protection and watched as their flesh began to die, rotting before his eyes. Miserable, and with nothing left to live for, Merrick chose to fall into the portal and let fate decide what would become of him.

Ten thousand years later and Merrick has made a life for himself, working as a doctor in Earthrealm. Foreswearing his pacifism, he has spent the intervening time becoming a more than proficient fighter. As a son of Edenia, any victory of his in the Mortal Kombat tournament would be counted to Outworld. And so, he has no option but to watch, and to pray, swearing that, should the opportunity to do so arise, he will be on the frontlines defending his new home.

Fighting Style: Merrick carries a staff in the hand furthest from the screen (left on the 1p side, right on the 2p side). Unlike with Jade, the staff is fully extended at all times, held vertically when he is standing, being used like a walking stick when he is moving. His stance is one of a man who, while still in his prime, is world-weary. His movements are sharp and deliberate, as if, despite renouncing his pacifism, he wishes to get these unpleasantries out of the way as fast as he can.

He hits with palm strikes, elbows, and knees, as well as using the staff for jabs, pokes, and even pulling an opponent who is still standing (instead of being juggled) back in to extend combos further. Because of the range granted by the staff, his extended combo potential, and the effects of Pick Me Up, Heal Thyself, Over Exertion, and Myasthenia, his attacks do not inflict much damage, but he has some of the lowest damage scaling in the game.

While he can neither create nor restore life, he can enhance the vitality of any living thing, down to the cellular level, to speed up the healing, or even growth, process. This power is manifested with green energy that moves like dust on the wind. Conversely, he also posseses the power to do the opposite. Manifested as blue, water-like energy, Merrick can drain the vitality from living things, weakening and even, with prolonged exposure, rendering them dead husks.

Primary Costume: Hair color: Black
Eye color: Swirling green and blue
Skin color: Brown
Dreadlocks, full short beard (think Kano, except the hair is black). Green headband, blue short-sleeved shirt over which he wears a sleeveless green vest. Baggy blue pants tied with a green sash. Green soft-material shoes.
The staff bears a Caduceus at the top and, hypocritically, a small scythe at the bottom. The top and bottom of the main shaft are green, while the majority of it is blue. The feathers of the Caduceus, as well as the orb at the top are blue, wile the rest of the Caduceus is green.
Alt color: Reverse the blue and green areas.
Alternate Costume: Short hair, clean shaven. He wears a white doctor's jacket. Below that he has a medium blue, button up collared shirt with a green-stripped tie. He wears green dress pants and black dress shoes.
Alt color: Black jacket, reverse blue and green.

Special Moves
Muscle Cramps: Counter. Merrick uses his vitality energies to cramp up the opponent, allowing him to jab his staff into their chest. (7%)
Enhanced: Myasthenia: Counter. Merrick weakens the opponents temporarily with his necrotic energy. Then smashes them with an overhead strike usinf his staff (10% and weakens the opponent's attacks for 5 seconds)
Vitalized Eyes: Merrick snaps a moment later a flash of vitalizing energy increases the strength of the opponent's eyes, blinding them momentarily.
Enhanced: Photosensitivity: Merrick claps a moment later a flash of vitalizing energy increases the strength of the opponent's eyes, blinding them for even longer.
Pick Me Up: Merrick places a hand on his chest and heals himself for 5%.
Enhanced: Heal Thyself: Merrick places both hands on his chest and heals himself for 10%.
Sleeping Limbs: Merrick thrusts his open palm towards the ground, sending a wave of necrotic energy towards the opponent. If they are walking or landing from a jump when it hits, they will trip. (3%)
Enhanced: Over Exertion: Merrick thrusts his open palm towards the ground, sending a faster wave of vitalizing energy towards the opponent. If they are walking or landing from a jump when it hits, they will trip. (7% and slows the opponent's movement for 5 seconds)
Quicken: Merrick runs behind the opponent (the long way) by using his powers to strengthen his legs and delivers a punch (5%)
Enhanced: Faster: Merrick runs behind the opponent (the long way) by using his powers to strengthen his legs and delivers a punch, sending them flying forward. He runs back around the other way and kicks them into the air (setting them up to be juggled) (10%)
Strengthen: Merrick uses his powers to strengthen his arms and delivers a punch that sends the opponent all the way across the screen. (7%)
Enhanced: Stronger: Merrick uses his powers to strengthen his arms and delivers a punch that sends the opponent skyward (setting them up to be juggled) (12%)

X-Ray: Merrick delivers a palm thrust to the opponent's chin, wrecking their jaw and snapping their neck (first internal shot). They stumble back a few steps and Merrick thrusts his open hand in their direction. The opponent grabs their sternum and Merrick closes his hand into a fist slowly as the 2nd internal shot shows their liver withering and turning black.
Fatality 1: Necrosis Merrick thrusts a palm into the opponent's chest, launching them onto their back. They try to struggle to their feet, but fall forward as their legs begin to rot. They start to crawl towards Merrick, one arm raised as if pleading for Merrick to save them as the dying tissue creeps up their body. As it reaches their head, the camera shifts to their raised hand. It falls to the ground, and rots, Merrick looking on with only the slightest hint of disgust on his face. Merrick Wins. Fatality.
Fatality 2: Apoptosis Merrick releases streams of vitalizing energy into the air. They converge upon and enter the opponent. Their battle damage begins to repair and, eventually, they're back up to 100%. Then parts of their body start to swell. Then bulge. Then they start to burst one by one. Left shoulder, right forearm, right knee, left side, untill finally their chest pops as they scream in pain. Merrick Wins. Fatality.
Babality Merrick is shrunken down, but his staff isn't. He tries to stand, all dignified, but the staff is too heavy. It tips over and thwaps him across the head. He falls onto his butt and starts to cry. Wins. Babality.

Entrance: Merrick drops in from the top of the screen, landing crouched with both hands on his staff. He rises to his battle stance saying: "Hypocratic oath? Never heard of it."
Match Taunt: Merrick places a hand on his chest and uses his powers to close a wound or two of battle damage on himself.
Victory Pose: Merrick turns towards the screen, green vitalizing energy flowing over him. He raises his staff and strikes it authoritatively against the ground, sending out shock waves of blue necrotic energy.

Ending: Having at last brought Shao Kahn to his knees, Merrick prepares to set about freeing Edenia from Outworld. But the thought occurs to him, why should he? With his powers he could turn Outworld into a New Edenia, just as lush and beautiful as the old. And all realms should be allowed to reap this blessing. With Kahn out of the way Merrick can now conquer the realms for himself. Ruling forever with a green thumb, and a fist od cold blue iron.

Submitted by:TheAdder

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