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Name: Mr. Mute
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 270lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: A general of Outworld with very little known about him.In truth he was a powerful Edenian sorcerer,capable of amazing spectacles that entertained his people.Upon Shao Kahn's invasion he was captured and tortured. The experiences left the sorcerer mute,and his mind was corrupted by Shao Kahn's Magic. He now is one of Shao Kahn's top assassins.

Fighting Style: Fights using a acrobatic style,similar to capoeira but with more threatening looking stances,and strikes with his upper body.Throws consist of striking with a flurry of acrobatic kicks.

Primary Costume: Face: Basic face,except with no mouth.
Body: Robes,white and black
Legs: Robes come down the side with slits in front and back. Pants underneath,same coloring
Feet: Ornate Boots.
Alternate Costume: Face: Same as primary.
Hair: Short,black,slicked back
Body and Legs: 1930's Gangster suit,white with black trim.
Feet: Nice black shoes.

Special Moves
1: Shoots a letter a. Upon impact the letter will extend into the word anaconda and wrap around the opponent,before turning into an actual anaconda.Holds opponent in place.
Enhanced: Anaconda squeezes harder causing damage
2: The word Ka-Boom appears on a area of the screen selected by the player,which then explodes.
Enhanced: Bigger blast
3: The word Mirror appears(with the letters stacked on each other) If a projectile hits the word,it will automatically turn into a mirror and reflect it back.
Enhanced: Projectile that is returned is larger and does more damage.
4: Jumps on opponents shoulders,is followed up by a jump and stomp.
Enhanced: Jumps on shoulders,the word diamond appears on the ground,which turns into a diamond.Mr. Mute jumps and stomps sending enemy through the diamond

X-Ray: Dashes and kicks opponent into the air,the word spikes appears,which turns into spike bed. The enemy lands and has some organs ruptured. Mr. Mute then jumps and stomps on opponents skull,fracturing the skull and neck.
Fatality 1: The word house appears,a mini house then lands on the enemy. Mr. Mute walks with his Ha Ha's into the house and closes the door.
Fatality 2: The word Mirror appears again. It turns into a mirror. A reflection of the opponent come out and proceeds to beat the opponent to death.
Babality: The word bottle appears before him,which then turns into a bottle. He proceeds to drink it

Entrance: Mr. Mute walks up with body language suggesting he is laughing. At the same time the words Ha Ha Ha Ha appear surrounding him.
Match Taunt: Walks away with the Ha Ha Ha Ha's appearing again.
Victory Pose: The word door appears,which creates a door,and he walks out the door,disappearing leaving the door behind.

Ending: Unable to remember his past he strikes out against his master. After an intense battle,he strikes Shao Kahn down. The people of Earthrealm appreciate his actions,and let him get away with anything he does. He uses this influence to his advantage,and starts many illegal activities,with only Stryker hot on his trail. He had know way of knowing he had become the type of person he would have despised.

Submitted by: Kabalsout

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