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Name: Neuros [Formerly Tal Ming]
Gender: Male
Age: Over 500 [appears in thirties]
Alignment: Neutral [driven by madness]
Height: 6'2
Weight: 215lbs
Origin: Earthrealm [Resides Chaosrealm]

Bio: Tal Ming was born in Earthrealm over 500 years ago. With pride, he was inducted into the Order of Light for training to hone and master his body and mind. During his childhood, he became good friends with the young monk who would become the Great Kung Lao. The two were as inseparable as brothers. However, as the boys matured into young men, it was obvious that a friendly but fierce rivalry grew as well. When the Mortal Kombat tournament of their time was announced, it was then that their friendship was tested. The elders were forced to choose a representative of the order to fight on Earthrealm’s behalf, and the final choice was between Tal Ming and Kung Lao. The two were pitted against each other, and Kung Lao was the victor.

Tal Ming congratulated his brother, but now envy and rage fueled his motives. To prove he was the better of the two, he entered the tournament in disguise and under the name Neuros . His alter ego was pitted against Kung Lao in combat. The two battled, and once again, The Great Kung Lao was victorious. When the Grandmasters demanded Kung Lao finish his opponent, however, the devious sorcerer Shang Tsung moved quicker, opening an inter realm portal beneath Tal Ming to send him to Outworld, where he would become one of countless experiments to aid in Tsung’s quest for dark power. But Tsung was only starting to master his gifts from his lord, Shao Khan, and instead of traveling to Outworld, Tal Ming fell into the Nexus and was lost.

He had entered the Nexus, the space between realms. Here, unknown energies ravaged his body and mind, tearing him apart and mending him together moments before the release of death as he fell forever through the bottomless void. His sanity was shattered by the strange Nexus energies and absence of time, and only due to a freak flux in the realms 500 years later, he was expelled in to the Chaosrealm. He was found by the Chaos Cleric Havik, who found that the insanity that consumed him and the odd energies that seemed to split reality was the very core of chaos. Havik asked him his name, and the only name he could remember was Neuros.

Neuros trained under Havik, embracing the ways of chaos due to his boundless insanity and infinite rage. He regained strength and stamina, and found how to let the Nexus energies flow through his altered body and twisted mind like the blood in his veins, granting him powerful yet dire abilities. Within 2 years of arriving in Chaosrealm, Neuros was made a Cleric of Chaos. That was the year that Shao Khan challenged Earthrealm yet again to Mortal Kombat, after Shang Tsung's defeat at the hands of Liu Kang.

In the hopes of causing chaos, Havik and Neuros approached the wraith known as Noob Saibot, and offered to form an alliance behind the backs of the Netherrealm. As they discussed plans of betrayal, Noob Saibot let slip that the Order of Light was involved in Earthrealm's protection. Nerous’s warped mind snapped to long forgotten memories, and he saw a warrior monk standing over him in victory before he fell into the Nexus. He remembered the name of Kung Lao. He demanded to know if Kung Lao was part of the tournament, and the wraith of shadows told him of a monk with that name was indeed a combatant. Neuros left Havik and Noob Saibot to their plans of betrayal, and posing as a denizen of Outworld, made his way to Earthrealm to hunt down and destroy the monk he still harbored hatred for.

Fighting Style: Kure-Ji-You ‘Crazy Way’
A martial arts style that Neuros himself developed where he took the discipline and order of Shaolin Fist and the style of Tang Soo Do, used by his mentor Havik, and combined the two to form an erratic style that closely mirrors Drunken Fist if the fighter was having a seizure with each punch, kick or block. Also, due to his Nexus abilities to shift in and out of realmspace, he has been known to throw attacks away from his opponent to confuse them, only to shift his position at the last minute so that his attacks hit dead on.

Kure-Ji-You is a close quarter martial arts, and at a distance, it is not as effective as it is up close. To compensate for this, Neuors has employed the use of a kusarigama (chain sickle) with a clawed kunai like knife as the end of the sickle's grip.

Primary Costume: Neuros's current appearance is due to his training as a Cleric of chaos under the tutelage of Havik, during his time in Chaosrealm, Neuros has mutilated his body, carving the symbol for Chaos onto his chest. He d also grafted a metal gauntlet to his right hand and forearm, a metal tight and knee guard to his left leg, and screwed a metal plate mask to his face that bears the symbol of water, like Havik's forehead protector. His hair is pitch black, and is cut short in a shaggy, ragged style. He wears a crimson monks robe with dark blue cuffs that end at the elbows, and a dark blue sash belt tied around his waste. The robe is opened in the front, revealing his scared chest.. He wears black cloth pants, leather foreleg bracers, and a metal patron on his right shoulder, held in place with chains. The medallion set into it is his Medallion of Chaos, showing that he is a Cleric of Chaos. His feet are bear, and due to his time in the Nexus, are clawed like animals feet. The fingers on his left had bear claws as well, and his Kusarigama sits in a holster connected to the chains that run along his back.
Alternate Costume: When he was still the monk known as Tal Ming, he wore a disguise to allow him to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament the first time. He wore grey kung fu slippers with red bandages wrapping up to his knees and holding his dark blue sparing pants in place. A gray, sleeveless gi covered his torso, and a red belt sat on his wast. Twin bronze bracers adorned his forearms, and a laughing mask of a forgotten deity hid his face from vie. A gray cap with a read head band completed his disguise.

Special Moves
Shift Charge: Toward, Toward, Front Kick. Neuros shifts forward, landing a knee slam to his opponents chest.
Kusarigama Hook: Down, Towards, Punch. Neuros pulls for his Kusarigama and throws it under handed at his opponent. Once it stabs into them, he whips the chain, causing them to lose their balance and leap up and belly floop on to the floor as he pulls his blade free.
Away Punch: Away, Away, Punch. Neuros punches behind himslef, and rifts to that he appers behind his opponent, landding a blow to their back.
Tri Punch: Toward, Down, Heavy Punch. Neuros charges, but shifts three time, landing three punches to his opponent.
Kusarigama Trip: Up, Away, Punch. Neuros pulls forth his Kusarigama, flips sideways, and launches his weapon. the cahin wraps around thier shins, and before he lands, Nueros uses the momentum to pull the chain, and caues his opponent's feet to slip out from under them, caqueing them to fall onto thier back.
Madness Blast: Towards, Towars, Heavy Punch. Neuros summons a ball of dense Nexus energy to his fist and throws it to his opponent. It caues little damage, but confuses the opponent, inverting their movements and mixing up their moves, allowing Neuros ample opportunity to attack. The effects wear off as soon as Neuros makes contact due to the Nexus energy returning to him.
Toss, Kick, Punch: Throw+Jump, Front Kick, Heavy Punch. Neuros grabs his opponent and throws them behind him into the air. He then shifts to where the opponent will land, kicks them back into the air, then shifts above them and punches them into the ground.

X-Ray: Neuros shifts in front of his opponent, and upper cuts them, fracturing the lower jaw and front of the skull. The force flips them into the air, forcing them to arch backwards. He then does a twist back flip and grabs their arms, twisting them with such force they splinter and pop out of their sockets. He then finishes the move by planting a kick to the middle of their back, forcing them both to spin and land with the opponent landing on his/her chest, their ribcage and spine fracturing in the landing process. Neuros hopes off their back, and states as he turns back to them. "Now, I will break your mind!” NOTE: X-ray can only be performed when Neuros is shifting.
Fatality 1: Brain Frenzy: Down, Down, Away, Toward, Away, Punch - At Jumping distance. Neuros pulls forth his Kusarigama, and tosses it with a spin. The blade slices the opponents forehead open. Before they can react, Neuros upercuts them, the top of their skull popping open and their brain launching out. He grabs it in his right hand, and summons Nexus energy into the fingers of his left hand. He then jabs them into the brain. The opponents body stands ridged, and as Neuros twiches his fingers in their grey mater, they mutilate themselves till they are a bloody mess. As Nueros is declared the victor, he holds the brain aloft in his right hand, and then crushes it.
Fatality 2: Show of Pain: Away, Down, Toward, Away, Heavy Punch - At Sweeping distance. Neuros pulls back, and then shift runs at his opponent. He spins around them, and attacks three times, each one happening at the same time due to the shift, but each gets a moment of attention, much like Sector's missel fatalitiy. First, he stabs his right hand into thier stomach, tearing out said oragn. Second, he stabs his left hand into thier chest, tearing out thier heart. At last, he flips behind them, and kicks up through the torn apart body from the ripped stomach to the neck, the head popping of the opponent's shoulders. As the upper torso splits apart, Neuros flips over the lower half of the torso, slides onto his knees and begans juggeling the stomach, heart and head as it lands in Nueros's waiting hand. He cackels like mad as he is announced the victor.
Babality: Away, Away, Jump, Kick. When Babality is preformed on Neuros, he shrinks into his baby form, and looks from left to right. He then fails his armas about, Nexus energy summoning a collection of skulls with letters carved into the foreheads. He claps his hands in glee, and begans stacking them to form words.

Entrance: Neuros rifts onto the battle ring, bending down in a crouching position away from hiss opponent. He then spins around and stands up before them, thumbing to himself with his right hand, and says "I'm ready to kill.” He then lifts his right hand to the sky, palm facing upward, and asks "Are you ready to die?”
Match Taunt: He looks to his fallen opponent as his arms hang limp at his side. He cocks his head to the side, and asks "Still alive?” He then snaps back to his fighting position as they stand up. [Distant] He flips backwards (no hands used) and lands jumping distance, strikes a fighting stance, and shouts "AGAIN!” [Close]
Victory Pose: Neuros howls in victory and raises his hands to the heavens, turning away from the camera. He then looks over his shoulder like he hears something, and rifts away. The camera is then attacked from the right, sprawls onto the floor, with a sideways view of Neuros feet as he lands and walks towards it. He then kneels down, and stares at the camera.

Ending: Neuros had entered the tournament to exact revenge on Kung Lao. However, his madness drove him to defeat Shao Kahn and seal the fate of all realms. The collection of raw energy that the Emperor had amassed over the centuries burst forth from his corpse, and connected to Neuros. But the Nexus energies, tainted by insanity, corrupted the power trove, making it unstable. Like a plague, the mutated energy radiated from Neuros and spread through Earthrealm, driving all inhabitants insane. Neuros knew now that he was no longer a disciple of chaos, but it's master. He traveled to other realms, allowing his madness to infect and corrupt. Now, there is no longer the need for the Mortal Kombat Tournament, as all beings, mortal and immortal, and all realms are united by Neuros, the God of Madness.

Submitted by: Veldaxx018

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