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Name: N'hikin
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil(while serving Shang Tsung), Neutral while free from his grasp.
Height: 190 centimeter
Weight: 95 kg
Origin: Outworld

Bio: N'hikin is created in the depths of Shang Tsung's Fleshpits. Shang Tsung has created many horrific experiments in his Fleshpits trying to create a being powerful enough to crush Shao Kahn. Merging the blood of the Shokan, the agility of the Reptile and the sorcery and slyness of his own he created a being beyond imagination. N'hikin, Bound to Shang Tsung's his will, seeks to crush Shao Kahn for once and for all. After Shang Tsung got sacrificed by Shao Kahn , N'hikin snapped out of his control and tried to find out for what purpose he came to exist.

Fighting Style: Krav maga while unarmed. Able to add corruption to his attacks as he is a necromancer. Weapons: bones.

Primary Costume: N'hikin has a human appearance heavily corrupted by Shang Tsungs sorcery. His skin is green/brown and has many scars and wounds. He's wearing black leather gloves and a leather vest with bones of his victims. He's also wearing a belt with the eye of a shokan as buckle and a black leather pants and spiky boots.
Alternate Costume: N'hikin is only wearing a trashed pants here showing all of his scars and corrupted body parts.

Special Moves
Corruptive Flurry: N'hikin unleashes a quick 3 hit flurry which will push the enemy back
Enhanced: reappears behind his enemy to hit him in the air.
Inherited Flesh: N'hikin's Shokan blood allows him to endure one projectile
Enhanced: absorbs the projectile , gaining health.
Necromancer's Rush: N'hikin rushes towards his enemy at great speed leaving a trail of corruption behind.
Enhanced: Pokes the victim in the eye and throws him to the ground after the rush.
Grasp of Death: N'hikin summons arms of the living dead underneath the enemy, pulling and punishing the enemy underground and throwing them back up. (visually like noobs throw, speed and power of scorpions fire.
Enhanced: Increases the speed and the number of arms.
A Servant's Cry: N'hikin screams at a high pitch leaving close standing enemies stunned.
Enhanced: Increases range and duration.
Mutilated Throw: N'hikin summons the head of his last victim which he throws in an arc at the enemy.
Enhanced: Also throws an arm and a leg.
Zombie's Rise: N'hikin falls behind through the ground reappearing behind his enemy. (much like sub zero's teleport in MK vs DCU)
Enhanced: coming from underneath the enemy, launching him up in the sky.

X-Ray: Close range, N'hikin screams leaving the enemy stunned with bursted ears. Then a Zombie grabs his feet and pulls him down with only his head still above. N'hikin then kicks his head twice launching the enemy up the sky.
Fatality 1: Pulls off an arm which he stabs the enemy with through the heart, then kicking them on the ground , the body taken by the undead.
Fatality 2: Corrupts the body of the enemy by touching him, slowly turning him into an undead. He then pulls off his head and plays with it.

Entrance: While serving Shang Tsung "His wish is to eliminate you". While free : Screams while summoning several arms from the ground.
Match Taunt: Laughs manically while licking his weapons.
Victory Pose: While serving Shang Tsung "I hope my next task is more of a challenge". While free: Laughs while playing with the head of a zombie.

Ending: After he took Shao Kahn's power he became to most powerful being of all. He sought for more power and bloodshed so he took part in many wars in Outworld but gradually grew bored of them. He then invaded Earth with his legion of undead soldiers from past wars. N'hikin's army made Earth surrender in 7 days. He then was a god of both Outworld and Earth.. and many realms would soon follow.

Submitted by: supersheepie

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