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Name: Nyctaro
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 350lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: Nyctaro is an Outworld mutant- part Shokan (Goro), part Tarkatan (Baraka). Exiled from both races, Nyctaro fled to Outworld's caves. His long absence from sunlight has made his skin a translucent white, and his veins can be clearly seen. He must wear a black veil over his eyes as protection from the sun. He served Shao Kahn as a torturer, and found himself conscripted in his army during the rise of the Deadly Alliance. Since then, Nyctaro has allied himself with any force of evil that both appreciates his knack for interrogation and lets him employ it against the Tarkata and Shokan for spurning him. His preferred weapon is a whip crafted from the manes of punished Centaurs, coated in salts from Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits.

Fighting Style: Tai Chi and Centaurian Whip. Nyctaro is unaccustomed to the daylight, so he detects his opponent through finely-tuned echolocation, hearing and smell. While he possesses neither extra arms nor retractable blades, his genetics grant him a brutal mixture of the Shokan's strength and the Tarkatan's savagery. He employs strong open-palm strikes and his ten-foot-long whip in battle. His finely-tuned senses and experiences underground can detect structural discrepancies in his environment, allowing him to bombard his opponents with boulders and debris.

Primary Costume: Nyctaro is a white-skinned Tarkatan-Shokan crossbreed, standing seven feet high with a reptilian tail and pink underbelly. He sports Tarkatan teeth and the three-digited hands and feet of the Shokan. Taking a cue from his ally Kano, his armor in black with red trim. He wears spiked pauldrons, a torturer's hood, and a black blindfold.
Alternate Costume: Nyctaro sports the Tarkatan-styled armor used when he was enlisted in Shao Kahn's army. He wears a dark blue breastplate and green pants. Spiked bracers wrap his wrists. His hood and blindfold are gone, revealing a Shokan braid and blank white eyes.

Special Moves
Shadow Dash: Nyctaro darts behind his opponent and performs a double palm smash to the small of their back, sending them flying (similar to Reptile's running dash move).
Cave-In: Nyctaro smashes the earth with his fist, causing a small rock to fall directly onto the opponent's head and damage them. (If Nyctaro is outdoors while fighting, the resultant tremor inflicts damage.) As he ducks low to punch the earth, this move can counter high and mid- projectiles if timed properly.
Whip Trip: Nyctaro lashes his opponent's ankle with his whip and yanks, flipping them forward for an air juggle. No damage; can only be low-blocked.
Bat Scream: Nyctaro throws his head back and unleashes a high-pitched sonic yell, creating a small but damaging aura around him. This can counter both jump-ins and teleport attacks.

X-Ray: Brain Death: A long-range attack, Nyctaro lashes his whip around the opponent's waist and reels them in. They spin directly into Nyctaro's open palm strike, which hits below their nose, shattering the front of the skull and sending cartilage into their brain. As the victim turns away, Nyctaro takes his whip, garrottes them and pulls them hard over his shoulder, snapping the neck and spine. The victim snaps forward and falls on their face, and Nyctaro growls a throaty laugh.
Fatality 1: 39 Lashes: Nyctaro unfurls his whip and lashes his victim into painful submission, shredding their back to shreds and driving them to their belly. He then performs his Cave-In attack and messily pulps the prone victim's skull underneath a huge boulder.
Fatality 2: Beetle Meat: Nyctaro drives his victim to their knees with a kick to their knees and garrottes them from behind with his whip. He then produces a jar of the flesh-eating bugs from the fabled Beetle Lair and pours them over the victim's head. The screaming victim's head is slowly and bloodily skeletonized by the ravenous mandibles of the beetles, who keep eating even after "FATALITY!" is announced.

Entrance: Bursting from the earth in an explosion of dirt and rocks, Nyctaro takes a second or two to "sense" his opponent with his echolocation, and growls "You'll make a fine slave!"
Match Taunt: Nyctaro growls an evil laugh and cracks his whip in the air.
Victory Pose: Nyctaro walks over to his fallen opponent, grabs them by the back of their neck/shirt, and drags them off-screen, growling "It's the mines for you!"

Ending: Nyctaro was in fact compelled to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament. His senses were so acute that he could receive voices from beyond death. After defeating the emperor, Nyctaro dragged Shao Kahn to his interrogation chamber and tortured him relentlessly for vital information: the location of the sixth Kamidogu. The punishment of Shao Kahn proved that the crossbreed Nyctaro was far more powerful than any mere Shokan or Tarkatan. With Baraka and Goro pledging their allegiance to him, Nyctaro led the Dragon King's armies to ultimate victory!

Submitted by: TheGil-Monster

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