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Name: Oksana
Gender: Female
Age: (Unknown, but she is slightly younger than Kitana)
Alignment: Good, according to her own perception
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 168lbs
Origin: (Unknown, may possibly be Outworld due to her great affiliation with the realm)

Bio: Despite being born at the brink of Onaga’s assassination, Oksana learned through books of the Dragon King’s peaceful and orderly rule and has come to greatly respect him. Her admiration of the former emperor of Outworld unfortunately led her to become an outcast during her childhood. She watched helplessly as the realm’s people fell at Shao Kahn’s feet, becoming utter fools, obeying Kahn’s every command.

Oksana vowed to do whatever it takes to return Onaga to his throne, even if it meant abandoning her father, brother, and two children many years later. Now, thousands of years later, with the knowledge of Shao Kahn’s death spreading fast among the realms, she takes what could be her only opportunity to restore Outworld to its former glory.

Very well perceptive of auras and her surroundings, Oksana is perhaps the only other person than Raiden who can sense the shifts in time, as the original order of events are altered. She decides to use this to her advantage, and uses her raw skills in divination to see into the yet unchanged future…

If she is to accomplish her goal, the Deadly Alliance must not exist. Quan Chi and Shang Tsung must die.

(NOTE: Though not as great as others, Oksana possesses some skill in various forms of magic, including ether-wielding, necromancy, and divination, all taught to her by her father.)

Fighting Style: Original-Style Drunken Fist – Oksana is highly skilled in Drunken Fist and is able to manipulate the style to “mutate” depending on the liquor she is under the influence of:

Blue Wine: Level 1 (basic style with greater speed and flexibility)
Red Wine: Level 2 (flexibility enhanced to contortionism; force increased)
White Wine: Max Level (contortionism peaked; force and speed multiplied by 4; aerial talent developed)

(NOTE: Her natural talents in Drunken Fist (as well as her love for Earthrealm’s rice wine) birthed centuries of rumors of her being the illegitimate daughter of Master Bo’ Rai Cho. However, no one even knows where she was actually born, let alone who her real parents are.)

Primary Costume: See image. NOTE: The malformation of Oksana’s left hand has existed since birth, and is a mystery even to her.

Special Moves
Oxygen Thrust: Oksana unleashes a strong breath of air to force the opponent backwards
Teleportation: Oksana teleports, followed by a varied result
-Level 1 – Oksana teleports right behind the opponent
-Level 2 – Oksana teleports right above the opponent, attacking him/her while descending
-Max Level – Oksana "teleports" her own pain to the opponent, switching her lifebar with the opponent’s
Paradox Sphere: Oksana throws a sphere whose effects reflect the opponent being fought

X-Ray: Oksana grabs the opponent and knees him/her in the torso, breaking ribs, then teleports behind the opponent and kicks him/her in the head, ultimately cracking neck bones.
Fatality 1: "Self" Destruction: Oksana gorges the opponent’s stomach, rips out the small intestines, and uses them to strangle the opponent until death.
Fatality 2: Divine Justice: Oksana falls to her knees and prays. After a few short seconds, the opponent abruptly explodes.

Entrance: "I pray you find it in you to surrender."
Match Taunt: (Oksana does a quick prayer and returns to her stance)
Victory Pose: (Oksana falls on one knee, prays, then raises her fist to the sky, looking up as well)

Ending: Though failing to locate Shang Tsung, Oksana had located Quan Chi in the last realm she’d ever expect find him in, Edenia. With all her strength, she savagely fought against the sorcerer to a bloody victory. As he lay dying on the ground, Oksana kneeled at side to prepare a coup de gras, only to see a faint but all-too-familiar mark on Quan Chi’s right collar bone. It was the same mark she herself possessed. The realization came to her almost instantly, and she gasped in utter shock of what she had just done. Oksana had murdered NOT her father, or her brother… but her son.

Submitted by: Riyakou

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