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Name: Onyx
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Height: 6'3
Weight: 400lbs - 1 tonne
Origin: Outworld

Bio: The being known as Onyx is a golem, created by sorcerers who opposed the rule of Shao Khan. Onyx was created to protect them, but his creators were killed before Onyx had a chance to be fully activated. Onyx slept for thousands of years until awakened by the magic of Shao Khan's attempt the merge the realms. Onyx awoke as a sort of vampire, able to become flesh by drawing on the energies of others. Onyx is bound by his maker's programming to defeat of Shao Khan and his followers; however, he wants to become a true living thing without the vampiric taking of lives, and Shang Tsung is the only being that could help him achieve that goal of becoming alive.

Fighting Style: Onyx's fighting style is very similar to Pankration, powerful punches and brutal kicks as well as bone-crunching throws up close. Onyx's fighting style is similar to many throw characters in fighting games: damaging throws and special moves that allow set-ups to his throws. He also has many bone-jarring strikes and special moves that can lead into other moves depending on which button or direction was inputted. Since Onyx is a living statue, he can turn his fist to the hard stone material which composes him, growing mace-like fists complete with spikes. These weapons will be wielded in combos.

Primary Costume: Onyx appears as a tall, well-built African-American man (younger-looking Michael Clarke Duncan from Green Mile and Daredevil movies). His head is bald, of course, giving his upper body appearance a clean, almost minimalist look. However, his body, mainly his chest and shoulders, are adorned with kanji script and hieroglyphic looking symbols that work as runes. These, as well as his eyes, glow when using his transformation powers. He wears a dark brown loincloth and sandals (Spartan garb). On his wrists are gold looking bracelets.
Alternate Costume: The build and overall look is the same, but the skin of the character has a black, almost midnight blue tint (makes him look inhuman). He wears a simple loincloth that drapes over his right side and leather shoes that he's burst through (like he's stolen them from somewhere). The bracelets on his wrists are simple steel. This version of Onyx looks like it was just created.

Special Moves
Summoning Shard Stomp: Onyx stomps the ground and a trail of energy erupts out to the ground, leaving behind glowing crystalline shards. The enhanced move makes the spikes higher and cause more damage.
Tyrant's Lift: Onyx grabs the opponent military press style-lift that leads into different throw types depending on the controller. Down crushes the opponent's spine in a backbreaker across his head. Right or left tosses the opponent on their head to either side. Down allows Onyx to drain energy from his opponent that will add power to his blows. The super version of this has him leap forward before grabbing them.
Anvil Smash: Onyx charges forward with an uppercut that leaves the opponent resting gut first on his fist. Pushing the joystick in either direction will create a fisherman's slam (where they land depends on which button was pushed. The enhanced version of this move bounces them, which creates potential combo opportunities.
Onyx Impalet: Similar to Jax, except it's a command throw that begins on the ground and Onyx breaks the opponent over his head. Onyx grabs the opponent, stretches them over his head like in an Argentine Backbreaker, and then he turns his body into a statue. Onyx's statue form slams into the ground and his head is driven up into the opponent's spine. As they bounce, Onyx turns human in time to toss them away.
Landslide: Onyx charges forward with his shoulder, which grows large, crystalline spikes. The enhanced move hits the opponent two times.

X-Ray: Grinder Of Men: Onyx charges forward and grabs the opponent by the throat with both hands, potentially shaking of a hat. He then headbutts the opponent and breaks their skull. He then punches them in the stomach where, after punching them, his fist sprouts a massive crystalline blade which cuts into their insides. He then kicks them away.
Fatality 1: I Must Break You: Onyx grabs the opponent and glows blue, becoming crystal while also turning the opponent to crystal. Onyx returns to his human form while the opponent is still a crystal statue. Onyx then pulverizes the opponent's head with his crystal hand and then smashes into the body until it shatters.
Fatality 2: Sidesplitter: Onyx lifts the opponent above his head while a giant crystal spike arises from the ground. Onyx slams their body back-first onto the spike. He then grabs an arm and leg from the opponent, ripping them free of the spike while also ripping them in half. Afterward, he turns and holds the arm holding his opponent's upper body by his/her arm in a victory pose.

Entrance: Onyx the statue lands in the fighting area feet first, breaking the ground. His eyes glow blue and he becomes his human form, saying to the opponent, "You will do."
Match Taunt: Onyx becomes a moving statue, slamming his crystalline fist into his crystalline hand, creating a small magical explosion.
Victory Pose: The runes on Onyx's chest, as well as his eyes, glow. He screams to the heavens as magical energy emanates from his mouth.

Ending: Onyx had laid waste to Shao Khan, finally fulfilling his mission set forth by his creators. He sought the help of Shang Tsung to help him become truly alive. Shang Tsung offered to help, but instead betrayed him, trying to take the power that Onyx had absorbed from Shao Khan after his defeat. Onyx fought back this assault and drained Shang Tsung of his life force. Onyx, rather than the liberator of Outworld, became a worse tyrant, only caring about the life force he can absorb from his subjects. He also realizes that Earthrealm is full of souls that would feed his hunger.

Submitted by: bruciehotep

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