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Name: Akari
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 186lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: No one knows about Corporal Andrew Peterson's origins. He claims he was a solider from the Vietnam War, who was KIA in the Tet Offensive. He does not know that he was actually resurrected by Quan Chi to serve him. The resurrection failed , and Peterson was not under Quan Chi's control. He escaped the Netherrealm, and is now being hunted down by Scorpion, and Noob Saibot.

Fighting Style: Smacks people around with his M16A1 like a club. Also uses his Tomahawks in hand-to-hand combat. He has limited options in hand-to-hand combat (due to American soldiers not be taught hand-to-hand combat techniques in boot camp). He's has somewhat sluggish walk-speed and dash, due to all his equipment he carries, but his attacks are fairly quick due to his lightweight weapons.

Primary Costume: Standard Vietnam War Era uniform. He wears a backpack, were his M72 LAW rests on top of. His Tomahawks hang freely from his belt. He always carries his M16A1.
Alternate Costume: Wears a T-Shirt with a piece symbol on it. Does not wear an M-1 helmet. His hair is fairly long, but not as long as a hippie's.

Special Moves
Claymore: Down, Up, 3: Deploys a Claymore mine right in front of him. Automatically detonates when the enemy gets too close. Can be blocked high. Can only have one out at a time.
Enhanced: EX version, pops the enemy up.
C4: -Down, Forward, 1: Deploys a C4 mine right in front of him. Can be manually detonated. Can only have one out at a time. This projectile is unblockable.
Enhanced: EX version, larger blast radius, does more damage.
C4 Detonate: Down, Up, 1: Detonates deployed C4.
Tomahawk: Down, Forward, 2: Throws a Tomahawk at the enemy. Standard projectile with decent recovery and speed.
Enhanced: Double Hawks: EX version, throws two Tomahawks for extra damage.
Up Tomahawk: Down, Up, 2: Throws a Tomahawk up in the air, much like Sektor's Up Missile.
Enhanced: Double Aerial Hawks: EX version, throws two Tomahawks in the air for extra damage.
Fake-Out Tomahawk: Down, Back, 2: Same start up animation as Tomahawk, but instead swipes low with the Tomahawk.
Enhanced: Tomahawk Swipes: Ex version, does an extra slash that pops the enemy up.
LAW Shot: Back, Down, 4: Kneels down, and fires a M72 LAW missile. Very slow, but unblockable. Can be ducked or jumped over.
Enhanced: I am The LAW!: EX version, has a bigger blast radius and does more damage.
Air LAW Shot: Back, Down, 4 (In the Air): Fires a M72 LAW shot down at an angle in the air. Knocks Peterson backwards in the air. Can be blocked.

X-Ray: Throws a Tomahawk, which stuns the enemy, and allows Peterson to run up to them. He slams a Tomahawk into the enemy's skull, piercing it, and cracking it. He then slams another Tomahawk into the enemy's neck, breaking their spine.
Fatality 1: Vietnamese Execution: Peterson plants a Claymore right in front of the enemy, causing their legs to be blown off in the explosion. He then shoots the enemy in the head with his M16. We then see an X-Ray view of the brain. We see the 5.56x45mm NATO bullet ricocheting around inside the enemy's skull.
Fatality 2: Vietnamese Insanity: Peterson gets out a M60 a opens fire on the enemy. He shoots off all of the enemy's arms, legs, and their head. Much like Quan Chi's Beatdown, he doesn't stop firing at the enemy's corpse.

Entrance: Casually walks in to Fortunate Son. His eyes looking down on the ground, obscured by his M1 helmet. He looks up and loads a bullet into his M16A1.
Match Taunt: Smokes a cigarette for a quick second.
Victory Pose: Casually walks out to Surfin' Bird. "Why don't you give me a challenge next time!" he yells behind his back.

Ending: Having defeated Shao Kahn, Peterson was given more power than he ever dream of. He became Outworld's new ruler, and began to rebuild the Outworld armies. The armies eventually became unstoppable. No one would ever challenge Peterson's rule.

Submitted by: REPTILE0009

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