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Name: Psionic
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'1
Weight: 195lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: I am Psionic, a Psychic warrior from Earthrealm, I come from a secret clan of psychic Ninjas called the Order of the Psi and I am a Avatar of the Psionic-Force; a Cosmic Entity older than the Elder Gods... it's been said that this Psionic-Force existed before Creation, and will exist long after it ends. The Order of the Psi has kept hidden in the shadows of the Mortal Kombat Tournaments. but I must enter to stop what will be Armageddon... for I have seen the Visions Raiden has sent from the Future... Shao Kahn must be destroyed or all will be lost. I will use my psychic powers and fighting skill to Kill the Emperor Shao Kahn and save the realms from the End of Days.

Fighting Style: Mixed Martial Arts.

Special Moves
Telekinetic Push: --
Telekinetic Lift: --
Telepathic Assault: --
Mind-Warp: --
Telekinetic Flight: --
Telekinetic Shield: --
Telepathic Invisibility: --
Psionic Force Bolt: --

X-Ray: Tele-Fury: uses Telekinesis to first kick really hard in the face followed by a telekinetic slam (head-first) into the ground
Fatality 1: Ashes to Ashes: Kaleb burns with silver energy and uses TK to levitate victim into the air and than telekinetically decontructs his or her molecules and reduces the loser to dust.
Fatality 2: Psionic-Force: First Uses Telepathy to assault the victims mind psionically tearing it apart, and with telekinesis tears entire body to shreds.

Entrance: Uses Psionic powers to warp into the arena and than proclaims: "I have already foreseen your death!"
Match Taunt: Throws fist into the air and burns with silver energy.
Victory Pose: "I've already foreseen this outcome, so what chance did you stand?!"

Ending: With the death of Shao Kahn the realms have been saved and Armageddon averted... but my psychic senses tell me the threat is just beginning... the Psionic-Force I am host to has been corrupted by the dark magicks it absorbed as Shao Kahn died... I can no longer control it!... With that Psionic is taken over by the Psionic-Force and became a Power none could match... as it laid waste to the Realms, the Elder Gods were powerless to stop it as the Psionic-Force also consumed them and all of Creation...

Submitted by: RyanAutumns

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