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Name: Ravyn
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125lbs
Eyes: Greyish-Blue
Hair: Chestnut; Short with long bangs
Origin: Earthrealm
Allies: Raiden, Frost, Kenshi, Smoke, Sub-Zero
Enemies: Quan Chi, Shinnok, Sektor, Noob-Saibot

Bio: The Mortal Kombat tournament and subsequent invasion of Earthrealm by Outworld has been quelled, but at the dearest of costs. The majority of Earthrealm's best defenders were slain as a result, and although the threats had been neutralized for now, Raiden knew that Earthrealm could not survival another assault should another invader arise. Therefore, he began searching for new chosen defenders of the realm.

In his search, he came across a young woman whose soul had been resistant to Shao Khan's sorcery. The girl, both gifted and cursed with empathy - the ability to read and influence another person's emotions - was having a difficult time controlling her newly-awoken abilities. Through Raiden, she learned of the fallen earth warriors and what had happened during Outworld's invasion, and became enamored with the Lin Kuei. Perhaps they could help her train with her new powers. Raiden, however, was skeptical, as he knew the Lin Kuei were now in the control of Sektor. He approached Sektor with a choice - train the girl or face his wrath. Sektor had no choice and took the girl in, but had doubts that "emotional powers" would be of any use in battles.

As the girl took on the code-name of "Ravyn", she began her rigorous training. She'll need it to survive the plans the Netherrealm has in store for the very near future.

Fighting Style: Ravyn uses a mixture of traditional Isshin-Ryu karate with a blend of kickboxing. Her kicks tend to be higher and more pronounced and she prefers using kicks, knees, and elbows to her fists. She also employs a chain spear-like weapon in her fighting - a weapon she discovered was used by several Lin Kuei after their destruction of the Shirai Ryu. She likes the ranged advantage it gives her, and in her own way takes it out of respect of the fallen clan. Lastly, she'll use her empathy as an offensive weapon in certain situation; amplifying her enemy's fears, paranoia, or rage in order to throw off their fighting.

Special Moves
Chain Spear: An ornate spear-head on a 10ft length of chain, to be thrown and used to drag enemies to her in order to attack further. Enemy is stunned for 2 seconds.
Chain Slash: Ravyn spins around, allowing her chain spear to whirl around her in a half-circle upwards arc that will slash any enemy within half-screen distance of her.
Enhanced: Chain Tornado: The enhanced version of this will have two arc-slashed back-to-back
Empathic Scream: Using her empathy to amplify her opponent's fear, Ravyn lets out a empathic assault that makes her enemy run away blindly to which they won't recover for 3 seconds.
Enhanced: Empathic Howl: The enhanced version will have the enemy stunned and cause damage
Illisionary Dance: Ravyn fakes-out her opponent with a false image, which allows her to dash forward, grab them, and perform a swing-kick to their back which launches them across half the screen.
Enhanced: Tango: The enhanced version has her grab her opponent a second time
Battle Sync: (Only during Tag-Team) As Ravyn switches out with her tag partner, she uses her empathy to sync with her ally, and enhance their battle will temporarily. Gives her tag partner 20% more damage power for 3 seconds.

X-Ray: Chain Your Heart: Ravyn attempts a grab move. If it lands, she wraps her chain around her opponent, anchors herself with one foot on the opponent's collarbone, and yanks the chain sharply, which cracks her opponent's neck. She then unwraps the chain, drives the spear head into the person's sternum, and does a back-kick to drive it in further, which cracks the sternum and some ribs.
Fatality 1: Chain Forest Impale: Ravyn throws multiple chain spears around her enemy. These spears ricochet off the walls and floor of the stage, and will deflect towards the enemy player. The spears will go entirely through the player in multiple shots, and will string them up in a tight mesh of chains. The enemy is left hanging from these chains, blood pouring from the multiple impalements as Ravyn does her ending stance.
Fatality 2: Terror Tremor: Ravyn assaults her enemy with her empathy, driving her opponents fear to fatal heights. The opponant's eyes and nose begin bleeding profusely as they cry, drop to their knees and start to convulse. They then bash their head in on the floor several times after being driven insane by the overwhelming terror, killing themselves.

Entrance: Ravyn gestures with a bow in a sign of respect to her opponent. "Your emotions betray you to me."
Match Taunt: Ravyn swings her chain spear around briefly, then replaces it on her side.
Victory Pose: Ravyn does a graceful roundhouse in the air, grabbing her chain and twirling, and ends with the chain wrapping around her right forearm and her posing.

Ending: Ravyn had trained as a Lin Kuei and gained mastery over her empathy. This gave her an advantage during the NetherRealm's assault in Earth, as her unique ability allowed her to sense the souls of those Quan Chi had enslaved to his will. With her powers, she not only enhanced the fighting will of the living, but also the will of the dead who the necromancer bound to him. She helped the dead warriors to break free of Quan Chi's power, freeing their souls. She instantly bonds with the two deceased former Lin Kuei - Sub-Zero and Smoke. Having long since outlived her usefulness in Sektor's eyes, Ravyn will need these two warriors to continue her training in order to fully fight back the NetherRealm's full invasion and the wrath of the fallen elder god, Shinnok.

In-Game Tidbits:
- Originally is from the USA. Family was killed in Outworld's invasion of Earthrealm and she was found by Raiden during his search for new defenders of the realm.

- Is physically only an average fighter due to limited time training, and relies on her empathy to give her an edge in battle. She can also enhance her allies' fighting will with her empathy.

- During Lin Kuei training, befriends another female warrior named Frost, who is also one of Raiden's chosen warriors. They become partners, much like Sub-Zero/Smoke and Sektor/Cyrax.

- Also befriends Kenshi after Raiden calls for all new Earthrealm defenders to gather. They share a link due to their shared mental abilities and age, much to Frost's disagreement.

- Knew of Smoke and Sub-Zero prior to freeing their souls due to Lin Kuei history. Greatly respects them both despite them being branded traitors to the clan, and poses to Raiden the idea of freeing them and the other dead earth warriors from Quan Chi's control.

- Branded a traitor by Sektor after he allies the Lin Kuei with Quan Chi in a bid for power.

- Eventually is betrayed by Frost in story mode after Frost is offered more power by Sektor. This shakes Ravyn's faith in her abilities, as she tried to keep her partner on the straight and narrow, yet failed.

*Special Note: This character bio is currently based on post-MK 2011 storyline, and is therefore is based on fan speculation.

Submitted by: Sindra

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