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Name: Revenant
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Peter Williams is the son of a well known military for his many victories. Therefore, since childhood, he has created an obsession to try to please his father. Peter then decided to focus his attention to studies of medical techniques that could be useful at the war time. But his talent and interest have led to develop supernatural techniques of healing and poisoning. Peter quickly established reputation and status, which caught Raiden's attention, who saw Peter as a great warrior for the protection of Earthrealm against the invaders.

Fighting Style: Revenant has never focused too much in martial arts, due to the intense dedication to the medical content. However, he had the opportunity to develop basic principles of Aikido, besides having expertise in throwing poisoned needles created by himself. Based on a defensive style of fighting, Revenant has facility to hit vital points of the victim's body after critical counterattacks.

Primary Costume: Revenant is a teenager with black hair short and brown eyes. Wears a long white tunic and gloves of the same color. Beyond to pants and shoes of the same color too. In his right leg, Revenant uses a kind of pocket where he keeps his poisonous needles.
Alternate Costume: A Military Uniform.

Special Moves
Soaring Needle: Revenant throws a poisoned needle against the opponent.
Snake's Bite: Revenant leaps onto his opponent's chest and stick a needle against the victim's back.
Medicinal Boost: A green brightness appears in Revenant's hands and with that, he recovers from injuries from the battle, regenerating health. Until the effect wears or is removed, Revenant cannot use the move again.
Parry: Revenant gets in a parry stance with brightness emitting from his hands. If his opponent attacks him while he's like this, he will punch him, knocking him out.

X-Ray: Military Bastard: Revenant stabs two needles into into the abdomen of the opponent, and then, he grabs them and stick them on the both sides of enemy's skull.
Fatality 1: Bad Mist: Revenant exhales a mystical poisonous mist at her opponent, causing him/her to choke and vomit food twice and blood once. While the opponent is distracted by the vomiting, Revenant then jumps in the air and crushes his opponent's head with his feet.
Fatality 2: Last Surgery: Revenant stabs two needles his opponent's eyes, and then, he takes them away out. Then, he rips the stomach and kicks the enemy's body.

Entrance: Revenant walks toward with a neutral expression, and then, he threatens the enemy ,saying: "Time to Die".
Match Taunt: Revenant crosses his arms and makes a sadistic laugh. If the opponent falls too much close to him, he walks in the opposite direction, with an expression of disgust.
Victory Pose: Revenant walks toward the fallen opponent, and tread firmly against the chest of the enemy and talk about sadistic way: "Don't tell me that I did not warned you"

Ending: Touched by the state of the Lin Kuei clan, Revenant search for Smoke and Sub-Zero and tells them his goals of trying to save victims of Cybernetic Initiative, including Sub-Zero. Without thinking twice, both Smoke and Sub-Zero agreed to help him. Arriving at the temple, Everyone had a surprise with Sektor assuming the post of grandmaster of clan. Sektor soon undertook to attack intruders, but the efforts of Sektor were in vain, Smoke and Sub-Zero defeated him quickly, while Revenant took care of the warriors who involuntarily have been transformed into cyborgs. The success of the mission served as an example of the benefits that Revenant could bring for the clan. Revenant then swore loyalty to the clan, which from now, will aim to protect against future threats to Earthrealm.

Submitted by: -tehmaneater-

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