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Name: Salzar
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 1.90 m
Weight: 125 kg’s
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Before Shao Khan invaded Edenia , Salzar was King Jerrod’s best general . For his strenght and experience in battle he was granted eternal life from the Elder Gods but with the condition of living in Heaven . But when Shao Kahn started his invasion on Edenia , Salzar couldn’t just watch as his homerealm was destroyed so he descended in Edenia , thus leaving away his immortality . But to his surprise Kahn was more than a challenge to him so he died but escaped from Kahns soul takeing when other fighters attacked him . Beacose not respecting the condition of the Elder Gods , Salzar was not allowed to enter Heaven , but instead was sent into Chaosrealm where he was tortured by Havik . During Shao Kahns invasion on Earth he escaped and vowed revenge to Kahn , Chaosrealm and the Elder Gods .

Fighting Style: In his fighting , Salzar uses an array of crossbows and arches combined with a mysterious fighting style learned from edenian monks similar to earths Muay Thai . He is able to strike fiercely with his kicks and his punches can be as deadly as a iron hammer blow . He can also produce clones of himself that can take hits from the enemy instead of him.

Primary Costume: On his head he has a hood , the eyes are obtured by the shadow . He has a goate and on his left eye a scar . His armor is green , made of steel and it lets the arms uncoverd . On his biceps he has royal rings and on the forearm battle braclets (similar to Wonder Womans) . His pants are dark green and on the foot there are golden stripes . He also has long , spiked boots .
Alternate Costume: Green hood on the head,his chest is visible as well as his abs.On his pecs he has black signs while on the sides of his body there are black tiger stripes.On his hands he has black gloves whit red rings on his fingers. On his back he as an arch. On his legs he has long black pants with green boots.

Special Moves
Arrow Barrage: Salzar throws three arrows from his crossbow: one digonaly upward , one horizontaly and one diagonaly downwards. (back down forward + HP)
Dummy: Salzar creates a clone of him that can absorb an attack in front of him. Can also be done behind him (down forward + LP) (down back + LP)
Deadly Punch: He gives a strong punch to the opponent that stuns him for 2 seconds. (down forward + HP)
Edenian Punish: Salzar starts an array of kicks and punches that damage the opponent. (down forward back + HK)

X-Ray: Edenian Judgement: Salzer fiercely strikes his opponent in the head knocking him down and stomps on his neck.
Fatality 1: Edenian Punish into Deadly Punch that pierce the opponent torso , and then he beheads it.
Fatality 2: Salzar rips the opponents torso and as the half-body crawls to escape Salzar crushes it’s head whit his leg.

Entrance: *jump on the screen* "You will not take my victory”
Match Taunt: Says a prayer
Victory Pose: Says a prayer and dissapers in the wind.

Ending: As the warriors are one by one deafeted by Shao Kahn from the dark appears an unknown warrior . He chalenges Kahn and deafets him in a clash of two titans . As the unknown warrior emerges victorious , he claims that his name is Salzar the Great Protector of Edenia and now that he killed Kahn he searches battle with the Elder Gods themselves.

Submitted by: MKNewb

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