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Name: Queen Sapheera
Gender: Female
Age: Over 10,000
Alignment: Good
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 128lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Sapheera, the younger sister to Sindel and lover to Shao Kahn, died whist giving birth. Grief stricken by her sisters death, Sindel adopted Sapheera’s newborn as her own and named her Kitana. And in belief that Sapheera was murdered by her lover, Sindel declared Shao Kahn an enemy of Edenia.

Sapheera’s remains were recovered by a loyal servant decades later when news spread of Sindels evil resurrection. The servant took her bones to a mysterious woman of the desert to resurrect her own mistress in the hope to reunite the sisters and break the spell cast over Sindel. The ritual imbued Sapheera with a power over dust and sand. Before the ritual could be finished however, the woman of the desert fell into the sand and disappeared leaving Sapheera’s body unfinished and disfigured.

Fighting Style: A cross between Sindel, Mileena and a zombie

Primary Costume: Sapheera Is essentially nude. Skin rough and pale. Hands and feet are the texture of sand. She is bald with a similar strong face as Sindel’s. All that covers her modesty is a blue veil that loosely sits on her head like a hood with a fringe. The veil from one side floats down over her breasts like a loose sash and winds down her body over her genitalia. The ends of the veil are sand coloured and blend in with the blue. Something similar to this artwork by Ariokh.
Alternate Costume: Sapheera before she died.

Special Moves
Sand Teleport: Sapheera’s body dissolves into sand and rises on the other side of her opponent uppercutting them.
Dust Cloud: Sapheera sprays a cloud of dust from her mouth, blinding her victim temporarily.
Sand Tornado: Summons a tornado to suspend her victims in the air
Sand Stars: Creates throwing stars from sand and throws it at her victims.
Sand Hands: Creates arms and hands coming out of the ground to hold her victims in place

Fatality 1: Sapheera goes in for a kiss before unleashing the sands from her body and forces it into the mouth of her victim. The sand within them pushes it’s way out of their pores and orifices.

Entrance: "Don’t fear the sand you walk on"
Match Taunt: "Wipe the dust off and fight"
Victory Pose: "The sands of time run out for everybody"

Ending: Sapheera after seeking out Sindel, finds that she has been killed by Nightwolf. She seeks refuge in her old lover shao kahn and finds him much changed. Upon learning of all his cruelty, suffocates him with the sands that make up her body. His powered merged with Sapheera’s, giving her power over all. She declared Kitana her daughter and new Queen of Edenia before letting her body scatter to the winds of her country. Forever a part of it.

Submitted by: TeapotTim

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