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Name: Shade
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good [?]
Height: 6'1
Weight: 180lbs
Origin: Unknown

Bio: A shadowy figure stalks the Tarkatan tribes of the Outworld. Small bands of Tarkatans and minor tribal leaders are found brutally beaten to death in the dark of the night. Rumors spread amongst the barbaric Tarkatans that a black clad warrior has been seen but never directly any who have lived to tell of it. He is said to wear a red mask dyed with the blood of Tarkatan warriors and fist wraps studded with their metal teeth. Following the second tournament's outcome and the Earthrealm invasion by Shao Kahn, the Tarkatans report that these attacks have followed them into the Earthrealm. Patrols and extermination squads fail to return and weapon caches are destroyed without warning. The Outworld invaders strive to figure out who this unknown assailant is and end his threat to Kahn's invasion.

Fighting Style: This fighter's style of fighting resembles Shao Lin Kung Fu, but with an emphasis on brutal, crushing strikes.

Primary Costume: Shade appears to be a bald, Asian human wearing a red cloth mask over his nose and mouth. He wears a black tunic and trousers, similar to those worn by a Shao Lin monk except for the color. He also wears a hood of black cloth that hangs down his back during fights. His hands are wrapped in white cloth from elbow to fist and the knuckles of those wrappings have metal Tarkatan teeth studding them.
Alternate Costume: Shade's second costume is a traditional Shao Lin monk's yellow trousers and foot ware. He is stripped to the waist revealing a heavily toned and muscular physique. He has no face mask or hood, so when he enters he goes straight to his ready pose during his entrance.

Special Moves
Phurba Strike: Shade throws a phurba dagger at his opponent in a fast, straight trajectory, staggering them backwards. The enhanced version launches them back across the screen.
Swift Vengeance: Shade runs at his opponents so fast that he appears to disappear in a blur and reappear next to them. He delivers a powerful punch knocking them back off their feet. The enhanced version has him deliver a flurry of punches before knocking them back.
Mighty Strike: Shade lifts his opponent from their feet as he grabs them by the throat. He delivers a mighty punch that sends them flying. If enhanced, he actually dashes a short distance before the grab.
Brutal Vengeance: Shade lunges forward with a punch. If it connects it stuns his opponent, letting him charge up and deliver a flurry of punches that are so fast they can barely be seen. The opponent is sent flying by the last punch. The enhanced version lasts longer and causes more damage.
Fast Escape [Back and Forward]: Shade blurs as he disappears, then he reappears a short distance away, either behind or in front of where he began. This move can dodge projectiles and can move Shade behind an opponent if they are close enough.
Chi Orb: Shade projects an orb of chi energy from his extended palm. If it hits an enemy's projectile, it cancels it in a blast of lightning like energy. The orb may be steered up or down to intercept high or low projectiles. The enhanced version will reflect the projectile back at the opponent, instead. The orb does minimal damage if it actually hits his opponent.

X-Ray: Brutal Vengeance: (Triggered as a counter attack/parry) Shade sidesteps a left punch from his opponent and simultaneously shatters their jaw with a left hook. He dodges a right handed punch and breaks the other side of their jaw with a right hook. He catches them by the throat with his left hand and lifts them off their feet. Tossing them up in air, Shade delivers a straight kick to their chest, shattering their sternum and sending them flying away.
Fatality 1: Blurred Line: Shade disappears in a blur of motion, then reappears next to his opponent, punching them in the face. He disappears again and reappears, punching them from the other direction. He vanishes a third time and punches them in the stomach when he suddenly appears again. As they fall to their knees, he raises his hand above his head and then viciously chops their head off with his bare hand. As the head rolls away he kicks them in the shoulder, sending their headless body toppling over.
Fatality 2: Eye for an Eye: Turning on point, Shade throws a phurba blade into his opponent's chest. He strides up and yanks the blade out. Before his opponent can defend themselves, he plunges the dagger into one of their eyes, then pulls it out and stabs them in the other one. He yanks the blade out and they fall back into a spreading pool of their own blood.

Entrance: A blur of motion reveals a black clad warrior with a hood drawn over his eyes. He throws the hood back with one hand and delivers a threatening grunt as he adopts a ready pose with fists clenched.
Match Taunt: If close to his fallen opponent, Shade disappears in a blur, then reappears a short distance away in a second blur, as if he ran away at super speed and reappeared. He adopts a ready pose as he awaits his opponent's return to their feet. If farther away, he paces back and forth over a small pace, waiting for them to stand. Once they do he assumes his ready pose.
Victory Pose: Shade turns his back on his opponent, looks back over his shoulder and grunts, then disappears in a blur of speed.

Ending: Having slaughtered several of Khan's extermination squads and terrorized the Tarkatan hordes invading Earthrealm, Shade turns his vengeance on Shao Kahn. The swift and undetected attack catches the Emperor unawares and he falls to Shade's phurba blades. As he succumbs, Kahn sees his attacker unmask and has no idea who the man who defeated him was.
Raiden appears and realizes that Shade is one of the Shao Lin monks who lost in the tournament that picked Liu Kang as their champion in Mortal Kombat. As one of the few survivors of the Tarkatan attack on the Order of Light, Shade pursued the escaping mutants back through their portals into the Outworld. His campaign of guerilla warfare has finally ended in bloody vengeance against the Emperor who ordered the attack that slew so many of his brother monks. With the Netherrealm's looming attack, Raiden recruits this warrior to replenish the dwindled ranks of the Earthrealm's defenders.

Submitted by: OldSkhool

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