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Name: Shiloh
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Alignment: Evil
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 121lbs
Origin: Outworld

Bio: As the star student in Outworld’s Youth Military Academy, Shiloh yearns to experience battle firsthand. When Shao Kahn opens the portals to Earthrealm, prepared for invasion, Shiloh hides amongst the ranks of the Emperor’s Extermination Squads, and follows them through the portals into Earth. Yearning to prove himself on par with the generals in Shao Kahn’s army, he seeks out one of Raiden’s most powerful lieutenants – Nightwolf – to kill in the name of Outworld. Having come from a long line of warriors, and expressing no fear, Shiloh is more than a match for whomever crosses his path, despite his age.

Fighting Style: Shiloh fights using a blend of the martial arts Hwa Rang Do and Pehlwani, particularly emphasizing strikes to joints. With his signature karambit it hand, he tears at his opponent’s flesh with every strike. More distinctively, though, his karambit has been enchanted by an outworld sorcerer, allowing Shiloh to slip in and out of tangibility, for a short while, by simply twirling the knife itself. As such, while he fights, he will occasionally become intangible for a brief second, making him a particularly unique foe. While intangible, Shiloh appears as semi-transparent and glowing blue.

Primary Costume: Shiloh appears as a teenage boy with curly, shaggy hair. He wears a spiked shoulder guard, and steel-toed boots. His face is covered by a semi-transparent, flowing scarf. He holds a bloody karambit in one hand. And he has a gem on his forehead.
Alternate Costume: Shiloh’s alternate costume looks like his primary costume, albeit with different colors, a loose shirt that extends into a loin-cloth, and without his scarf.

Special Moves
Slip-Slide: Shiloh becomes intangible for three seconds. All hits and projectiles go through him. However, his hits too, will go through his opponent (his projectiles, however, still do damage).
Slice: Shiloh slices his karambit through the air, and a bluish flash comes out of it, that does damage as a projectile.
Breath Dive: Shiloh becomes intangible and dives through his opponent, stands up, becomes tangible, and kicks his opponent in the back.
Taste Dirt: Shiloh takes three steps forward, and with each step, rises higher in the air, until he is standing in the air above his opponent’s head. He then slams downward striking his opponent’s face.
Punching Through You: Shiloh’s hand becomes intangible as he punches his opponent in the chest. Shiloh becomes tangible again, with his hand still inside his opponent.

X-Ray: Shiloh runs at top speed, becoming intangible in the process. He runs through his opponent. Once on the other side of his opponent he turns around, kicking his opponent in the back of the knee cap, causing his opponent to fall to his or her knees. Once on his or her knees, Shiloh stabs his karambit into one of his opponent’s shoulders, then the other.
Fatality 1: Star Student: Shiloh jams his karambit into his opponents chest, cutting a hole in his opponent’s chest, leaving his or her beating heart visible. He steps back then runs forward quickly. With a jump kick, he kicks his opponent’s heart out of his or her chest. He folds he stands, folds his arms, and smiles.
Fatality 2: Scarless Surgery: Shiloh becomes intangible and punches his opponent in the chest with both fists. He becomes tangible again, and, with his hands still in his opponents chest, starts moving his hands around, rearranging his opponent’s internal organs. He pulls his hands out from his opponents chest, they are very bloody. His opponent falls over gasping for breath, before succumbing to death.

Entrance: Shiloh appears semi-transparent and glowing blue. He twirls his karambit, and becomes completely opaque, and stops glowing. With an evil chuckle he says, “You think you can take me?”
Match Taunt: Shiloh laughs, and tosses his karambit back and forth between his two hands. “You want more?”
Victory Pose: Shiloh walks away from his opponent, twirling is karambit, shifting in-and-out of tangibility, and humming. He then folds his hands, tapping his foot.

Ending: After successfully hunting-down and killing Nightwolf, Shiloh expects to be rewarded by Shao Kahn. However, his Emperor still regards him as too young and inexperienced to join the exterminations squads – much less granting him a title or even a medal for his fierceness in battle. Enraged at being apparently overlooked he attacks Shao Kahn, intent on proving his worth, even if it means killing his idol. Fueled by rage, and with his enchanted karambit it hand, even the Emperor of Outworld is no match for Shiloh’s ability to become, literally, untouchable. He kills Shao Kahn, and claims the throne as his own.

However, despite his skill in battle, he lacks the knowledge to successfully rule Outworld. And soon the realm he dedicated his life to, becomes an economic wasteland.

Submitted by: Kinetic

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