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Name: Shingai
Gender: Male
Age: 67,143 years (all the souls inside him combined)
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Height: 6.54ft
Weight: 143lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Shingai Tra is one of the only members left from the Trea Kahet fellowship. He was only an unborn soul inside the previous soulkeeper of Trea Kahet before Shao Kahn invaded Fukuoka, killing nearly every single one of the innocent monks and gaining power from the souls they had in store. This event made the previous soulkeeper, Aim Tra, free Shingai and give him birth as a human being. He told the unexperienced, yet the last hope of the clan to consume rest of Trea Kahet's souls and stay away from Shao Kahn as long as possible. Shingai still has a lot of questions unanswered; What happened to Aim? Can he ignore Aim's command and use the Trea Kahet to save earthrealm from destruction? Will the Trea Kahet be reborn upon the death of their killer? The chains of responsibility screwed around his wrists are now nothing but just Aktina energy vanished in air.

Fighting Style: Shingai masters the Art of the Aktinant (or AtA), a fighting style he trained himself into while gathering information about the history of his clan. AtA is a crossover between Wushu and self-developed moves and tactics of the Trea Kahet. Still, the most important of all is the energy known as Aktina; The energy that gains it's energy from the souls of the clan. Shingai can use Aktina as energy projectiles or in the temporary form of two Aktina-powered Tanto swords.

Primary Costume: Shingai is an ordinary-sized human being. His costume includes the upper part of an orange robe, orange pants and a pair of brown sandals. Shingai doesn't have hair, but instead has a lot of light blue facepaint. His eyes are fogged in blue. The Aktina energy he usually is in connection with is glowing, light blue energy. Shingai also has the brown symbol of Trea Kahet in the chest part of his robe, which serves as an "entrance" to all the souls of the Trea Kahet he is protecting.
Alternate Costume: A simple sleeveless, dark orange shirt along with a pair of brown jeans and brown shoulder protections made out of leather. Shingai's facepaint is reduced and he instead has a blue tattoo in his other arm, as a homage to his clan. Shingai will also have a short ponytail that grows straight out of his neck, while a small bit of hairline is visible on the top of his head. His Trea Kahet symbol in the sleeveless shirt is now light blue.

Special Moves
Aktina Sphere: Shingai turns Aktina energy into a projectile and throws it towards the opponent.
Enhanced: Antiktina Sphere: This sphere is red and will do more damage/stun the opponent for a short while in a Stun Stroke fashion.
Jet Sphere: Shingai turns Aktina energy into a projectile and throws it diagonally in the air.
Enhanced: Antiktina Jet: Upon connect, the Antiktina energy will dash downwards with the opponent, triggering a juggle. Also does more damage.
Stun Stroke: A devastating move teached in one of the first lessons of AtA. Shingai gathers Aktina in his right hand and strikes his palm forwards in full force. If it connects, the opponent will be temporarily trapped in a stun, gaining a free hit.
Enhanced: Cobra Stroke: The stun lasts longer, and the move can be charged for more damage.
Trea Sight: Shingai will perform a short Stun Stroke on an airborne opponent and follow with a blast of Aktina from his eyes. (This will start a juggle, but another Trea Sight linked in the first one will make Shingai throw the opponent away after the Stun Stroke.)
Enhanced: Trea Rod Cell Trap: Does more damage and a small electricity effect that drains some of the opponent's life for about 3,5 seconds.
Tant? Slash: Shingai spawns an Aktina-powered Tant? sword and uses it to slash the opponent with a top hook.
Enhanced: Tant? Slices: Shingai will instead use two swords. When the opponent is hit with the top hook, Shingai stabs the opponent in their spine with the other sword and smashes him/her in the ground.
Tant? Spin: Shingai spawns a Tanto sword and leans a bit backwards, spinning the sword in front of him.
Enhanced: Tant? Copter: Does more damage and knocks the opponent to the other side of the screen.
Treaport: Shingai turns into a cloud of Aktina energy and vanishes behind his opponent.
Enhanced: Hoaxport: Shingai sends a handful of souls in the form of a cloud behind his opponent. The souls will quickly turn into a human form that slashes the opponent in the back, leaving a free hit to Shingai.

X-Ray: Saint Faint: Shingai pulls his opponent with Aktina energy towards him. If it connects, he stabs his Tant?s in their stommac, damaging it along with the bowel. Shingai jumps on the Tant?s and strikes his thumbs into the opponent's eyes, making them soak in blood. He then proceeds to jump, and during the jump, spawns the Tant?s back in his hands, stabbing them into the victim's skull while landing. The skull will get damaged from the top and the sides.
Fatality 1: Tellus Core: Shingai will focus a lot of Aktina energy in his hands. He will proceed by firing two beams of energy into the opponent's head, making the head glow in blue. Shingai punches the head inside the victim's body, all the way inside their torso. He then teleports away from the scene, eventually making the head inside the headless body explode, leaving a helpless pair of legs behind. (Jump: Down, Down, Down, Forward, Back Punch)
Fatality 2: Rip Cage: Shingai turns the opponent's feet and hands into Aktina by pointing at them with his open palm. He closes his hand, and the limbs will shatter as energy on the ground. Shingai then stabs his other Tant? into the limbless opponent's chest and puts his other foot on their face, eventually ripping out the ribcage on the Tanto. (Sweep: Back, Forward, Back, Back, Back Kick)

Entrance: Shingai will appear with two Aktina spheres in his hand. He turns the other one into a Tanto, spins it and strikes it to the ground. He destroys the other sphere into his fist. "The Trea Kahet is grateful for your sacrifice."
Match Taunt: Shingai quickly spawns an Aktina sphere in his hand and leans the hand behind him. A soul of another monk will jump from the ground and take the sphere, disappearing to the ground with it.
Victory Pose: Shingai will peacefully proceed to levitate while slowly disappearing as Aktina in the air.

Ending: Shingai's victory was only a step closer to the resurrection of his clan. Upon the defeat of Shao Kahn, the Trea Kahet used their powers to refresh the soul of the emperor, wishing to have his insurmountable powers on their side. When Shao Kahn was resurrected and placed as a new soulkeeper of peace and loyalty, Shingai started to lose his powers and finally feel the wounds he gained in battle. His corpse was still powered by certain Trea Kahet monks who had belief in him and wanted to separate from the clan's insane plans. Shingai once again rose on his feet as Aim, the legendary soulkeeper of the Trea Kahet. Now controlling the corrupted souls of the clan, Aim heads out to finally have his revenge.. While only the roles have changed.

Submitted by: ArtemisFlow

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