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Name: Shoulen
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 205+ lbs, depending on the size of the objects he shape moulds his arm to.
Origin: Outworld

Bio: The Shoulen were a small race of peaceful beings in a world of terror. Living outside the rule of Shao Kahn, made them a target and were always in hiding. These beings had an ability to form basic, solid objects with their arms, which was good for building shelter, chopping wood and bringing big amounts of water to the group at any single time.

Kahn wanted the abilities of this race under his control for unknown future tasks, but they always eluded him.

After growing tired of trying to capture them for years, he decided to annihilate them. So Kahn sent out his loyal Tarkatan army to hunt and kill them.

After years of hiding, the Tarkata finally found them. Unaware, they were ambushed. The Shoulen screams of pain could be heared across Outworld. A few escaped with deep wounds while the massacre was happening. They could do nothing to save their kind against the Tarkatan attack. The leader, Baraka, showed no mercy toward the female and even the younglings of this peaceful race.

The Tarkata's returned to the throne of Shao Kahn, presenting him with the severed heads of all the dead Shoulen. Kahn expresses frustration for the loss of the plans he had for the race and their unique abilities. Kahn ordered the heads be tossed into the depths of the Outworld mines beneath for the starving slaves. He then forgot about the Shoulen quickly thereafter as if they never existed at all.

More years fly by and the few Shoulen that survived have spent their time trying to recover and plan revenge. Turning their unique abilities to an advatage, they push themselves. But some of the surviving Shoulen have never fully healed properly and still feel the pains of the Tarkata's blades ripping their flesh. One Shoulen however, is strong enough for this quest for revenge. For the fate of total annihilation looming, and pure vengence burning within, This Shoulen cannot keep hiding any longer.

His takes the name of his race as his own, in honorable respect, and to carry on the legacy of his fallen race.

He is... Shoulen.

Fighting Style: 'Shoulen way': After years of using their shape moulding arms for chopping, smashing the wood and stone for shelters and protection, these must now be used for violence. The shape moulding abilities will now be tested in Kombat.

Primary Costume: Humaniod figure with a major hint of animalism. Thin but strong abdomen. Strong upperbody to hold the weight of the shape mouldings of his arms. Has superb balance to coincide with the abilities of the shape mouldings of different sized objects. Due to the harsh atmosphere of the area the Shoulen was hiding, a face mask is worn to stop breathing in the dirt and bad wind constantly. Their facial features are humanoid but with better developed canine teeth, for carving joints for their shelters. Their eyes are pure white and are capable of seeing excellently in the dark as if it was still day time. Which has helped elude Kahn's search parties for many years. He wears the Shoulen hand made cloth around his waste like a kilt. There are also strange line markings in the skin.
Alternate Costume: Shoulen now has some armour. A dark, hard mask over his nose and mouth. Bicep bands. An armoured vest with back as well as front protection. Legs are wrapped in the Shoulen hand made cloth. It's strong but very light. Dark wraps around the lower shins and ankles for added support during pacey battles.

Special Moves
Ground Spike: The Shoulen rams his hand into the ground. As he does this, his shape moulding arms run under the ground towards the opponent. The hands are now spikes and burst up from the ground in front of where ever the opponent is and spear them through the chest.
Giant Chopper: The Shoulen moves his hand over his head. His hand Shape moulds into a giant thick blade. He then throws his giant blade down in front of him hoping to chop his enemy in two.
Thrust Spike: The Shoulen brings his hand back like he is ready to give a haymaker. As he throws his fist forward, his hand shape moulds into a long thin spike similar to the Ground Spike, but directed at the opponent.
Ground Hammer: The Shoulen lifts both hands, held together, above his head. His arms shape mould into a hammer like block. As he does this, he throws his block hammer to the ground making it shake just enough to make the opponent loose balance and control for a moment.
Hammer Thrust Fist: The Shoulen brings his hand backward like he is ready to give a haymaker. As he throws his fist forward, his hand shape moulds into a giant fist. The force of throwing his giant fist forward thrusts himself towards his opponent a few meters.

X-Ray: The Shoulen delivers a knee to the gut to set up. Then he opens out his arms. He shape moulds his hand into small boulders. He then swings his boulders in front of him towards the opponent body, crushing his ribs both sides. He then opens his arms out again and then swings his boulders in front of him towards the opponents head, crushing his skull both sides. He then delivers a massive front kick to the opponents face, breaking his jaw, which throws the opponent a few meters away from him.
Fatality 1: From a distance. The Shoulen shape moulds his arms into his ape style arms. He slams his hand down to the ground making him lift high off the ground. In mid air, his hands shape mould into giant blocks as he does a front flip. As Shoulen's feet hit the ground, the two blocks have moulded into one massive block and come down onto the opponent, crushing and splatting the opponent to nothing but pulp. His block hand shape mould back and he shouts to the skies in complete victory.
Fatality 2:Shoulen shape moulds one hand into a long spike and rams it through the opponents lower body. He then shape moulds his other hand into a spike and rams it through the opponents mouth and out the back of their head. Shoulen lifts the opponent above his head and slowly pulling the opponent head off while still barely alive. He thows the body to the ground as his hand moulds back. He raises his opponents head high like a trophy while still on his other spiked hand.

Entrance: He enters the battle running on his shape moulded arms that are shaped like massive ape style arms. He then looks at his opponent while waving them to come and get him.
Match Taunt: After beating the opponent, his hands shape mould into small boulders. He turns to the player (us), slams his hands together in front of him, then swings his hand above him, slamming them together. Then his hand shape mould back while he looks towards his opponent and waves them to come get him.
Victory Pose: After knocking out the opponent, his arms shape mould into his giant ape style arms. He slams them to the ground with such force that he lifts from the ground. In mid air, his arms shape mould back and he does a front flip. He hits the ground feet first and stands tall looking at his fallen opponent.

Ending: After defeating everyone in his path for revenge, Shoulen finally defeats Kahn in battle. Kahn couldn't find the answer to counteract the shape moulding skills that Shoulen used. But before he could give Kahn the killing blow, a few Tarkada survivors attacked Shoulen. This distraction gave Kahn time to escape through a portal to safety. Shoulen tried to stop him but the few Tarkada kept him away long enough. Shoulen took his frustration on the Tarkadans, smashing and crushing them with every blow. After his rage had past, he decided to return to his Shoulen group. When he returned, he found nothing. Wondering where they could have gone in their near fatal condition, he could only come up with one explanation; they must have been taken by Kahns squads while he was away.

Shoulen's quest is not over. Not only does he seek vengence for the near annihilation of his race. But to find the rest of them.

He lets out an angry yell to the skies. The once peaceful Shoulen race now has a dark warrior.

Submitted by: ultimatesavage

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