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Name: Snake (Real name: Trent Atticus)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Evil
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 345lbs
Origin: Netherrealm (Formally Earthrealm)

Bio: Trent Atticus was formally aligned with The Black Dragon clan as a mere pawn until his untimely death. Trent took it upon himself to seek revenge on all those that brutally slaughter their own for the sake of enjoyment, which is what he was an unfortunate victim of. In the Netherrealm he encountered Noob Saibot, a wraith which took note to his unique abilities. Trent became a member of the Brotherhood of Shadow where his strength increased tenfold…and he would serve Quan Chi for his ultimate revenge.

Fighting Style: Snake withholds knowledge of the legendary stature of the Eight Immortals. His fight power in Martial Arts is near perfection, which makes him both technical, and powerful, however his moves lack speed due to his nature of using momentum. Snake's fighting stance while standing is a cross between Kung Lao and Noob Saibot (Slightly bent, one arm up, one arm down). Snake's main weapon is a scimitar with a heavy curve to the blade [Picture of Scimitar attached]. Many of his powers were gained and exploited from becoming a Brotherhood of Shadow.

Primary Costume: Snake's is fairly light skinned, he has pale white eyes and long black hair. Snake sports a ninja mask similar to Smoke, however it is painted black. Snake wears a long black trench coat with a large sword sheath that is visible at his side. Similar to Mavado, however by him are the reminiscence of shadows.
Alternate Costume: Snake's alternate costume is akin to the Grim Reaper, shrouded in torn black robes (with the sword sheath still visible). The robes flutter in the air and leave Snake's legs visible (Dark black pants). [Image reference attached; credit to the original artist]

Special Moves
Warping Blade: He reveals his blade for a slight moment, and in that time his blade teleports and comes flying from behind the foe, and knocks the foe forward.
Heel Smash: He lifts his leg up fast while his enemy is near, picks up the enemy and smashes them into the ground, this causes them to bounce up into the air and open them up to juggling.
Shadow Rip: Enhanced by shadows, Snake delivers heavy sword blow to his opponent, slow and un-blockable. (Can be Charged)
Shadow Teleport: Snake drops through the ground in a barrage of shadows and appears at the other side of his foe.
Stunning Sword: Snake Throws his sword forward, which stuns his opponent for a short time. (Can also be done in the air, only without stun effect)

X-Ray: Angel Destroyer: Snake charges forward at his fastest rate, once contact is made the X-ray begins. Snake smashes his opponent into the air using his sword, as the opponent lands Snake smashes his sword against their chest, breaking their ribcage. Once they hit the ground Snake grabs them by the head and pulls it back until their neck rips. The X-ray ends by him kicking his opponent into the ground.
Fatality 1: Fatal Organ Shish Kebabe: Snake uses his warping blade ability to his advantage, he teleports his blade and pulls it through the back of his enemy's head. Snake rips out the heart of his enemy and stabs it onto the end of the sword that is lodged into his enemy's brain. He rips out the sword and his enemy's body falls to the ground.
Fatality 2: Lust For Death: Snake goes insane with rage and immediately attacks his opponent. He begins slicing his arms and legs apart with his sword. Once the only thing that is left of his foe is his torso and head, Snake kicks it up in the air and through a portal. Snake faces the camera and above him the portal opens up, and blood spills out.

Entrance: "You will wish you were still alive"
Match Taunt: Snake takes out his sword and makes it vanish.
Victory Pose: Snake summons his shadow to his side and stabs it with his sword, the shadow and his sword both disappear, he faces the screen, crosses his arms and laughs.

Ending: After defeating Shao Kahn with his untapped power, Trent Atticus felt his only option left was to follow Noob Saibot to the Chaosrrealm. However he felt that his power was more deserving. He was meant to lead not follow. With Shao Kahn gone he considered his possibilities. Trent decided that instead he would go from a pawn of Quan Chi, to the ruler of Outworld. As ruler of Outworld his first task at hand would be vengeance against Quan Chi; the invasion of the Netherrealm.

Submitted by: SystemSCSnake

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