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Name: Yukiko Yukimura (Snow)
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: A warrior from Earthrealm, and a relative of Frost, with the powers of ice and cold, Snow is earning himself a spot in the Netherrealm, on a quest for revenge. He is hunting the elusive Sub-Zero. Seldom mentioned, the Lin Kuei kidnapped 3 children to be trained in the art of assasination. During training, Bi-han became jealous of Yukiko's skill and power, and froze him, leaving him hidden for years. After escaping his prison, he became enraged, and began to train in solitude, preparing for when he finally faces Sub-Zero in Kombat.

Fighting Style: See attached picture

Primary Costume: Going with the traditional ninja look, he has a fabric mask and balaclava. His costume is white, with an icy blue trim. See attached image (I can't draw in paint)
Alternate Costume: He is rough looking, with blue ribbons around his wrists, with the excess of it dangling off, torn at the ends. His mask is slightly torn. His loincloth is beaten and torn, and his pants and boots are slightly damaged.

Special Moves
Freeze: Puts one hand forward, and shoots an ice ball
Enhanced: Ice ray
Ice Teleport: Explodes into chunks of ice, reappears behind opponent
Enhanced: Appears with a flying kick
Ice Parry: Turns to ice, and when the opponent hits them (Close range only, no projectiles), the opponent freezes when opponent is frozen, uses ice fist as a club on the head which bounces them as a set up for a juggle combo
Enhanced: Bounces them then freezes them
Frozen Roll: Does a short ranged roll, knocking the opponent in the air and freezing them.
Enhanced: Longer range, faster
Ice Knife: Throws a small ice knife
Enhanced: Two ice knives, one after the other

Throw (front): Grabs opponents shoulders, brings one hand back, creates an ice ball around it, punches opponent in ribs, sending them flying.
Throw (back): Spins the opponent around, then forms an ice fist, and punches the opponent in the spine.

X-Ray: With back leg, cross-kicks in shin the opponent, forcing them to balance on one leg. Player has leg in lifted, drives elbow into jaw (Jaw breaking is visible), grabs shoulder, spins them around, ice punches opponent in spine (Spine turning to fine powder visible), ice punches opponent in the back of the head (Skull crushin' VERY visible). Opponent hits floor like a drunk baby.
Fatality 1: Frosty Demise: (Full screen) Puts hands forward, palms up. Clutches fists and spikes of ice rise from the ground, impaling the opponent. The spikes then retract and the opponent falls to their knees, then flat on their face.
Fatality 2: Ice to Meet You: (Touching) Snow creates an ice knife, and stabs the opponent in the face, then freezes them. He then kicks them and they explode into ice chunks

Entrance: Drops in from roof, crouching, "Let's do this."
Match Taunt: Forms ice knife, tosses it up, point hits floor, sticks in, then evaporates
Victory Pose: Puts fist into air, Evaporates into snow

Ending: After killing countless foes, Snow finally come across Sub-Zero, although, it is not the one he seeks. This will not stop Snow from getting his revenge. He faces the younger Sub-Zero is Mortal Kombat and brutally slays him.

Submitted by: Mistoballin

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