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Name: Tao Fei, Master of the Five Elements
Gender: Male
Age: Thousands of Years Old. 38 when cursed
Alignment: Good
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: "I will not be a plaything for the Gods."

Humans did not always dominate this realm as they do now. Once, in a time before the earliest scribblings of poets and scribes, this world was ruled by creatures greater and more fearsome than any seen today. Lizard-like Saurians formed great civilizations, shaping the world through their primitive magics. We humans were but cattle, huddling in our villages hoping simply to survive. This was my era. I was a fighter, even then, the best of an entire people. I alone held mastery over the Five Elements of Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, and Metal. The self-styled "Champion of Humanity." Times were hard, but my wife, Hong Mei, and I made as much of it as we could. That is, until the troubles came.

The Elder God Shinnok, in the self-righteous arrogance so typical of his kind, laid claim to Earthrealm, in defiance of his peers. War came then. A war unlike that seen in any of the realms. A war of Gods as well as men. Champion of the fledgling human race, I fought for the Elder Gods. I fought alongside the Thunder God Raiden. I watched my friends and family die because of the Gods' squabbles, but still I fought. The fate of the world hinged on our actions, and I gave blood and sweat to see it saved.

My wife died in a night time raid on our village by Shinnok's men. Away on the front lines, I was not there to stop it, or comfort her in her final moments. I can only imagine the horror in her eyes as her life drained from her. When word reached me I approached the Elder Gods, begged them to use their mighty power to bring her back to me. But they refused. Maintaining the precious "balance" of their callous system of life and death was more important to them than returning her to me. Their finest mortal warrior. Yet my service was not worth even one life, an action which would be as simple as breathing to them!

It was then that I vowed I would never again fight in the petty wars of the Gods. And so I did not. Claiming that it was I who betrayed their trust, and not they who betrayed mine, the Elder Gods cursed me then to walk the Earth for all eternity, never to feel the sweet embrace of death. Never to join my beloved Hong Mei.

Even without me, Shinnok was beaten and cast into the bowels of the Netherealm. Yet my punishment would continue. It has been many thousands of years since that era. Even with Earthrealm on the verge of merger with outside forces, the Thunder God Raiden could only ask for my participation in the pointless tournaments the Gods had arranged. He could not lift my sentence, and I would not play to the whims of the Gods again, even for the whole of the realms. Only now, with Shinnok's escape from the Netherealm, have the Elder Gods agreed to end my suffering. Help them turn back the tide of Shinnok's invasion, and I will be granted death, to be reunited with my beloved in the heavens.

I will not be a plaything of the Gods, but I will end one if I must. I am coming, Hong Mei. I am finally coming home.

Fighting Style:Master of the Five Elements, Tao Fei uses a hard style of Kung Fu consisting of an amalgamation of many different styles. Indeed, some of the many styles still practiced in China today were first used by Tao Fei in his travels. Elements of Wing Chun, Bajiquan, Southern Dragon, and Choy Li Fut are all present, with an emphasis on powerful chops, single devastating blows, and a conservation of movement.

Throw Forward: The Opponent auto throws a leading hand punch at Tao Fei, which he parries easily. They then throw a backside hand punch which he also easily parries. With the opponent off balance, Tao Fei then delivers a vicious front kick to their exposed chest, sending them flying backwards.

Throw Behind: Tao Fei grabs the opponent's arm and uses it as leverage to fling them across his shoulders and flipping over to the other side. He does so with enough momentum that they land on their feet facing away from him, close enough to him that he' still holding their now-twisted arm. He then kicks the back of their knee, forcing them into a kneeling position. As they turn to face Tao Fei, he plants a side kick to their face, knocking them backwards to the ground.

Primary Costume: Tao Fei is a Asian man of average height, with a strong but lean build. His skin holds tight to tensely wound muscle, having a relatively light shade. Strong, angry brown eyes hide under sharp eyebrows, and accent his stony face well. He wears his jet black hair in a long pony tail, held low in a golden ring, with his only facial hair a thin goatee outlining narrow lips. Tao Fei typically wears a brilliant blue sleeveless vest with gold embroidery, gold bracers, and blue silk pants. His shoes usually consists of thin gold and black boots with golden padded greaves.
Alternate Costume: Tao Fei wears a pair of thick silk green pants, with padded calf-high boots with steel segmented plates on the front side. Around his waist is a Mongolian-style lamellar armored belt, with an armored cloth hanging down to cover his groin in the front. Tao Fei’s chest is bare aside from a segmented, armored sash slung bandolier-style from his hip to his shoulder. Unlike his primary costume, his face is bare, though his hair remains in the long, low ponytail. Finally, brilliant green silk bands are tied around his bicep, the ends hanging loose to flow with his movements.

Special Moves
Shattering Earth: Tao Fei delivers a powerful downward chop, carrying the motion through to impact the floor in a kneeling position. Opponents hit with the move are immediately knocked flat and hard onto the ground face-first, without pop-up. This move does moderate damage but has extremely high priority and has a very brief invincibility frame at start-up. While quick enough to combo off of, Shattering Earth has a significant recovery time, allowing it to dominate Tao Fei's close range game while still being punishable if used predictably.
Enhanced: Enhanced: The move causes a minor pop-up similar to the second hit of Sektor's Enhanced Rocket Uppercut, and the invincibility frames are slightly longer
Nature's Gift: Tao Fei plants both feet in a firm, wide stance, and a pair of vines quickly entwine his legs. He flashes green momentarily as the vines disintegrate. This move gives Tao Fei one of either a bonus to damage, speed, or health, at random.
Enhanced: Still only grants one bonus, but it lasts roughly one and a half times as long.
Fire Wheel: Tao Fei leaps into the air, twisting his body to bring what was his lead leg arcing downward onto his opponent. His lead leg catches fire on the downward arc, lending to the move's name. Useful as a powerful overhead and for anti-air if used early enough, the Fire Wheel is nonetheless easily punishable due to it's range only covering about half the screen and it's slow arcing path. A successful hit causes knock down, while a block causes Tao Fei to backflip to the ground similar to a blocked Dive Kick by Cyber Sub-Zero.
Enhanced: Move comes out faster, and without the arc. Essentially acts as a Liu Kang-style Flying Kick.
Heavy Water: Tao Fei takes a wide, even stance, and brings his hands in close to his sternum. Quickly and smoothly spinning his arms in a wide circle, a sphere of gently glowing water forms near the center of his chest. Upon completing the circle he again brings his hands in close before thrusting his lead hand forward, thus sending the watery ball flying forward as a projectile. The total animation takes roughly as much time as Nightwolf's Arrow, and while the projectile itself is quite fast, this combined with the relatively small damage makes it a less than optimal weapon.
Enhanced: The move does more damage and causes knockdown on a successful hit
Steel Hand: Tao Fei dashes forward rapidly, his lead arm outstretched with his hand in a half fist. Upon hitting his opponent the moves causes knockdown. Move does only moderate damage, but is quick enough to punish just about any mistake within its two-thirds screen range. Like most moves of its type, it is punishable on block due to a slow recovery.
Enhanced: After hitting Tao Fei (extremely) quickly grabs the opponent with the same hand he hit them with and flings them sliding face-first onto the ground on the opposite side they started on. Does moderately more damage, has a brief invincibility frame on start-up, and is useful for a quick side-change with the opponent for avoiding corners.

X-Ray: Hard Style: Start up has Tao Fei perform a powerful palm thrust while firmly planting his lead foot, breaking the opponent's ribs. He then delivers a firm vertical fisted punch to their jaw, shattering it. As they turn and stagger from the punch, Tao Fei grabs them around the neck in a sleeper hold, kicking the back of their leg gently to bring them down to a seated position, and breaks their neck.
Fatality 1: An Inch for a Mile: As the opponent stands shakily, Tao Fei approaches and places the tips of the fingers of his leading hand against the opponent's sternum. He then performs a swift one-inch punch, causing the top half of the opponents body to explode.
Fatality 2: Overcoming Cycle: Tao Fei throws a Heavy Water at his opponent, knocking them onto their back. He then begins performing Avatar-esque katas as vines then grow around their limbs as they lay on the floor, holding then down with their limbs outstretched. The floor beneath them then juts up, raising them up as if on an alter. The opponent then combusts, screaming as their flesh burns off until, with the final kata, metal spikes impale the opponent, killing them.

Entrance: Tao Fei walks forward confidently, holding his head high, saying “If you wish for death, so be it.” He then assumes his fighting stance, calmly.
Match Taunt: Tao Fei backs slowly away from his downed opponent, standing tall and assured the whole time. “Have you learned nothing, whelp.”
Victory Pose: Tao Fei assumes a wide, firm stance, stomping hard on the floor as a waist-high stone rises from the ground in front of him. He performs a sweeping, spinning kick into a loose stance and the stone collapses into water. He then makes a fierce, direct centering punch, and the wet floor bursts up into a series of steel spikes. With a rounded, grasping motion, the spikes because wooden vines, before a rapid, skyward thrust with both of his palms combusts them. As the vines burn to ash, Tao Fei assumes a tall straight stance, his arms held firmly down and carefully curled together directly in front of him. This entire display is smooth and swift, occurring in roughly the same amount of time as all the game’s other match-end taunts.

Ending: As Tao Fei defeated Shinnok, the Elder God’s broken body erupting into an unholy ether, he felt a strange sense of peace pass over him. As he let his life pour out of his body, Tao Fei sees only one thing, the figure of a woman. Taking his long-lost wife in his arms, the pair ascended to the heavens to spend their eternity together.

Submitted by:IndyRI

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