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Name: Terek (Tarkatan); Gaelert (Edenian)
Gender: Male
Age: 9.867 years old
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 154lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Grown by the Tarkatans, Terek was never told his past. His only reason in life was to serve his masters as the most brutal weapon held by the Tarkatan army. As Terek got older, he was frequently summoned by Shao Kahn for all kinds of assassination assignments, causing him to be dislike by the Lin Kuei. His training had made him unique: As bloodthirsty as a Tarkantan, but much faster and smarter than any of them.

His abilities would have been most useful in the Mortal Kombat tournament to conquer Earthrealm, but when asked by Shao Khan to participate, Terek declined as his Edenian heart spoke louder. Enraged, Shao Kahn demanded that the Tarkatans should bring him Terek's soul.

Terek knew no way of life other than serving the tarkatans, and being pursued by them left him pathless. Not even he knew why he had declined to fight, but now he could only move on.

Forgotten by destiny, Terek understood his past was hiding more than he could imagine. As the only ones who could tell him what happened were trying to kill him, Terek knew he'd have to get his hands dirty once again to find out what he needed. After all, it was time to face those who once fought with him. It was time for Mortal Kombat.

Fighting Style: Due to the training with the Tarkatans, Terek learned mainly how to fight using twin blades, forged to be the upgraded version of a Tarkatan's blade. His dual-wielding is enhanced by his Edenian blood. His speed and intelligence leads him to a very less barbaric fighting style than the tarkatan's.

His speed is remarkable because, at times, he'll be capable of doing nearly instant moves, where he only leaves a blue mark behind as his movements are nearly invisible to the naked eye. This characteristic is present on his air throw, some of his combos and nearly all of his special moves.

His punches and kicks are meant to be objective and effective. His direct and fast hits are hard to block due to his acrobatic moves, which are lethal when mixed to the violent nature of the Tarkatans.

Terek fights by chaining his fast moves into combos which are usually not so powerful by themselves, but when they are well put together and well finished with one his purely tarkatan moves, destruction is done.

The same acrobatic moves serve as defense. Terek is not used to fight on defensive stance, and is not afraid to get hurt. Whenever possible, he will use evasion as a way to counter attack, but nearly never devoting time to pure defense, after all, the Tarkatans taught him why they all had two blades, and no shield.

Terek's throws happen the following way: He will jump, hitting a kick on the enemy's chest, and using it as boost to jump even higher, delivering another kick on the opponent's face. Then he will step over the enemy's head to jump over the opponent hitting him on the back, while still in mid-air, for a backward throw, or he will step over the opponent's head to jump back, kicking the opponent, while still in mid-air, for a forward throw.

He also has an air throw where he will do a vertical kick throwing the opponent on the ground and landing over him with his super-speed.

Summarizing, Terek uses incredible speed to hit unstoppably, but not dealing so much damage with each attack, except for some powerful moves inherited from the Tarkatans. He'll be always on the offensive, blocking only enough to wait for the right time for a comeback. His fast and acrobatic attacks are perfect to counter the opponent if they're executed at the right time. His fighting style demands training, but can be most devastating if used correctly.

Primary Costume: Terek was grown by the Tarkatans, so his armor reminds their violent nature, with a little influence from Khan's smiths. His armor is light, so it is easy for him to move wearing it. His face is hidden by a mask which reminds a Tarkatan face, because, after all, he belongs to their people. His armbands have blades on it to remind the arms of a Tarkatan. His blades are rough yet sharp, with some extra spikes on it.

Terek wears this outfit during the MK I part of MK 2011, since he had just left the Tarkatans.
Alternate Costume: Adopting a style of his own, since he has left the Tarkatan, Terek wears clothes which remind him his Edenian lineage. He still wear a cloth mask since he's used to hide his face while fighting. Also, he has blades tied to his arms, since they are part of his fightstyle. He has new, much better finished blades.

Since Baraka couldn't tell him everything he needed to know, Terek used this outfit to participate the MK II and the MK III parts of MK 2011, trying to reach Shao Khan to know the truth about himself.

Special Moves
Instant Slash: Terek dashes through his enemy using his super speed, delivering damage. He will end up behind his opponent.
Enhanced: Instant Carnage: After dashing the first time, he will dash back, but this time hitting low. The enemy will fall back.
Falling Fury: Done in mid-air, this move will use Terek's speed to instantly move forward and hit the opponent with an overhead attack using both swords, causing the opponent to bounce on the ground. If done twice in a row, instead of bouncing, the enemy will be thrown away.
Enhanced: Winged Tarkatan: Terek will hit an upward slash while the enemy is bouncing.
Quick Parry: Terek will use his super speed to go a little bit forward, backward and sideways, like if he was evading from enemy attacks. If he is hit while doing this, he will counter with both his swords on the enemy's back, throwing him.
Enhanced: Hypnosis: Terek can stay repeating his dashes for a few time while the button is held. If the opponent hits, he'll receive one extra hit before the default strike on the back, but if the player lets the button go before that, Terek will dash forward and hit one direct strike.
Flying Blade: Terek will throw one of the blades he possess attached to his armbands, which simulates the Tarkatan arm blades.
Enhanced: Go For It: Terek will throw his blade and dash through his enemy (without dealing damage) to push his enemy against the blade which has been thrown, causing extra damage.

X-Ray: Terek will start by hitting his throw. So he will jump and hit a kick on the opponent's chest and use it as boost to jump higher and kick the head. This kick will turn the enemy back in case he was facing forward, or leave him turned back, in case he was already turned. Terek will then step over the opponent's head to jump back, performing a backward somersault while grabbing his swords. While still on the air, he will stab the opponent's back with both swords. X Ray! Terek will land, still holding the swords, and use then to raise the enemy above his head, turn him upside down, and crash his head against the ground. X Ray! Terek will then pull his swords out, which will result in throwing the enemy away.
Fatality 1: Close) Terek will grab one of his swords and stab the opponent's heart. He will then grab the other sword and run through his enemy , using his super-speed, multiple times, but dealing no apparent damage. Standing once again in front of the enemy, Terek will shethe his sword, and grab the one stuck on the enemy .

Terek will pull the sword out violently, causing all the pieces of the enemy's body, which had been previously cut, to fly away, bathing him in blood. He will then hold the sword, which has the enemy's heart stuck on it, in front of him. Fatality!
Fatality 2: (Full Screen) Terek will grab both his swords and throw them. Using his super speed, he will be faster than the swords. He'll grab the enemy and use him as shield against his swords. Once both swords have hit the enemy, one on the chest, and one on the waist, Terek will simply put the enemy on the ground, using his swords and the enemy's legs and arms to equilibrate him, and then he'll use the enemy's body as a bench.

The enemy's body will slide down through the swords until it reaches the end of the blade. Terek will be sitting on it, with a serious expression and crossed arms. Fatality!

Entrance: Terek will be sharpening his blades with each other while speaking "I'm thirsty". He'll then sheathe both blades, and finish speaking "let us have some blood."
Match Taunt: Terek will grab one of his swords and throw it in the air, while walking away from the opponent. The sword will fall rotating and Terek will grab it behind himself, and then sheathe the blade again.
Victory Pose: Terek will grab both his blades and do an extremely fast sequence of movements with his blades to show off to the camera. He'll then stop on a fighting stance.

Ending: Narrator: "Before Shao Khan was defeated, he confirmed to Terek that he had been sold to Khan by his Edenian parents in exchange for mercy; Mercy which was not given."

Terek is standing in the middle of the wastelands of what once was Edenia, wearing his alternative costume.

Narrator: "Betrayed both by his Edenian and Tarkatan families, Terek went to the rubble of what once was Edenia to clear his mind."

A soul appears in front of Terek.

Narrator: "As Terek was walking, a soul appeared in front of him. It was his father, and he showed Terek the truth about his past."

Terek's father is hidden with his wife and son. Behind him, his thoughts are shown, which are himself fighting, Terek being grown as a servant of Shao Khan and finally, Terek defeating Shao Khan and honoring the Edenian.

Narrator: "Once a warrior who fought for Edenia against Khan's invasion, Terek's father knew Edenia had lost and he and his family were going to die. He knew though that his child had a great purpose in life and in order to save his son and eventually honor Edenia, he pretended to be giving up, delivering his son to Khan. Terek's father knew he would defeat Khan, and was standing before Terek to both thank him, and apologize."

Terek standing admiring the sunset. Behind him, you can see he has rebuilt Edenia.

Narrator: "Terek had fulfilled his destiny, and honored his fallen people, defating Shao Khan to free the realms from his menace, and also making Edenia a prosperous realm once again."

Submitted by: Keliac

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