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Name: Terra
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Good
Height: 7'2"
Weight: 180lbs
Origin: Earthrealm/Heavens

Bio: Raiden's predecessor as Protector of Earthrealm, the Earth Goddess, Terra ascended into the pantheon of Elder Gods after Shinnok's fall from grace. Now, thousands of years later, Shinnok has waged a war on the Heavens in the aftermath of Shao Kahn's invasion of Earth. Terra fought bravely in the battle against the Netherrealm but fell to Earth in the chaos. With her homerealm under attack as well, Terra will need to survive the onslought long enough to find a way back to Heavens and ward off Shinnok's onslaught.

Fighting Style: Terra fights with remarkable grace but is in no way slight. Her height makes her a large target but her flexibility and strength make her a force to be reckoned with. Terra incorporates slides, splits, flips and other acrobatics into her attacks to keep her opponent guessing, not unlike Sindel. Terra’s strength is her best tool to defend against lighter, faster characters. Like Liu Kang and Sonya, Terra has an alternate stance. Terra’s has a number of different attacks that utilise her axe weapon. Though punishable, they offer great range and can be used to devestating effects.

Primary Costume: Terra is a towering female Elder God, dressed in chainmail beneath intricate silver and gold battle armour adorned with the symbol of the Mortal Kombat tournament. She has glowing white eyes like many of her fellow gods. Terra wears a crown in the shape of dragon wings.
Alternate Costume: Terra's alternate costume consists of dark robes and a black hooded cloak. She wears a black veil, concealing her face. Only her glowing white eyes can be seen. Terra donned these clothes to make her way through Earthrealm unnoticed. She wears boots and gauntlets, prepared to fight if need be.

Special Moves
Earthquake: Terra summons a seismic shockwave that hurtles through the Earth toward her opponent. It cannot be blocked. To avoid it the opponent must be in the air. If connected, the opponent is launched into the air for juggling.
Rock Throw: Terra telekinetically launches a barrage of rocks and earthy projectiles at her opponent.
Earth Trap: Terra summons the ground to open up around her opponent. They fall down to their waist before Terra closes the gap, trapping them momentarily before the opponent can pull themselves out. Allows for a free medium or low hit.
Tectonics: Terra lunges at her opponent with her axe, slamming it down over their head. The opponent is launched into the air for juggling.
Shifting Plates: A long range sweep - Terra races towards her opponent, swinging her axe at their ankles, knocking them down.

X-Ray: Terra performs her Axe Lunge, with the axe blade landing on top of the opponent’s skull, cracking it at the top. With the opponent slammed into the ground, Terra conjures a large boulder and slams it into her opponent’s back, breaking it.
Fatality 1: Entombed: Terra summons small pebbles to fall onto her opponent from above. These are soon followed by larger rocks that pulverise her opponent and break their arms. Finally, a few large boulders crush the opponent completely.
Fatality 2: Eruption: Terra opens a small hole in the earth beneath her opponent. There is a heavy rumbling as the opponent stands confused. Suddenly, a jet of molten lava erupts from the hole, incinerating the opponent.

Entrance: Terra pushes up through the Earth in a flurry of rock and debris. She adopts her fightings stance and calls out to her opponent "Hell will swallow you, Assassin!"
Match Taunt: Terra leaps backwards, high into the air and lands gracefully at a distance from her opponent. "Had enough?"
Victory Pose: Terra disappears into the Earth in a large seismic shock that seemingly destroys the arena.

Ending: After falling to Earth, Terra searched for her former disciple, Raiden. She finally found him and his warriors fighting a losing battle against Quan Chi. With Terra's aid, Earth's forces defeated the sorcerer, ending his treachery once and for all but the war was not over. Terra soon came face to face with her oldest adversary, Shinnok. After an intense battle, Terra called upon the Earth itself to open up and swallow the former Elder God. With Shinnok defeated, the realms were safe. Terra, disgusted with the Elder God's negligence during the war decided not to return to the pantheon. She instead chose to stay on Earth and ensure that no threat would ever come so close to destroying her home ever again. But as Terra will soon discover, the Elder Gods do not take kindly to abandonment. Your browser may not support display of this image.

Submitted by: Keith

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