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Name: Torment
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187lbs
Origin: Edenia

Bio: Once a general of the proud clan of the archniads Torment and his clan were forced to retreat into the depths of Edenia once shao khan came to rule.Through hiding in the depths of caverns Torment began to change and morph into a spiderlike creature learining to live and adapt to the enviroment. With his newly found powers Torment joins Mortal kombat to seek vengence for him and his clan and kill shao khan once and for all.

Fighting Style: spiderlike very fast and bouncy with much percision and power also using four spider legs that grew from his back.

Primary Costume: no cloths black spider hair covers his whole body four spider legs pertruding from his back and has the face of a spider with big spider mandibles kinda looks like the guys from "The earth Vs. The spider"
Alternate Costume: Before the transfromation was complete still has the legs on the back but still a human were a black robe witha hood covering his head kind of like havoks alternate

Special Moves
Web Spit: spits web at the oppenets face as they struggle to get it off, meant to stun
Enhanced: same concept except the web contains toxins that damage the opponet
Web Zip: jumps up and shoots a web across the screen to get to the other side of the opponet, if opponet is in the air the web grabs them and torment tackles them such as kitanas air move or sonyas arc kick
Enhanced: same concept except opponet is damaged more
Sticky Ground: shoots web on the floor and is opponent steps on it they get stuck stays for four seconds
Enhanced: larger area and stay for 5 seconds
Web Grapple: shoots a web and grabs the opponet flinging they into the air and smashing them into the ground
Enhanced: shoots a web and grabs the opponet flinging them into the air smahing them into the ground flings them into the air again then jumps at them and tackles them into the ground.
Grapple: jumps the the opponet mauling them with the four spider legs on his back

X-Ray: grabs opponets legs with web puling the legs out from underneath tripping them and breaking the neck jumps on their legs where their thighs are breakin those bones and then puntures both lungs with 2 spiderlegs
Fatality 1: Babies: grabs oppent spitting eggs into their stomach within moments the eggs hatch and spiders crawl out their mouth then start eating their way through their stomach and opponent drops dead
Fatality 2: A Sticky Mess: pushes opponet over webbing their hand and feet to the ground then starts to eat their insides as they watch this happen

Entrance: web swings onto the screen then growls
Match Taunt: does a backflip then growls
Victory Pose: covers the opponent with web

Ending: although killing shao khan did not reverse transformation Torment had found peace and fillanly took revenge for Himself and his clan, returing to his home the archniands came out of hiding and started a new life and one day hope that they could return to their former glory. With Torment as their leader he vowed to protect them and Edenia from anyone like Shao Khan again.

Submitted by: thetormented609

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