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Name: Tyron Magnum
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alignment: Good
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 220lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Tyron Magnum, the son of a high ranking U.S. military officer, grew up training in various martial arts throughout the world. He had been blessed with heightened physical abilities and excelerated learning. These abilities helped him master many styles of martial arts. Before he turned eighteen he was approached by the president of World Fighting Association, an invitation only mma league. Instead of joining the military as his father had wished for he stepped into the cage. His father grew angry at his son's decision and refused to associate with him. Magnum then set out to dominate the WFA earning the nickname "The Rott" by the malicious way he beat his opponents, by becoming a heel and trash talking his opponents, and his pet rottweiler 'Omen' that accompanied him to the ring. Undefeated at twenty-one, Magnum unified the lightheavy and heavyweight championships. The youngest fighter ever to accomplish this feat. Famous actor Johnny Cage had been seen numerous times at Magnum's fights and the two became friends. Magnum was even given a non-speaking role in "Ninja Mime". Shortly after the movies release, earth was invaded and Magnum was attacked. Not by monsters but by a man who called himself Movado. Magnum defended himself with nunchucks and Mavado had to escape when Omen was let loose. The invasion had ended abruptly and Magnum recieved news of his father's dissapearance. Johnny contacted Magnum and asked if he would assist Johnny in a deadly mission. Cage then offered to introduce Magnum to a woman that might have information about his father. It's an offer "The Rott" can't refuse.

Fighting Style: Magnum's stance should be very similar to the boxer Roy Jones Jr. with his Jab hand down low and straight hand by his face. It's cocky and supports Magnum's role as a heel in mma. His basic attacks should combine kickboxing, muai thai, wrestling, and BJJ. His strong attacks should be heavy elbows, spinning backfists, and leg sweeps. Nunchucks are used but only at the end of his combos. 'Omen' is used only in specials.

Primary Costume: Lanky, clean beard, Cornrows, Very physically defined, reminds you of a bigger version of Anderson Silva. Black boxing shorts with rust trim, The Rott spelled out in silver on the back, Ninja Mime and Netherrealm advertisements on the front of his shorts, Nunchucks visibly attatched to his side, wrapped ankles and wrists.
Alternate Costume: Affliction style brown leather jacket, White Tshirt underneath, Jeans, Designer Shoes, Octagon necklace, Diamond earrings, some rings on each hand.

Special Moves
Throw: Muai Thai clinch, lands two hard knees, then belly to belly suplexes his opponent. Or if Magnum's back is against the wall, belly to back suplex to create more space.
Flying Kneebar: Similar to scrorpions takedown, but Magnum bends his opponents knee and you here a crack.
Enhanced: More damage and you here a snap
Nunchuck Parry: When high attacked by punches or kicks, he makes his opponent miss, then counter attacks with two nunchuck attacks that send his opponent flying.
Enhanced: The second nunchuck attack creates a pop-up for follow up combos.
Nunchuck Throw: Projectile that attacks standing opponent.
Enhanced: More damage
Omen Pop-up: Omen runs toward his opponent, fakes high attack, and headbutts low causing a pop-up.
Enhanced: Omen bites the crotch of the opponent and causes more damage.
Omen Surprise: Magnum yells "Sic 'em" and Omen jumps on the back of his opponent biting the neck. If opponent times it right and croutches, Omen will knock Magnum down if he is close enough.
Enhanced: Omen throws opponent in the air as a pop-up

X-Ray: Magnum yells "Sic 'em" and Omen comes from behind grabbing the opponents heel biting through tendons and meat. The Opponent drops to one knee in pain. Magnum follows up with a flying knee to the opponent nose. Omen let's go and the opponent turns backwards with the force of the knee and lands face first on the floor. Magnum then jumps in the air and lands both feet on the back of his opponents head.
Fatality 1: Magnum lands a nunchuck blow to the face of his opponent that spins him around 180 degrees. Omen jumps and bites his opponents neck. Omen thrashes his mouth around and the opponents head comes off.
Fatality 2: Magnum tackles his opponent and gets full mount. He procedes to punch his opponents face in till there is nothing but mush.

Entrance: Magnum and Omen walk on screen. Omen growls and Magnum attempts to bump fists with his opponent. Magnum noticing the opponent won't ablige turns his fist into a middle finger. Omen walks off screen.
Match Taunt: Magnum grabs crotch and tells opponent to "Get some Bitch"
Victory Pose: Omen hikes leg and pisses on opponent as Magnum say "That's why I'm the champ"

Ending: From the mouth of Sonya Blade, Magnum learned that his father was on an undercover assignment infiltrating the Red Dragon when his cover was blown. His whereabouts were unknown but Sonya believed he was still alive probably being tortured. Sonya came up with a plan. She believed that Magnum's father had given information to the Red Dragon and they now wanted to capture Magnum for reasons unknown. She implanted a tracking device inside Magnums eye socket. Mavado with the aid of Hsu Hao found and beat Magnum unconscious. Magnum woke up strapped to a gurney and heard medical equipment around him. He kept his eyes closed and listened to a conversation between Mavado and a doctor. The doctor told Mavado that the intel Magnum's father gave them was correct. Magnum was a clone of his father with enhanced genetics. His father's first and only attempt to create a super soldier. Hsu Hao ran into the room claiming the bombs on the island will detonate in ten minutes because the military had landed on the island. Mavado killed the doctor and left quickly. Several minutes later Jax found Magnum and released him. Jax had captured Hsu Hao but was unable to find Mavado or Magnum's father. Jax and Magnum barely got off the island in time. Tyron's father was still in Red Dragon hands but he now knew what their plan was.

Submitted by: colt1107

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