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Name: X
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 235lbs
Origin: Earthrealm

Bio: Kcin Tnarg was once a member of the Exstonian clan. Kcin Tnarg commands the power of black magic, given the name "X" from his Grand Master for his cutting a huge X into his opponents flesh. X and his clan were brutally murdered by Shang Tsung and the Tarkatans, Shang Tsung consumed all of the souls of the Exstonian but X's soul. X roamed the 5th plane of the Netherealm, It was here that the Fallen Elder God Shinnok and Quan Chi offered X's freedom, if he entered the Mortal Kombat tournament to slay Shang Tsung and all other threats.

Fighting Style: X is a skilled master of Fu Jow Pai, X's striking movements are lightning fast, agile and powerful just like a tiger.

Powers: Manipulation of light and teleportation.

Primary Costume: X wears a black and red ninja robes, Black pants, black gloves, black combat boots and a black mask with a red "X" in the center.
Alternate Costume: X is wearing a harness (like Shao Kahn) with the amulet in the middle, with black boots and the black mask with a red "X" in the center.

Special Moves
Black Magic: X projects a black ball of energy that moves toward the opponent, When it hits the opponent he/she is propelled toward him.
Slider: X slides low and kicks upwards to knock his foe into the air.
Cloak: X throws a small bomb and remains invisible until the opponent makes contact with him.
Tiger Kick: X teleports and quickly hits his opponent from above with a jump kick.
Knife Boots: X performs a backflip kick with two knifes blades on the end of his boots.

X-Ray: X Factor: X pushes his thumbs into his opponent's eyes blinding them, X pulls the opponent's head down smashing the opponent's head into X's knee, X then snaps the opponent's neck.
Fatality 1: Rib-Eyes: X rips out both of his opponent's ribs and stabs them in the head through their eye sockets.
Fatality 2: It's Grrrrrrreat: X turns into a tiger and slashes and mauls the opponent's face and body.

Entrance: Two large red streaks smashes into the ground and fades into X, then X points and yells "Death Waits For No One."
Match Taunt: X holds his hands like tiger claws and tells his opponent to get up.
Victory Pose: X starts juggling three cloak bombs and then throws them at the screen.

Ending: With Shao Kahn dead, X was no longer bound to Shinnok and It would appear that nothing could stand in the way of Shinnok and Quan Chi as they began their domination of the realms. Unfortunately for X, however, Shinnok had no further need for the partnership. Shinnok instructed Quan Chi to assassinate X in a surprise attack. X had anticipated an act of treachery from the Fallen Elder God. However X made a partnership of his own, X agreed to tether his soul with the soul of Shao Kahn-- X instinctively wielded his new dark power against the two. Quan Chi and Shinnok's end came quickly, X took Shinnok's amulet and with it X will conquer the realms and capture the throne of Outworld.

Submitted by: Kcin_Tnarg

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