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Name: Yaray
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Alignment: Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 222lbs
Origin: The Perpetual Board (The nexus between Chaosrealm and Seido)

Bio: "Having the heart full of chaos and a mind filled with order, Yaray is the product of an incantation lost for centuries. This forgotten scroll was found at the gateway between two opposed realms, The Perpetual Board. Created by a group of heretics, Yaray was thought to be a weapon of destruction. On the checkered tiles that were said to be the Chessboard used by the Gods themselves, Yaray made his first move. His torso split apart, revealing the innards of the two corpses that had fused him together. His imperfect balance could not be contained and soon his creators were no more. Having roused the interest of the feuding Gods, Yaray is sent to the Mortal Kombat tournament to either be the avatar of balance or doom."

Extended Bio I came into being on a battlefield. I came into being as a pawn between two brothers. Even worse, these brothers were Gods, one of Balance and one of Chaos. One sought to enhance the conflict while the other sought to nullify it. The battlefield was a chessboard, the personal chessboard of the two Gods. I would learn later that this magical arena is the nexus that connects the Realm of Chaos with the Realm of Order.

My first memories are of that chessboard; one side had perfectly square black and white tiles with gleaming, figurines that stood even above my head while the other side was covered in shadows with warped tiles and twisted chess pieces.

I do not think I blacked out but the events from that point are hazy. A circle of corpses surrounded me on the checkered floor. They were garbed in clothes of barbarians but their hygiene suggested otherwise. Each one had precisely manicured nails and very stylized haircuts.

However, this was only a fleeting observation. Inside I felt like I had just been put through a trial. The Gods tested me and these bodies were the outcome. I was left not knowing if I had passed or failed or if I had appeased either of the Gods. They were watching me and sending their chess pieces in my direction.

A magnificently carved bishop gracefully slid over to a square adjacent to mine. One of its stone arms reached towards me. Without thinking I stood to attention. Its hand opened without a sound. A book that looked like it was straight off the presses awaited me in its palm.

As I opened it, I noticed a presence behind me. A figure moved in a path not fit for this game. Not looking back, I read the book and found only a simple list on the very first page. I memorized the tasks instantaneously and closed the book.

"Maybe it would be better if you did not look back at the horrible power behind you. We might drive you mad." A croaking voice spoke.

"It would be impossible to drive me mad because all at once I am of an impenetrable mind and have a heart full of enough insanity to rip the cosmos asunder." I did not recognize my own voice or, more surprisingly, my own strength. My words seemed not to be my own but as a mere mouthpiece for the force controlling the figurine behind me. Would I ever speak in such a riddled manner? How would I speak? What was I?

Without another thought, I was whisked off the ground and thrown back along the board. "Perpetual is movement here. Perpetual is conflict here. This place is known as the Perpetual Board and it feeds my master's perpetual boredom. You, the aberration, will fix this."

I regained my composure and looked up. At first I did not see the source of this disembodied voice. A massive rook figurine twisted in front of me. Instead of being a single tower, it spun in all directions creating peaks that would not be fathomable in real architecture. Through the darkness, on the highest point the chess piece, I saw my tormentor.

A maniacal laugh filled the endless expanse that surrounded the giant chessboard. The mouthpiece for the God of Chaos was so unimposing that I was unable to control myself. The raven's dark feathers blended in so well with the twisted perch that all you could really see were its glowing green eyes. However, the bird looked so miniscule compared to the sprawling tower underneath it.

"Your rudeness pleases my master. You perhaps will be the harbinger of chaos. Perhaps this is your destiny."

"I have no destiny. My creators are no more and I must find my own place away from this place, away from this game and your games." I felt my innards yearning to be released and escape.

"My master can tell you why you are here. We can lead you astray to come back to the truth."

"No. I am a mere piece in some twisted contest. Your master, this God will purposefully contort the truth and send me to the ends of the realms just to bring about more chaos, for me and for himself."

"Silly mortal. The Elder Gods and their abhorrent rules prevent my master from directly controlling you. Beings with the power to shift worlds are reduced to spectators. You're of course free to go soul searching looking for the elusive meaning to it all. But we know that the unadulterated chaos that bubbles inside of you cannot be won over by remedial tasks." The raven cawed.

I knew he was right. I could feel the anticipation surging through me. I went over the tasks that I had read in the book that I received from the Bishop. The raven did not need to tell me what the God of Chaos wanted from me, that malleable blank slate. For one God I was to maintain harmony but with the other I was to destroy it.

The bird flew up and from the glimpse I caught of his eyes, I could tell he knew my thoughts. The twisted tower it was sitting on began to zigzag across the marble floor. It circled me as I stayed confined to my tile. The raven spiraled above me, in the opposite direction of the chess piece.

"Check." He said in a voice much more powerful than his own.

My patience was thin. An invisible barrier appeared in my square as I leapt forward. Falling backwards I collided with another side of the transparent wall. My innards howled with rage. Before I knew what was happening, my body began dividing itself from the neck down to the hip in a diagonal line. I could see slimy tendrils snaking their way out from this new hole. The same ropey substance kept my sides connected. My organs, my bones, my muscles were all exposed. From my vantage point I could see my still beating heart, swollen with black and grey hues and pumping anger through my veins. My anatomy was that of the tower circling around me; twisted and sharp and impossible to decipher through rational means.

Suddenly, black rubble rained all around me. My barrier kept me safe during the havoc. A green light flashed in my peripheral and then calmed to a soothing glow. I hadn't even noticed my body instinctually closing up during the brouhaha. Trying to get some sense of what had happened I looked around.

The figure of the white bishop stood triumphantly over the remnants of what once was the warped rook. Order had taken one of Chaos' pieces. I felt that this was a common occurrence here. One side would capture another side's piece but more would come in this endless game. Where the rook had been destroyed now floated a green vortex. I ran to it to try and escape my surrounding hopelessness. No barrier stopped me.

Right as I reached the opening a small crystal fell in front of me. "A gift from the Master." The Raven was so high in the dark haze of the sky that I couldn't see him.

I picked up the crystal and noticed a bluish liquid splashing inside. I looked towards the vortex. "We think that you should put some clothes on. Nudity, while deliciously unacceptable, is dreadfully boring."

I grabbed scraps of cloth and leather from the dead pseudo-barbarians around me and fled. I emerged in a world of flying pyramids and equidistant architecture. I tried to hide away and change into my impromptu garb. I was quickly ushered off by guards dressed in heavy, layered and black armour. From here I was slowly passed off from courts to holding cells until finally I was brought forth to the Senate. It did not take me long to figure out I was in Seido, also known as Orderrealm, while stuck in their bureaucratic maze.

I told my story in the Centre Pyramid of the city while hundreds of senators silently listened. The method in how I had received my tasks from the God of Order was what impressed the room the most. An empty book other than a simple list on the front page is how the God use to deliver messages in ancient times. I was sent away while the senators discussed my worth. I was told they would get a message to me once they had reached a decision.

As I left the great Pyramid, a crowd of people had gathered to catch a glimpse of me. Word had travelled and I was now a spectacle to the Seidan people.

I was escorted back to the portal by the head of the Seidan Guard, Hotaru. He was the one that first recognized my magical quality as I was being passed on from officer to office. Impressed with my discipline and my control as we walked, Hotaru befriended me. We spoke of another realm, Outworld and the danger that that its emperor posed to all the realms because of his insatiable need to conquer. If Shao Kahn won another of the sacred fighting tournaments, another realm would fall to him and there was no guarantee that Seido would not be next. Hotaru could not wait for the Senate's decision and decided to guide me with my quest by adorning me with an arm brace from Seidan guards and a white silk flag to channel the powers of order.

I said goodbye to him at the portal and he had one last piece of advice before I left. "If you are to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament, you will need to have a name."

With that he turned and led his men away. I stepped into the portal but it changed to a red hue as I entered. I was violently thrown through the portal and came out at the other end in the middle of some sort of ceremony. Robed figures stood around a decrepit man stripped down to tattered underwear. They held both of his arms over two pits of fire while he cried out. The cry was not in pain but rather excitement.

The high priest grabbed the possible sacrificial offering and threw him into the fire once he saw me. The men in robes had very skeletal faces and features. Some of them were incredibly strong looking while others were emaciated. I recognized the emaciation; it was exactly like my lower half.

"You have completely ruined this sacred rite that we have been figuring out for months in a matter of seconds." The high priest growled. "That makes you one brave... thing."

He came forward and snapped my shriveled left arm back behind my neck. I winced but the pain was minimal.

"I enjoy the surprise that you have brought to this temple. If you had made me angry, I still would have broken your arm but I would've been in a worse mood. Now, who are you? Quickly, before I break the rest of your bones."

Much like I had done for the Seidan senate, I explained how the God of Chaos had spoken to me through his raven. The high priest, Havik, was familiar with this bird and had even seen him in heated visions. The clerics also noticed the crystal that I had received from the raven hung around my neck.

They worshiped water for its inability to be tamed. Two identical drops of water will never fall in the same direction. My holy symbol gave me credence as I told my tale - one that omitted any mention of the Seidans and the God of Order.

Most of the clerics nodded their heads in agreement but Havik was not so easily pleased. After he heard my request, he picked up the badly burnt sacrifice and threw him through one of the temple walls. "To take away someone who creates so much chaos just for the potential for more chaos is not chaotic. It is calculated. We are all free to do what we like but when you do, you will not have my support."

Uproar erupted in the temple as clerics fought over my significance. Some called me a holy messenger while others cast me off as schemer in a chaotic visage. My heart of disarray pushed me to join in the fight. I was eventually overpowered and thrown through a temple wall (a common happening here as noted by all the structural damage found inside).

From there, I was lost. There was no portal waiting for me. I scavenged along the wastes meeting other Chaosrealmers but most ignored me. A small band of barbarians who spoke only with grunts took me in for awhile and we hunted together. My strength and odd shape spread across the realm and I found myself being watched from a distance by many. My companions were too busy raiding and killing to take notice. They did bestow upon me a name. I was originally Y'rrrr but since some decided a long time ago to speak backwards to support chaos, I Was sometimes called Reeeee. Eventually both names fused together and I became Yaray.

I soon forgot my divine quests but never quite felt at home among the savages. Their views of chaos were incredibly primitive where the clerics spent years contemplating and practicing techniques of utter disruption. My mind also yearned for even the simplest sign of order.

One day, a fervor spread amongst the planes as news of the newest Mortal Kombat tournament reached the realm of chaos. Excitement grew over the fighting and conflict that would take place during the tournament. I was reminded of my birthplace, my awaited response from the Seidan Senate and my growing restlessness.

Desperate I searched the ends of the realm for a portal. I came across a dying tree atop a floating rock. On the tree a murder of crows sat, all looking towards the sky. On the highest branch sat the raven.

"You, take me back to the Board. I wish to go home!" My frustration rang through my words. My body split apart as I approached the tree.

"The Impotents of order have sent their reply to your request; you may represent them at the fighting tournament. Of course this was because you lied to them and forgot to mention my master's offering to you. And now a great anticipation here builds in the plains of Chaosrealm with the chance that one of their own, or at least someone that represents them, will spread the disease to another realm. Either way to perceive it, you will be an agent for us. And where is his Orderliness? The ever pacifist has not even the decency to tempt you the other way." The raven's green eyes shone with power.

"TAKE ME HOME BIRD!" My mouth screamed but the sound came from my open wound.

"You cannot, unless you count Outworld as your new home. Enjoy the conflict of the tournament and of the possible assimilation of a realm. And, whether or not you pick a path of chaos or order, you will still be let back to the Perpetual Board after the fighting has finished. Who knows which path will lead you to what you actually seek."

The crows let out a deafening caw as they all disembarked from the tree in every direction possible. Crackling and shattering filled the air as another portal formed in front of my eyes. The tree vanished, the raven vanished and now I am left in front of another gateway that will fulfill my destiny, one way or another.

I remember I thought I once had while hunting: that there was no such thing as destiny just the choice to believe that nothing that you do matters and therefore it will lead you eventually to something you agree with. At this point, I might just have to settle for that.

Fighting Style: Not surprisingly, Yaray uses a blend of quick and efficient strikes with more jagged and unpredictable maneuvers. Since the only appendages on the order side are one hand and the head, Yaray has a variety of snap punches and headbutts that he strings together. For instance, his Orderly Fashion combo starts with a fast jab to the stomach and then the face with a matter-of-fact strike with his forehead.

With his remaining three appendages, Yaray creates a very mangled version of Monkey and Snake Style kung fu. His one arm mimics a lot of the wavy movements you'd see with an orangutan (think Reptile's Animality) but with sharp impacts at the end of the hit. These strikes are always aimed at odd spots on the body like the side of the neck or the armpit or the pelvis.

Yaray's legs create a 'chaotic grace' that involves a lot of kicks towards the feet, shins and knees. Usually these moves require wild jumping, sometimes even right onto the back with the legs shooting up right afterwards. For instance, Yaray has a roundhouse kick type move where he bellyflops away from the opponent and then launches both his feet back to send the opponent flying.

He sometimes harnesses a flag with two sharp, metal ends in combos. He keeps it tucked in the back of his belt. It is used sparingly much like Scorpion's swords.

Primary Costume: Rather than being your typical ying-yang character like Gill from Street Fighter, Yaray's incision is not overly obvious. His skin-tone is grayish for both sections of his body with only a slight change of hue between the two. The left side of his upper torso is muscular and well kept. A layered, silver pad rests on his left shoulder; a matching arm brace follows down to a fingerless gauntlet.

Yaray's white hair has been fashioned into a crew cut as a symbol of discipline. His eyes are also white with just a hint of black creeping into the right eye. His expression is generally neutral, a trait that almost hides the fact that the extreme right of his face is emaciated.

A crystal filled with water hangs on a thin string from Yaray's neck. The right side of his torso is generally bare except for a torn leather wrist brace. This side of his body is skeletal and gangly. And since he is made up of two different bodies, the chaotic side is noticeably shorter than the other.

Yaray's lower attire is barbaric and therefore comprised of ratty scraps of leather and cloth held together with a belt. A red jewel acts as a buckle. He wears tattered sandals that are bound with leather straps that go up to the knee. A torn white flag sticks out of Yaray's belt and has sharp enough edges so that it may be used as a weapon.

Alternate Costume: As a tribute to Star Trek: The Original Series, Yaray look mimics that of the Cheronians, the alien species that are half black on one side and half white on the other. His torso is bare to allow for an uninterrupted splitting process. He wears one white glove on the side of his body where he is black. He has a tattoo of the Mortal Kombat dragon on the left side of his chest to pay homage to the insignias found in Star Trek.

Yaray wears black tights with a white line running from the hip to the foot on both sides. One shoe is black and one is white, each one on the side with the opposite colour. He also has an eyepatch on his left eye without a strap. This patch has been drilled into his face like General Chang from Star Trek VI.

Special Moves
(Chaotic: Note: All Chaotic moves drain a little bit of life whereas Orderly moves do not. However, the move Anarchy will only hurt the player if they win the contest.
BoB: (Chaotic) Yaray shoots a beam of light out of both his hands that travels straight for a random amount of time and then serpentines like the line on an EKG. This gives the move an unpredictable element where the opponent may be hit from above or below.
Enhanced: Ball of Balance: (Orderly) The enhanced version deals more damage and also gives the player the ability to guide the projectile up and down, much like Kung Lao's hat.
Split: (Chaotic) (Chaotic) Yaray performs his signature dividing of his body and is able to dodge high projectiles. This move also works as an anti-air with an unseen noxious gas emitting from the opening. The opponent falls down flat if they jump into Yaray using this move.
Enhanced: Stilps: (Orderly) The enhanced version causes the tendons that hold the two halves together to sprout out from the body (rather than split it) and create a protective layer over Yaray. The layer absorbs projectiles into health and pops any jumping in opponent into the air much like Kung Lao's Aura Spin move.
murDrum: (Chaotic) Yaray pounds the chaotic side of his chest wildly with his right hand and a grey circle surrounds him. Any opponent caught within the sphere that is not blocking is trapped in the attack. With a successful blow, a random QTE prompt appears and if the player matches it, Yaray continues to attack himself. However, the opponent mirrors his destructive behaviour into a combo that can last up to 6 hits depending on how many successful QTE inputs.
Enhanced: M'Order: (Orderly) The enhanced version causes Yaray using his left hand to thump his chest once. The radius of the attack is increased and caught opponents are ordered to hurt themselves. A more difficult QTE plays out but the button input is always the same. If the player is successful with the QTE, Yaray delivers a single headbutt after the opponent is done hurting themselves.
Releveler: (Orderly) Yaray pounds his chest and marches in spot. The game screen tilts (exactly like it does for certain challenge tower missions) to whatever side Yaray is occupying and if the opponent is grounded, they go flying over him. They eventually collide with the bottom of the tilted screen. Yaray marches again and the screen is re-leveled and the opponent falls back to ground opening up a juggling opportunity. If the move misses, the screen does not tilt.
Enhanced: Deleveled: (Chaotic) The enhanced version causes Yaray to pound his chest and then pound the ground with his right fist. If he is not interrupted during his action the move automatically hits the opponent. The opponent again is tossed around as the screen tilts and flips randomly but this time Yaray is flung about as well. The opponent crashes into the end of the screen 4 times causing only 4% damage. However, as Yaray is flung around, the player has control of him and can cause more damage to the opponent if he makes the two characters collide. As with all chaos moves, the player takes damage as well.
Rules: (Orderly) Yaray raises his flag and the player has the ability to set one rule for the next two seconds. The four different attack buttons set a different rule. The rule either prohibits jumping, blocking, special moves and combos. The flag launches in the air and hovers magically above Yaray. If either character breaks the rule, they are speared by the flag.
Enhanced: Anarchy: (Chaotic) The enhanced version has Yaray's flag spin into a vortex which causes a bunch of random statuses to occur. Different ailments affect both characters and two rules will alternate over a period of three seconds. The one who breaks the displayed rule the most by the end of the time period is spared the wrath of the vortex. This move can only be done twice a round.
Forward Throw: Yaray takes out his flag and stabs his opponent with the bottom of it. As they bend over in pain, he climbs their back like he's a mountaineer. He then pulls the flag through his opponent's back but he doesn't take it out all the way. He pauses a moment to look like he's planted a flag at the top of a conquered mountain. He then bends over and yanks out the flag, kicking the opponent forward in the process.
Backward Throw: Yaray grabs his opponent and starts to split apart. Yaray throws them through his wound and when the opponent lands behind him, they throw up much like after Noob's x-ray.

X-Ray: Snapped, Crackled and Popped : Yaray splits open and the tendrils inside of him try to latch on to his opponent. If it connects, Yaray's left hand grabs the top of the opponent's head and his right hand balls into a fist. In one swift motion, Yaray snaps his opponent's neck back and wildly punches the side of their torso. X-ray vision shows the cracked neck and shattered ribs at the same time. Afterwards, the tendrils let go and Yaray holds them by their head at his side. His torso whips back in place and in the process the side of his head collides with the opponent's head and the camera goes back into x-ray vision as their skull shatters.
Fatality 1: Lepers Repel: Yaray bisects his body and his tendrils hold the opponent up. The camera then splits into two angles each one showing one side of Yaray. His left, balanced side efficiently pulls out the opponent's right arm and leg. Simultaneously, his chaotic right side starts breaking and dislocating the opponent's left arm and leg. The camera returns to one shot and the mangled victim hangs off of one of Yaray's tendrils like a macabre Christmas decoration; their rearranged arm bent backwards and acting like a hook. The opponent is still alive and begins to yell in agony but Yaray promptly snaps their neck. The head now dangles along with the body.
Fatality 2: Side Splitter: Yaray splits open and his tendrils grab his opponent. The victim is dragged face first towards Yaray's open innards. It looks like the opponent is going to be ingested into this maw. Instead, tendrils start to cover the opponent's mouth and nose. The stench from Yaray's wound causes the victim to vomit uncontrollably but since their orifices are blocked, the bile builds up. Eventually there is no more space left in the opponent's throat and sinuses and the bile pours out their eyes and ears. The vomit is so toxic that it dissolves the opponent's face. Yaray drops his victim and mugs for the camera.
Babality: Yaray holds two halves of two different teddy bears in his hands. The bears have been stitched together on a diagonal just like Yaray's split. Yaray squeezes the combined bears tightly and some stuffing pops out. Baby Yaray throws his toy down and begins to cry.

Entrance: Yaray's head and upper torso are shown. His left hand is placed in front of his face and is straight like one half of a prayer pose. The look on his face is serious and focused and his eyes do not waver from the players view. His upper body suddenly tilts to the left on an angle. The camera pans down to the left side of his chest where Yaray's body is able to split. As the player is able to see the tendons that hold together both sides of the body, his right hand wildly pounds against his heart and he says, "Some of us are just imbalanced."
Match Taunt: Yaray tilts the screen to either the left or right side much like his releveler move. This time he goes flying into the bottom of the screen and falls to the ground. He gets up and regains his composure, and stomps on the ground to level the screen.
Victory Pose: Yaray's right hand goes nuts and starts pounding his torso maniacally. He tries to get control again and starts slapping the wild hand with his other hand. During this frenzy, his body splits open. Finally he grabs the flag in his belt and drives it into his chest. His torso slowly comes back together and Yaray looks at the camera unemotionally.

Ending: "The battle was over. With two separate realms watching, Shao Kahn fell. Yaray, the weapon, the unknown, the holder of order and chaos could feel the emotions of millions as his task was complete. There was celebration and elation but there was something else. His one moment of joy would be overshadowed by rage, fear and disappointment.

From Seido, members of the senate furiously discussed the implications of Khan being removed as emperor of Outworld. His many assassins, generals and kin fought for leadership the armies of Tarkatan's, Centaurs and Shokan. This new war spilt into the other realms and chaos was rampant.

This was not enough mayhem to appease the elder Clerics of Chaosrealm. Those such as the Cleric Havik were angered by Shao Kahn's death. The Emperor was seen by the ultimate harbinger of discord as his unquenchable lust for conquest always meant there was another battle to be had.

Yaray could not return to either of the two realms; he was created as an aberration and would always be an outsider. He returned to the place of his creation, the Perpetual Board, where he sat in silence. Even the two affronting Gods that had overseen his birth did not know what to do with him. He was alone. His rage turned inward and fueled the imbalance that haunted him for his short existence. His mind of order and heart of chaos could no longer live off the fragile symbiosis that bound the two sections of his body. Yaray's body literally ripped itself in half; hollow cries sounded out as each of his tendons tore and broke."

Submitted by: Ab_Horrence

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