Mortal Kombat II

As Shang Tsung's personal protector the elusive Reptile lurks in the shadows stopping all those who would do his master harm. His human form is believed to disguise a horrid reptilian creature whose race was thought extinct millions of years ago.

Special Moves

Acid Spit: Forward, Forward, High Punch.
Slide: Back + Low Punch + Low Kick + Block.
Forceball: Back, Back, High Punch + Low Punch.
Invisibility: (Use Block) Up, Up, Down, High Punch.

Finishing Moves

Fatality 1: (Half Screen Away) Back, Back, Down, Low Punch.
Fatality 2: (Close) (Perform while invisible) Forward, Forward, Down, High Kick.
Friendship: Back, Back, Down, Low Kick.
Babality: Down, Back, Back, Low Punch.
Stage Fatalities: Down, Down, Forward, Forward, Block.


Reptile has always loyally served as Shang Tsung's protector. While maintaining a very low profile in the first tournament he discovered Tsung's plot to force the remaining members of his near extinct race into slavery under Shao Kahn's rule. Reptile then devises a plan of his own.

He enters the Outworld tournament, defeats Shao Kahn and turns against Shang Tsung, ending his master's scheme. Now his race can live on in their own peaceful existence.


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