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MK Online        Mortal Kombat (2011) Moves Guide
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Basic Attacks
Uppercut - Down + BP
2-Hit Elbow - Toward + BP
Pop Up - Away + FK
Rising Knee - Toward + FK
Axe Kick - Toward + BK
Sweep - Away + BK

Chain Combos
Out Take - FP, FP, FP
Showtime - FP, FP, Toward + FP
Stand In - FP, FP, BK
Cross Cutting - FP, FK, BP
Widescreen - BP, FP, Toward + BP
Director's Cut - BP, FP, Away + BK
Take Two - Toward + FK, BP
Money Shot - BK, BK
That's the Ticket - Toward + FK, FK, Away + FK

Fast Tags (Tag Mode)
Cliffhanger - Away + BP [Hold], Tag [Requires Charge]
Fade Out - Toward + BK, Tag
Bootleg - Away + FK, Tag
Stunt Double - BP, FP, Toward + BP, Tag

Tag Combos (Tag Mode)
Cameo - FP, FK, Tag
Double Feature - BP, FP, Tag
Stand-In - Toward + FK, FK, Tag

Special Moves
Low Forceball - Down, Toward, BP
High Forceball - Down, Away, BP
Flipkick - Down, Away, FK
Shadow Kick - Away, Toward, BK
Nut Punch - Away, Down, FP

Finishing Moves
Heads Up! - Toward, Toward, Away, Down, FK [Close]
And The Winner Is... - Down, Toward, Down, Toward, BK [Sweep]
Stage Fatality - Down, Away, Toward, Block [Varied]
Babality - Toward, Away, Toward, BK [Jump]

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