Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Sub-Zero had reformed the Lin Kuei clan and held a tournament to recruit the best of the best. The winner was a mysterious female named Frost who seemed to have freezing abilities similar to those of Sub-Zero. Breaking with Lin Kuei tradition, the new Grand Master, Sub-Zero, took it upon himself to train this new recruit. With his help, Frost was able to better harness her Kori powers. Sub-Zero was not able to teach her humility, however, and her arrogance grew along with her superior fighting abilities.

At request of the Thunder God Raiden, Sub-Zero journeyed to Outworld to help defeat the Deadly Alliance. Frost accompanied him to aid her new mentor and to gain more experience as a warrior. By participating in real-world battles, Sub-Zero had hoped that Frost would gain perspective and elightenment. But unknown to Sub-Zero, Frost had other reasons for following him into Outworld. She was merely waiting for the right moment to reveal her true intentions.

Tong Bei Moves

Cold Strike: Attack 1.
Falling Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Corkscrew Strike: Back + Attack 1.
Ice Crusher: Up + Attack 1.
Slapping Palm: Attack 2.
Low Rising Strike: Down + Attack 2.
Icy Maul: Back + Attack 2.
Northern Lights: Up + Attack 2.
Cutting Guy Kick: Attack 3.
Low Roundhouse: Back + Attack 3.
Power Kick: Up + Attack 3.
Low Poke: Down + Attack 3.
Frosty Kick: Attack 4.
Winter Winds: Up + Attack 4.
Thrusting Low Kick: Back + Attack 4.
Frozen Elbow: Down + Attack 4.
Back Flip: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Yuan Yang Moves:

Open Hand Strike: Attack 1.
Strong Fist: Forward + Attack 1.
Upward Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Dual Duck Strike: Attack 2.
Low Winged Strike: Down + Attack 2.
Thrusting Roundhouse: Attack 3.
Grounded Duck: Down + Attack 3.
Lifting Head Duck: Up + Attack 3.
Duck Leg Strike: Attack 4.
Tripping Strike: Back + Attack 4.
Sweep Kick: Down + Attack 4.
Neijin: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Dagger Moves

Gut Stab: Attack 1.
Stamping Blade: Up + Attack 1.
Low Stagger: Back + Attack 1.
Low Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Dual Lunge: Attack 2.
Lifting Dagger: Back + Attack 2.
Low Stab: Down + Attack 2.
Side Kick: Attack 3.
Low Chop: Down + Attack 3.
Pop Kick: Attack 4.
Low Moon Strike: Down + Attack 4.
Impale: Special Move Button.

Special Moves

Slide: Down, Forward, Attack 4.
Ground Ice: Down, Back, Attack 3.


Deep Freeze Kick: Forward, Back, Up, Down, Attack 1.


As they traveled back to the portal that would return them to Earthrealm, Sub-Zero revealed to Frost that she had been an integral part in the destruction of the Deadly Alliance, and that he was proud to have her as a member of the Lin Kuei clan. But unknown to Sub-Zero, Frost's true intention for joining the Lin Kuei was to become Grand Master herself. She used her ice blast to temporarily immobilize him and ripped the Dragon Medallion from his chest.

As she held the medallion, she felt power surge through her body. Lacking the strength and discipline required to control the medallion's immense power, she was consumed by her own freezing ability.


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