Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Jax spent most of his time in the heavily fortified underground facilities of the Outerworld Investigation Agency. From an enormous underground chamber, Jax would send his agents to other realms by way of man-made inter-realms portals. Two of his agents, the cyborg ninja Cyrax and the rogue swordsman Kenshi, had been assigned to the realm of Outworld - a domain of strange creatures and maniacal sorcerers. Jax would soon be reminded of just how dangerous a threat to Earth that realm could be.

After receiving information from Agent Kenshi about a new threat from Outworld, Jax barely escaped with his life when a traitor destroyed all means for inter-realm travel. The Outerworld Investiagation Agency was completely obliterated. But with the help of the Thunder God Raiden, Jax eventually made it to Outworld to deal with the traitor who now server the Deadly Alliance. Jax swore that he would show no mercy to the one responsible for the destruction. The hunt for Hsu Hao had begun.

Muay Thai Moves

Swing Punch: Attack 1.
Spinning Strike: Back + Attack 1.
Cutting Up Elbow: Down + Attack 1.
Straight Punch: Attack 2.
Hooking Punch: Back + Attack 2.
Low Swing Punch: Down + Attack 2.
Farewell Knee: Attack 3.
Roundhouse: Up + Attack 3.
Lower Knee: Down + Attack 3.
Forward Foot Push: Attack 4.
Pecking Kick: Down + Attack 4.
Taunt: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Judo Moves

Suplex: Attack 1.
Thrusting Palms: Back + Attack 1.
Rising Double Fist: Down + Attack 1.
Leg Trip Throw: Attack 2.
Standing Uppercut: Back + Attack 2.
Gut Punch: Down + Attack 2.
Back Kick: Attack 3.
Backward Spin Kick: Back + Attack 3.
Low Sweep: Down + Attack 3.
Side Snap Kick: Attack 4.
Wheel Kick: Back + Attack 4.
Low Kick: Down + Attack 4.
Reversal: Special Move Button.
Throw: Forward + Special Move Button.

Tonfa Moves

Spear Hand: Attack 1.
Low Double Strike: Down + Attack 1.
Double Strike: Forward + Attack 1.
Downward Strike: Attack 2.
Scissor Sweep: Down + Attack 2.
Scissor Strike: Attack 3.
Uppercut Strike: Down + Attack 3.
Dashing Strike: Forward + Attack 3.
Roundhouse Elbow Strike: Attack 4.
Low Back Hand: Down + Attack 4.
Tonfa Sweep: Back + Attack 4.
Sidestep Swing: Special Move Button.

Special Moves

Ground Pound: Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 3.
Machine Gun: Back, Forward, Attack 4.
Piston Punch: Down, Forward, Attack 1.


Head Stomp: Down, Forward, Forward, Down, Attack 2.


Jax had a score to settle with the traitor he knew as Hsu Hao. Now revealed to be a member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao had infiltrated the Special Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency and destroyed it with a miniature nuclear weapon.

Making good on his promise, Jax eventually caught up with Hsu Hao and ripped the implant from his chest in retribution. Hsu Hao died a most painful death.


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